Ingredient Spotlight: Eggs 2012

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I love that bowl of brown eggs.  I got them from a friend who raises chickens.  Fresh eggs are so much better than store-bought.  The centers are more yellow and the flavor is richer too.

I don’t see me ever raising chickens, but it’s an interesting idea.  Do you have backyard chickens?  Would you ever want to?

This week we’re focusing on recipes that either feature eggs or call for a lot of eggs.  Here are a few of my recipes that meet those requirements: 

You can see from my list that most of my recipes featuring eggs are for breakfast items.  However, we usually eat those dishes for dinner instead of breakfast, unless it’s a special day.  I’ll be talking more about how we do breakfast at our house tomorrow.

Now, I’m looking forward to seeing your recipes that feature eggs.  Link as many as you like, just be sure to provide a link back to Eat at Home.  You can use the button below, if you like.


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  1. Thanks for hosting, Tiffany! Looking forward to seeing some new recipes!
    ~Liz & Doug @ Pocket Change Gourmet

  2. Thanks for hosting! Have a great day!!

  3. I love your site and check it daily. I have 4 chickens that have just started laying eggs (2-3 weeks now). I call them my girls and I’m loving it. They “free range” in our backyard. My talented hubby built their coop and I tend to their needs. They are so excited when I come home from work as they know “treat time” is close at hand!

  4. We have one chicken and she lays eggs (when she’s in the mood). I found her tangled up in a plastic grocery bag in the middle of the road one day about a year ago. I untangled her and saw that she couldn’t walk. There was no food or water around and it was hot so I brought her home. I figured she probably wouldn’t live long but at least I’d try to make her comfortable and make sure she had food & water. She eventually regained use of her bad leg (though she still has a limp and sort of ‘waddles’ when she runs, but she’s doing great. I have spoiled her to the point that she now pecks at the screen door on our deck until I go out and give her a treat. She has trained me well! :o]

  5. Thanks so much for hosting this great party. Lots of yummy dishes already linked up. I so enjoy coming here on Wednesdays. =)

  6. I totally agree with you about farm fresh eggs. We had a gal at work that had chickens and sold them to me last year. She had a baby and quit to stay home. I totally support that, but I sure do miss her eggs. Today I bring Herbed Potato Frittata. This is a great, basic recipe with which much can be done. I had managed to almost run out of eggs (I try to never let that happen), so didn’t get the recipe made up until today. I am looking forward to having it for breakfast the rest of the week. Thanks for hosting and have a wonderful week.


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