May Meal Plans are Available!


May Meal Plans are Available!

May Meal Plans are Here!

If you’ve got school-aged kids, you know that May is an insane month. The number of field trips, awards ceremonies, school plays, concerts, recitals and other events can make even the calmest parent feel frantic.

Add to that spring sports, graduations, and birthdays.  Not to mention the changing season which means figuring out what your kids have outgrown or need for clothes and it can all make you want to crawl in a hole for the next month!

Trying to put weeknight dinner on the table to bring some calm to the chaos is a great idea, but how to do it when everything is moving so fast?

One thing’s for certain – dinner at home will not happen without a plan.  But who has time for meal planning on top of all the other things?

I know that sinking feeling because I’ve been there with my own family and responsibilities!  That’s how I came to create Eat at Home Meal Plans.

I poured all my time-saving tricks into the meal plans so that dinner can be done quickly.  I included slow cooker recipes, pressure cooker recipes, sheet pan meals, freezer cooking plans and more. Anything and everything to save time. Save money. And get dinner done.

Save your sanity this month by becoming an Eat at Home Meal Plan member. We’ve got new plans up for May!

No matter how you get dinner on the table this month, I wish you many nights of connecting with your family over dinner!

Click here to find out more about Eat at Home Meal Plans

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