Oreck Steam-It Giveaway!

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I have wanted a steam mop for a while now.  We recently had the grout on our tile floors in the kitchen and entry way color sealed.  The grout was stained and it drove me crazy.  Color sealing it made it look new again.

The only problem was that it has to be cleaned with water only.  No cleaners. No vinegar.  Just water.

There are 6 people living in this house, not to mention neighbor kids and others who come in and out.  And I’m in the kitchen cooking a lot too.  There is no way that water only with a regular mop was going to get it for us.

So when I got the chance to try the Oreck Steam-It, I was very excited.  Is it crazy to get excited about a mop?

I love this thing!  The floors looks great.  Even the bathroom floors that still have stained grout look great.  The grout isn’t perfect, but it’s so much cleaner than it was.

The steam mop is easy to use and light weight.  You fill it with a small funnel:

After you put the water in, turn the Steam-It on and it heats in less than a minute.

There are two different mop covers – a fuzzy, fluffy one and a less fuzzy one.  (How’s that for descriptive?)  I like the fluffy one, because I feel like it gets into the grooves of the grout better.  I’ve gotten great results with both though.

I debated on showing you this picture, because it makes it look like we’re a family of pigs living in this house, but here’s what the mop cover looked like after doing all the floors in the house.  And I didn’t think they were *that* dirty, but it shows that the Steam-It really is cleaning the floors.  This was the second time we used the Steam-It.  Each time, I think the floors get cleaner and cleaner, which is a good feeling.

The mop cover may look nasty, but my floors look amazing!  And I love that the covers can be thrown in the wash.  They come out looking clean again too.

Did I mention that I love this steam mop?

You can use the steam mop on other types of flooring too.  I’ve used it on our vinyl floors as well.  And I even steamed the top of my glass top stove.  The photos of that didn’t come out very well, but it did make the stove top look fantastic.

Oreck is going to give a Steam-It to one of you!

The winner must reside in the U.S. 48 contiguous states.  Giveaway closes on Friday night 7/13.  Winner chosen by random drawing (using And the Winner Is…plugin).

Mandatory first entry:  Visit Oreck.com and tell us one thing you learned about the Steam-It.

Optional second entry: Follow Oreck on Facebook.

Disclosure: I was given a Steam-It steam mop to try by Oreck.  All opinions are my own.  Oreck Corporation provided the prize for the sweepstakes but is not the sponsor of the sweepstakes.


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  1. I learned that the SteamIt work upside down! Very cool for cleaning ceiling fans : )

  2. I am also following Oreck on Facebook now : )

  3. Ohh. It does windows!

  4. Kattie D. says:

    I read on their website that it takes less than a minute to heat up and can clean windows as well as floors. This product sounds amazing. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  5. I can’t believe you can clean your windows with this thing!! I officially want to win it now.

  6. Kattie D. says:

    I liked Oreck on Facebook!

  7. Wow, I love this thing!! The website showed me that you can do your windows (very cool!) and upholstery. Awesome!

  8. It can be used to clean golf clubs! The golfers in my family would love to have help in cleaning out their grooves and shining their clubs!

  9. I like Oreck on FB…..

  10. Robin Noel says:

    I learned it has an 11.5 inch cleaning path 🙂

  11. Allison says:

    I had no idea that a steamer would be good for my brand new tile floors. And thrilled that this one sounds so easy to use, and that you can machine wash the pads is fabulous!

  12. I love the idea that it can do windows…..because I don’t do windows!!

  13. corrie weaver says:

    ooooo, I love that it cleans windows, too. Mine need it so badly!

  14. You can use it upside down to clean windows! How easy would that make it!

  15. Ann Bartholomew says:

    Liked on Facebook. Can clean windows, floors, and upholstery. No need for a Swiffer. Or maybe Swiffer for everyday & Oreck for weekends? 🙂

  16. Kristal Lawrence says:

    I learned that you can use it upside down and it doesn’t spill and it has a 25 foot cord.

  17. Andrea Watts says:

    That is can do windows

  18. It does WINDOWS! Awesome!

  19. Andrea Watts says:

    I follow Oreck on Facebook

  20. Also following on FB. Thanks!

  21. I’m so glad you reviewed this, I’ve always wondered how they work. I visited the website and learned you can do windows with it, how cool!

  22. Elise Kacal says:

    I learned that you can use tap water- no need to buy distilled water for it.

  23. I follow Oreck on Facebook.

  24. I learned I can clean all of my new (1920 old) house floors!!!! And windows!

  25. I love the idea of this! Dry steam sounds like a great way to clean up after 4 boys. I want to try this for sure.

  26. Kimberly says:

    I learned you can use regular old tap water and it includes a hard water filter. That makes it easy!

  27. Lois Elrod says:

    2 good things! It isn’t just for floors, it cleans upholstery as well AND the “bonnets” are microfiber. cool!

  28. Stephanie S. says:

    I learned that it can be used for windows! Very cool!

  29. Stephanie S. says:

    I am following on Facebook!

  30. I found out if can be used upside down without spilling! Very useful!

  31. You can use it on furniture! That’s one thing I just learned that I really like about it!

  32. Michele M says:

    That it can clean windows! I would be in love!!

  33. I am following Oreck on Facebook as well.

  34. Pat Pinter says:

    I learned that it can clean drapes and windows!!! I want one!!

  35. Pat Pinter says:

    I am now following Oreck on Facebook

  36. Cindi Brasher says:

    Clean windows spot free. That would be an awesome benefit to getting the Oreck Steamer, never heard of this with the other steamers.

  37. Cindi Brasher says:

    I just liked Oreck on facebook too.

  38. Using it for windows is a real bonus! And I’d love to try it on our shower doors, which I’ve never been able to get completely clean from the previous owners of our house!

  39. I learned that it cleans and sanitizes without chemicals. A huge plus in my mind.

  40. Michelle Wright says:

    Love that it does windows!!!

  41. I am ‘floored’ to know you can use this great tool for windows and upholstery too!!

  42. it’s temperature is hot enough to reduce bacteria such as e-coli, staph, and salmonella, and clean grease and oil. It can be used for windows!!!! I love Oreck products.

  43. I like Oreck at Facebook.

  44. I love that the SteamIt can be used on kitchen appliances!

  45. Adrienne says:

    I like that you don’t need to use chemicals with it to clean so well!

  46. I’m in the market for a new mop! I learned that it works upside down without spillage for above-the-floor cleaning, too! Very interesting!

  47. I just “Liked” Oreck on Facebook!

  48. The Steam-It has universal cleaning clips that let you use your own household towels.

  49. Jenny Nuccio says:

    I love the attachments that allow you to clean upholstery, sinks, appliances, bathroom tile…I could go on and on.

  50. How awesome! I learned it can clean window. No excuses if I win this!!

  51. It sounds great! It doesn’t spill even when held upside-down, and can be used to clean blinds, and weighs less than a pound.

  52. Jenny Nuccio says:

    I just “liked” Oreck on Facebook.

  53. I learned that you can clean upholstery and windows! This would be great since our husky sheds everywhere and does a number on our back door!

  54. Stacey S says:

    I love that I can steam clean windows and blinds

  55. Diana Jennings says:

    I learned that it is very sanitary & very versatile! What women doesn’t love a product that makes her job easier? I want one also! ;0)

  56. Stacey S says:

    I am following Oreck on FB

  57. I learned that it takes under a minute to heat up!!!!!!!!!!! I really want one of these now!!!

  58. Gale Meinecke says:

    The website was very informative and gave lots of great ideas on how to use the product. I learned about its versatility, the different pads to use, and how cleaning the unit was quick and easy. I think this is something the my 13 year old boys would have fun using. I am always looking for anything to help motivate them to clean.

  59. and I am following Oreck on FB now! =)

  60. Oh I would love to win this! My baby girl is going to be crawling before I know it and we have a lot of tile floor that is hard to clean.

    I visited the site and love that it can also be used on some furniture. Our living room furniture is fairly easy to clean but I bet this would still freshen it up a bit.

  61. Brenda S. says:

    Wow! I learned that I can clean my windows and even my mattress with the “Oreck Steam-It”!!
    Wonderful!!! I sure hope I win it. Thanks for telling us all about it.

  62. From the oreck.com site I learned the steam-it can be used for cleaning upholstery, drapes etc. I would enjoy cleaning all the more!

  63. Pat Acker says:

    One of the things I learned is that it works upside-down without spillage for above the floor cleaning.

  64. I love that it can clean without chemicals. I also just “liked” them on Facebook.

  65. Pat Acker says:

    I like Oreck on FB.

  66. I love that you don’t have to buy cleaning pads for it all the time… just wash and reuse… very green! 🙂

  67. Valerie says:

    I liked Oreck on Facebook.

  68. I think it’s neat that it can be used upside down for other things, like upholstery.

  69. I had no idea you could steam clean windows. We have a lot of dirty ones in our house!

  70. Crystal Irvin says:

    Will clean your furniture and curtains. I have large eclipse curtains and mu couch is micro fiber

  71. Crystal Irvin says:

    I like oreck on facebook

  72. You can steam pillows and mattresses.

  73. It also cleans windows! I hope I win. I’ve wanted a steam mop for a while now.

  74. I love that the Oreck Steam cleans without chemicals, most surfaces, upholstery and upside down! Wow!

  75. kathy pilato says:

    I did learn that the Oreck steam mop’s steam is hot enough to reduce bacteria. cool!

  76. kathy pilato says:

    I’ve liked Oreck on facebook!

  77. Just “liked” Oreck om Facebook! Thanks for the giveaway!

  78. I liked their facebook page too!

  79. learned how quickly it heats up–love that bc i am impatient and short on cleaning time 🙂

  80. Teresa Eskew says:

    It sounds great. i love the fact that it uses steam and not harsh chemicals. I can’t believe all the surfaces that it does clean.
    I have the vacuum and love it. this would be great now that we live in a house with little carpeting.

  81. Wow cleans windows spot free!

  82. I have been looking for a steamer. This is a very nice one. I didn’t know you could clean windows, blinds, mattresses and pillows too!!

  83. Liked Oreck on FB!

  84. It’s size and flexiblity allows you to use it on surfaces other then floors. No need for harmful chemicals – cleans with hot water and drys quickly.
    Sounds like a great product. I would love to try it!!!

  85. Brenda M. says:

    I learned alot because I didnt even know it cleaned grout!

  86. Besides the floor, it can be used to clean curtains, windows, etc. with the attachments.

  87. It sanitizes a surface when it is on there for 5 seconds! Great for a crawling baby!

  88. It’s a floor steamer that works upside down! Genius.

  89. FB fan

    Marisa Montreuil

  90. Love that I can clean windows!

  91. I learned that it uses a dry steam, which is fantastic if I’m going to use it for upholstery and mattresses! It looks like a pretty impressive little tool.

  92. I follow Oreck on FB.

  93. Rachel J says:

    I had not idea you can clean windows with a steam mop! Awesome!!

  94. Jessie C. says:

    Deep cleans without chemicals.

  95. Jessie C. says:

    FB liker
    jessie c.

  96. I love that it can clean all of the different flooring in my house without chemicals! Also since it comes with reusable, machine washable pads it’s a great budget friendly cleaning solution.

  97. Suzanne T. says:

    I see it cleans bathroom tile and windows! My two least favorite cleaning jobs. I do love my Oreck vacuum and would love this steam cleanes!!

  98. Suzanne T. says:

    I am an Oreck follower.

  99. Pam Wilson says:

    I learned that you can use the Steam-It on so many surfaces, it can eliminate the need for so many other cleaning tools and chemicals!

  100. I love all the ideas the website gave on how to use it. Clean window blinds, etc. Looks like a great product!

  101. Maria W. says:

    This Steam-It steam mop can clean my upholstery and my car interior!!! I’m eager to use it right now!!

  102. I love that you can clean anything, like windows, fixtures, FURNITURE, etc. with it!! I’ve been wanting to get a steam mop, but didn’t want to spend the money because all the other mops get mixed reviews. I have an Oreck vacuum and love it!!!

  103. Julie Turner says:

    Wow! This is really versatile. Love that there are so many uses and that it cleans without chemicals. Awesome giveaway!

  104. I learned that you can even clean upholstery with it.

  105. Carrie C. in VA says:

    I learned that I can use it on my kitchen floors!

  106. I learned that I can use it to clean my blinds and mattress. Who knew 🙂

  107. mamabeck says:

    I love the fact that it’s WATER cleaning….well, technically steam, but non-chemical. Would really do a number on my ridged linoleum and tile grout, I bet! Thanks for the opportunity to win one! 🙂

  108. mamabeck says:

    I liked Oreck on FB, too! Thanks!

  109. Stephanie says:

    I didn’t know it could be used to clean fixtures or windows…that’s awesome!

  110. It works upside down! I could give it to my 12-year-old and not have a big mess to clean up after he “cleans” – maybe :-). What a neat cleaning tool!

  111. Kristina Ferrer says:

    I love that you can use your own towels with the clips Oreck provides and that you can use it upside and on windows!!! Wow!!! So awesome!!!!

  112. Andrea D. says:

    I like how it doesn’t soak the floor when cleaning it. I would love this. I have tile everywhere and would love to be able to clean my floors this way. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  113. Andrea D. says:

    I am a facebook fan of Oreck. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  114. conniemelancon says:

    The more I read THE MORE I WANT THIS….hardwood floors, window and attachment for bathroom!!

  115. conniemelancon says:

    Became a fan on facebook.

  116. Kathy H says:

    I learned you can use it on windows! Yay, that is cool, love the no chemical aspect, I don’t like using a bunch of cleaners in my home so that would be great. I am thinking that with your glowing review, I may just have to purchase one of these.

  117. Rachelle Bergstrom says:

    I learned that I can use this all over my house! That’s awesome! I have always wanted to try something like this!

  118. Pat Hoffmeister says:

    I learned the water heats in 1 minute.

  119. Pat Hoffmeister says:

    I have followed Oreck on Facebook for a long time.

  120. WOW it comes with the ability to clean more than just my floors! I just moved into a new home and brought my family of 6 with me and I would LOVE this to help me keep the house looking new…. (A girl can dream right?!)

  121. I think it is interesting that it cleans without cleaning solution and I think it is great that it is environmentally friendly. You can clean and reuse the pads and no nasty chemicals to worry about.

  122. Would this mean I can clean the upholstery on my dining room chairs? My Grandson has them looking quite tacky. He’s only 3 but the boy can sure make a mess.
    My Oreck only cleans the carpets but I do love their machine!
    I have plenty to clean with my Grandson under foot 24/7.

  123. The Oreck Steam-It can clean windows because it works upside-down!

  124. I learned that you can use the steam-it to clean not just floors, but windows, bathroom fixtures, furniture, and more…how cool!

  125. I “liked” Oreck on facebook.

  126. I learned that it is quite & portable. Most steam cleaners are not quite.

  127. JeNnifer says:

    It even does windows and mattresses!

  128. Cheryl Newton says:

    Um, wow. I learned that it’s pricey! But, then again, it is an Oreck product, so I’m guessing you get what you pay for!

  129. Dolores says:

    I love that it will clean windows. It sounds like it will help a ton around the house…even steam clean curtains.

  130. Dolores says:

    I love that it cleans so many things, has multiple attachments and the pads can be washed in the washer. It will steam curtains and wash windows. I so need one.

  131. Johanna says:

    It can even be used on fabrics; awesome! I can clean my dining room floor AND my dining room chairs. 🙂

  132. I don’t do windows, but Oreck will !! That sounds good to me. Thanks

  133. I would love this! How awesome that I could use it to clean windows, fixtures, and best of all, FURNITURE! Car, pillows, mattresses…I NEED this!

  134. I could use it to clean my mattress!

  135. I learned that I would sure like to own an Oreck Steam cleaner.

  136. Wow I have a new tile kitchen floor, thanks wayne. Now this will keep it clean. Yipee!!

  137. I learned that it works upside down!!!

  138. I also ‘like’ Oreck on facebook!

  139. I had never even heard of “dry steam” before. I learned that because it’s pressurized and high temp, it can totally clean/sanitize your floors and still dry quickly. Awesome!

  140. Just liked Oreck on fb!

  141. Natalie says:

    It can clean upside down! How cool!

  142. Marianna says:

    I learned that it is a “top steam product” according to Good Housekeeping in June 2012 issue.

  143. I like the fact that it doesn’t require chemicals and detergent to clean and that it will clean my hardwood floors with out messing them up!

  144. I follow Oreck of Facebook

  145. I love that it can clean the upholstery in my car!!

  146. I also liked them on Facebook!!

  147. I did not know that Oreck had a steam mop until I read your blog. I also learned that it does windows. That is cool.

    Thanks for sharing!

  148. I visited the website and learned that it can also be used on furniture and car upholstery – I TOTALLY need this product!

  149. This looks amazing. We just moved into a house with all hardwood and ceramic tile so I’m definitely in the market for something other than my vacuum for our floors! I had no idea the Steam Mop could even clean windows and mattresses! I would love to try this out!

  150. Bernadene Whitten says:

    I love steamers, I have two of them so I am not putting in for the giveaway. The Oreck and the Shark, the two steamers I have, look very similar. The two tabs on the front regulate the steam on the sides of the machine, you can bring the tabs in and direct all the steam up front, or you can push out one oe both of the tabs to direct the steam to the sides. I have a steam mop, but with less attachments than the oreck. I really like the window cleaner, it has an attached squeegee for streakless windows. I also use my large steamer with the furniture attachment to clean my drapes while they are hanging up on the windows. I have even used my larger steamer as an iron. I can’t live without either one now, the house feels so clean. I am glad you like your Oreck.

  151. Oh I would love one of these! I love a clean floor but hate messing with mops and buckets of dirty water–yuck.

    I learned that the Oreck Steam-It Mop uses dry steam, which is high temperature, low moisture vapor containing just 5 to 6 percent water.

    Thanks so much for the chance!

  152. I follow Oreck on facebook.
    (Sharon O.)

  153. katie klein says:

    I learned that you can also use it on windows and fixtures. How awesome is that!

  154. katie klein says:

    I follow oreck on facebook!

  155. I learned it can be used on windows and furniture.

  156. I learned that Oreck Steam-It works upside down without spillage. Pretty neat!

  157. I liked Oreck on FB.

  158. emily willingham says:

    i learned that the orek steam-it will also clean windows – wow, how cool is that?

  159. emily willingham says:

    I “LIKE” Oreck on Facebook

  160. I learned that it has 4 “bonnets” and lots of accessories…that’s way more than the cheapo steam mop I just bought.

  161. I liked Oreck on FB

  162. I learned that it heats up in less than a minute.

  163. Kerrie G says:

    I learned that “Both the floor and utility cloths can be machine washed (60 ̊C max). For heavy soiling, soak the cloths in warm water and detergent or a mild stain remover. Allow the cloths to dry completely before storing.”

  164. Kerrie G says:

    I follow Oreck on Facebook!!

  165. I learned that it can be used on carpet too.

  166. It does grout? My kitchen needs something like this big time!

  167. Love that this is chemical free cleaning

  168. followed oreck on FB

  169. Anonymous says:

    I loved finding out that it cleans with just water, no chemicals to buy or worry about having around kids and pets, and the fact that you can machine wash the cloths is awesome!

  170. I learned that you can sanitize hardwood floors with it!

  171. I would love to use the Oreck Steam-=It on my upholstery and car . I also have linoleum floors and two bathrooms that would get more attention if I won this wonderful “helper”.

  172. I learned that it can also clean windows.