Weekend Links and a Few More Disney Pics

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tomato tree epcot

You can see this tomato tree on the Living with the Land ride in Epcot.  The ride takes you on a tour of green houses where they are doing some amazing things with growing plants and even fish and alligators.  This tomato tree blows my mind.  I think they said they harvest something like 40 bazillion cherry tomatoes off of it.

Take a look at the bell pepper plants:

bell peppers epcot

I’m so impressed by this.  My bell peppers keep dropping all the leaves off their stalks and I’m not sure I’ll end up with any peppers at all.  Maybe if I build a giant green house in my backyard, I could have my own pepper tree 🙂

Links from around the web:

Anna from Cookie Madness has been in Disney World this week.  She posted a delicious looking recipe from Artist Point restaurant in Wilderness Lodge for Berry Cobbler.  She also posted a photo of a German Chocolate Chip Cookie.  Jim had one of those while we were there and I snuck a bite or two.  It was delicious!  Anna says she may have a copy cat recipe coming up soon.

Erin from $5 Dinners posted a recipe for Red Pepper Guacamole.  I wonder if Erin would bring me over a bowl of it?  I’ll provide my own chips…yum!

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve done some writing for the SC Johnson website.  You might want to check out my posts on How to Shop a Farmers’ Market, Packing Breakfasts and Snacks for a Road Trip, How to Feed the Family on Nights Filled with Kids’ Sports, and Summertime Veggie Plate Dinner.  I have been compensated by SC Johnson for these posts.

I hope you all have a marvelous weekend!  What kind of plans do you have?  I’m planning to clean, launder, go to church and visit with friends.  How about you?

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  1. I covet the pepper tree! My pants aren’t doing well this year either. My cucumbers are rockin’ though!
    I’m hanging around home this weekend, doing yard work, recovering from our DC trip to visit family last week, cooking lots and lots and teaching an independent study class today.

  2. LOL, I said “my PANTS” when I meant “PLANTS!” 😉

  3. Tinker Kell says:

    We love Living with the Land! It’s one of my dd’s favorite attractions. Have you ever taken the Behind the Seeds tour there? That would be a good way to learn more about the plants they grow.

  4. Absolutely nothing today. Yesterday was non-stop.

  5. We love that green house tour too – dh wanted to take home so much of it.

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