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Quit Complaining

If you missed my post the other day on How I Kicked My Complaining Habit, you might want to pop over and check it out.  I think that post has generated more emails and such than any other I’ve written.

Two questions came up over and over in emails.  One that everyone always asks when I share my experience, is how do I define a complaint.  What really is complaining?

I think it’s in the attitude.  I can state something  such as, “It’s really hot today and I have a headache”.  That doesn’t have to be complaining.  It could just be stating the facts.  I can tell though, when my attitude slips and the facts become a complaint.  It’s a subtle shift from dealing with the facts as they are, to submitting to the facts as a victim and blaming the situation for all that’s wrong.

The other question that came up, is how I stopped myself from complaining in my own head.  That’s a hard battle, I’ll admit.  I’ll be writing more about that in the second of this series of posts, which is scheduled for Oct. 23.




This came in the mail yesterday.  I’ve been on a quest to give our kitchen a new look and decided I really wanted a meaningful piece of artwork.  Then I realized our kitchen has no walls.  We do have this sliver of wall near the dining table though.

A quick search on Etsy led me to Caitlin at Lettered Life.  I emailed her with what I wanted and she created it!  Love!

I need this reminder that God brings us into His family and sits us down at His table.  He spreads His banner of love over us all.  Amen!


I recently discovered the show, Monarch of the Glen on Netflix.  Apparently, this show started in 2000.  I’m always a bit behind when it comes to TV.  It takes place in Scotland on an old estate.  The characters are quirky and fun.  But the part of the show I like most is getting to see inside the estates and the shots of the lands, as well.

I love houses.  I did a little search for Monarch of the Glen to find out the background of the show and ran across this video of the estate used in the series for Kilwillie Castle.  I’ve noticed antlers popping up in home decorating a lot lately.  I’m thinking that this TV series had a hand in popularizing them.  They sure do use a lot of taxidermy in those old estates!


If you like looking at houses too, check out Hooked on Houses.  This blog features all kinds of homes.  Some are owned by celebrities, some used in movies, and some owned by regular people.  All of them are fun to see.


Yesterday, I bought How to Blog for Profit Without Selling Your Soul by Ruth Soukup (affiliate link).  I managed to snag it as a .99 cent book.  It’s not on sale any more, so the price is $4.99.  However, I do think it’s worth that.  I’ve been blogging for almost 5 years now, but I learned several things from this book.  One of which I was able to start implementing right away.  If you’re a blogger or would like to start a blog, it’s worth checking out.

I hope you have a great weekend!  I’m planning to test a new recipe for our Slow Cooker Soup series.  And if all goes well, I’ll be making a new video of October’s slow cooker freezer meals for the Weekly Meal Plans.  You can still get the September Weekly Meal Plans, including the slow cooker freezer plan.  Here’s a link to the video I made for September – How to Make 7+ Slow Cooker Freezer Meals in 1 Hour.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the canvas, Tiffany! Loved this post and can’t wait to keep following along on your blog!

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