What’s next? Changes coming to the blog (hint: I think you’re going to like it!)

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We are rapidly coming to the end of the 100 Days of Summer Slow Cooker Recipes series.


This series has been a great one!  We’ve shared everything from fish, to desserts, to granola, to dips, to Indian food, to Mexican, to…well, just about everything!

I’ve had a blast with it, but in all honesty I’m ready to move on.  And I bet you are too.

Bookmark that post though, because all those slow cooker meals will come in handy as school gets back in session.

But let’s turn our attention to something else, shall we?

3 Things That Work

3 Things that work in the kitchen

I have struggled with my Monday posts for a while now.  I used to share menus with you.  For a long while, I shared what my family was eating each week.  I’ve found it hard to make these posts both useful and interesting for all of us.

After much pondering, I’ve decided to try sharing 3 Things That Work.  Each Monday, I’ll think back over the last week and post about 3 things that worked in my kitchen, for our family meals, for shopping for groceries etc.

I want to make this a fresh, easy to read post with tidbits of useful info.  We’ll see how it goes 😉

A New Series is Coming

15 Minute Meals for Back to School

For the last couple weeks of August and the month of September, we’ve got a new series starting.  This one won’t be an everyday series though.  Look for recipe posts a couple times a week, plus quick cooking tips posts on Thursdays.

The series kicks off this Thursday with a new 15 minute recipe.  Here’s to cooking quick after a summer of slow!

Looking Ahead…

During the month of October we’ll focus on repurposed leftovers.  Cook once, eat twice!

And of course, we’ll be sharing plenty of good comfort foods, fall favorites, baked goods and more over the next few months too.

Make Meal Planning and Shopping Easier!

eah weekly meal plans 3

If you’d like to make quick work of your meal planning and shopping, check out our Weekly Meal Plans.  They’re color-coded so they’re easy to use and a lot more fun than shopping with a spreadsheet.

Choose from Traditional, Slow Cooker or Whole Foods Plans.  Each plan is full of simple meals.  Find out more here! 

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  1. Marcie Fort says:

    Sounds GREAT!!! Looking forward to the fall 🙂

  2. This is great, Tiffany. I’m looking forward to the autumn schedule with you!

  3. I did enjoy the slow cooker series! I use mine several times a week, year round, so I really appreciated the new recipes. Looking forward to your changes. Thanks!

  4. I so enjoyed your slow cooker series! It was especially nice to see so many recipes that didn’t use some kind of “cream of -” soups poured over the meat, since those are usually so high in fat and sodium. We enjoyed several new meals this summer thanks to your blog!

  5. I probably average30 minutes to 45 minutes most of the time but I try to cook once and get several meals out of it. For instance a roasted Chicken meal may become enchiladas the next night.

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