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twinkie tiramisu done

This is the Twinkie Tiramisu I posted earlier this week.  There were quite a few comments on it, but one made me laugh out loud.

The comment was from SandyW, who happens to be my mom’s friend.  I get a real kick out of the fact that my mom’s friend reads my blog.  Maybe because I figure she probably still sees me as an awkward young girl.

Okay, I am still awkward, but I’m not young any more.

Here’s Sandy’s comment:

At the office I used to work, someone had heard a Twinkie would last 40 years or so if unopened. So we bought one, dated it and kept it in a drawer. We would take it out now and again and decide if it looked any worse for the time spent in the drawer. Over 6 years it changed very little. It always made me wonder what it was made of.

I have this picture in my mind of a bunch of women huddled around a desk drawer, peering in at a 6 year old Twinkie.  So funny!

And a little scary.  It’s mind-over-matter when it comes to eating things like Twinkies and hot dogs.  But I’m a brave woman and I’m not afraid to indulge.

About a month ago, Brittany left this comment on the Sweet and Spicy Chicken Legs post:

Do you get a name brand variety of chicken legs or simply the offerings of your local grocery store? I am curious because your photos always show the perfect chicken legs, whereas our local grocer sells something that looks like Godzilla is now an amputee.

“Godzilla is now an amputee” – Ha!

All of the comments you leave here on Eat at Home are special to me.  I appreciate everyone of them.  You all are such an encouragement.  I’m pretty sure I have the best readers on the whole internet.

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  1. Those are great comments to be sure. I laughed at the chicken leg comment. Pretty gross looking is what showed up in my mind.
    I haven’t bought a Twinkie in so many years but I think I could make the Tiramisu especially chocolate. Yum. My hubby and I are senior citizens and it is so much fun to finally be in a place that we can eat whatever the heck we want when we want. Not talking about gorging. Talking about pizza in the morning, maybe just one piece each but hey, or tacos for breakfast. We like buckwheat pancakes at night. I enjoy reading your suggestions and seeing the pictures.

    • Technobabe: Love your comment and have a quick, cute story to share … My brother was visiting my parents and for breakfast, my dad had a piece of pie . . . my brother looked at our dad, and with shock in his voice, said, “We weren’t allowed to have pie for breakfast when we lived at home!” My dad simply replied, “You don’t live at home anymore!” But even growing up, we did have the occasional cold pizza for breakfast or pancakes for dinner just for a change–but never pie!!!!

  2. HA! I can see my coworkers and me sitting around staring at an old Twinkie. That’s awesome.

  3. I have a strong urge to go buy a twinkie and throw it in my junk drawer.

  4. I saw an epi of Tony Bourdain(?) in Ohio when he went to the former Hostess factory. The twinkie goo is still in the pipes and it’s the only thing that rats won’t eat. Does this tell us anything?

  5. I haven’t made this yet but I look forward to it. I love these 2 stories!
    And even after hearing about the former Hostess factory, I still am not skeerd of eating a twinkie. 🙂

  6. This is a great post, Tiffany. I laughed out loud at the Twinkie-in-a-drawer comment, too!! I’m kinda “skeered” of eating a Twinkie, now, even if Deanie isn’t. I remember having pancakes or scrambled eggs for supper when I was a kid. Good memories.

  7. 40 years… I shall never eat a Twinkie again!

  8. Since I can eat and enjoy the raw fish part of sushi, I’m brave enough for an occasional Twinkie. But with a ‘context’ like this.

  9. Amanda H. says:

    Hmmm… maybe instead of eating Twinkies I should be slathering them on my face. When I’m 70 and still looking 30, I’ll be the envy of the nursing home! Woo Hoo!

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