That 70s Sandwich – Fried Baloney, Cheese Sandwich, Deviled Ham

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cheese sandwich

The other day I got to thinking about sandwiches that I ate growing up.  I decided it might be fun to make up a bunch of them and try them again.  Somewhere along the way I stopped eating this kind of food.

The title of the post is a bit deceiving, because I’m sure all of these sandwiches have been around long before the 70s.  But since that’s when I remember eating them, and because I think the title sounds cool, I’m sticking with it.

First up is the cheese sandwich.  I’m pretty sure I took one of these to school every day for an entire year.  I tended to get stuck on one thing.  Mom always made it with white bread, an American cheese slice, iceberg lettuce and Miracle Whip.  I hadn’t eaten one of these in forever, but it didn’t taste too bad when I tried it for lunch the other day.

fried baloney sandwich

During the Blizzard of ‘78, we ate a lot of fried baloney sandwiches.  We must have eaten other things too, but that’s all I remember eating.  Do you remember the Blizzard of ‘78?  Did you ever eat a fried baloney sandwich?

70s sandwich deviled ham

I remember eating this and I remember liking it, so I bought a can to try again.

I didn’t like it.  It smelled very canned to me, kind of like cat food.  I think my tastes have changed or something.  I also used to eat liverwurst and I liked that too, but I was afraid to try it now.

There are lots of foods that I remember eating when I was young, but rarely or never eat now.  Things like Twinkies, Zingers, Tang, strawberry Nesquik…

What about you? What foods do you remember eating when you were young?

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  1. Hotdogs, hotdogs, and more hotdogs… They came from the local deli not packaged as we get today. I still eat plenty of packaged hotdogs though not as frequently as when I was a child.

  2. Melissa says:

    I loved fried bologna sandwiches….the real thick bologna makes the best and you cut a small slit in it so it will stay flat and fry evenly. I still eat them maybe twice a year, since they aren’t very healthy. I like to put cheese on them! I used to take cheese sandwiches in my lunch too without the lettuce, but definitely with Miracle Whip!

  3. I have never even thought of frying bologna! I must live a sheltered life. I remember Vienna sausages a lot growing up.

  4. That deviled ham can brought back great memories of my childhood. My parents would make ‘bocaditos’ with that stuff. We would take them and a stocked cooler to Miami Beach or el Farito (Bill Baggs state park on Key Biscayne). If I made them now, I’m positive they wouldn’t live up to my memories.

  5. I remember deviled ham! I ate bologna and ketchup sandwiches. My husband had fried egg and bologna sandwiches. I haven’t been brave enough to try those sandwiches as an adult. Great memories!

  6. I haven’t had a fried bologna sandwich in years but I did like them. Grilled cheese sandwiches were a favorite back then and I still like them, now. Actually peanut butter and jelly sandwiches were the most consumed in our house. Love this little trip down memory lane!

  7. My Dad always made fried bologna when I was growing up and my Mom used to complain how the house would smell for days after, but we didn’t care as they were so good! It has been years since I had one and now I am craving one.

  8. haha love these memories! Growing up I ate gushers & hohos which you won’t find me ever eating now. Same with poptarts, though I still love those 🙂

  9. This does bring back memories. I thought bologna, cheese slice, and miracle whip on white bread was the best!

  10. Wow — what a trip down memory lane — my mom never made fried bologna sandwiches — but she did make cheese with Miracle Whip for school lunches. I HATED Miracle Whip and used to pitch the sandwiches. One of the things my mom made was sandwiches with Spam — YUCK!!! Or the cans of Vienna Sausages — another YUCK — couldn’t stand the smell, the taste or the texture. Never had a Hostess Ho Ho or other product like that in the house, so when I had my own babysitting money, I used to stop at a Convenience store on the way home from school and buy a Hostess Blueberry or Apple pie — every day!!!

  11. None of these sandwiches were things I ate growing up, but I remember the blizzard of 1978. We lived in Worcester at the time.

  12. I love talking about retro foods! And what a major coincidence, the kids and I had fried bologna sandwiches w/miracle whip for lunch today! I still love Braunschweiger sliced on bread w/miracle whip too. Yup, we had the ho-ho’s and they used to be wrapped in like a foil wrapper. I was never allowed to get Lucky Charms (I guess too expensive) but my Mom bought us Kaboom. Another meal was macaroni, with butter and bread crumbs. I still make this for my kids and they love it! Especially the seasoned bread crumbs.
    Fried egg sandwiches, ketchup (only Heinz!) on eggs, Kool Aid and Wylers to drink in the summer, homemade hoagies, Rigatoni, and yucky yucky Salisbury Steak frozen meal. I remember gagging on the gristle! Ugh the thought of it turns my stomach!
    You know all of the meals back then were pretty much cost conscious and maybe that’s why I find myself still enjoying some of them still today!

  13. I took cheese sandwiches to school a lot too. Just cheese and mustard on white bread. Every once in a while I’ll make one now and it really takes me back. We had the fried bologna too. I should make some for my kids, along with some fried potatoes too!

  14. The Cheese, mayo and lettuce leaf sandwich on white bread brings back memories for me. 🙂

  15. Both my husband and I grew up on liverwurst and still like it now. It’s pretty good with mustard!

  16. Charlene Roberson says:

    My Mom made Pork & Bean sandwiches – and I still LOVE them!! Toast bread, then put a spoonful of Pork & Beans (I will only use VanCamp’s) on the bread and cover with a thin slice of American or Velveeta cheese. Top with an “X” of bacon (slice cut in half). Then bake or toast under the broiler until the bacon is crisp and the cheese is melted. YUM!!! My hubby and I had these for lunch last week – and I have been having them since the 50s!!!

  17. I am right there with you on all three!

  18. I remember smearing spaghetti sauce on white bread, topping it with a slice of American cheese, and sticking it under the broiler. Before that, I remember putting a hot dog in hot tap water to heat it up when my parents weren’t home. This was before microwaves and I wasn’t allowed to used the stove :-).

  19. Michelle says:

    I never had fried bologna, but my mom made ground bologna sandwiches and I still eat & like them today. You get about 1/2 lb of unsliced bologna from the deli and put it in the food processor with mayo (or Miracle Whip) and dill pickle relish to taste. I had it on white bread as a kid, but now prefer it on toasted wheat bread.

  20. I remember eating Spam, apple butter, and hot dogs with stuff oozing out of the middle–cheese and beef. Not at the same time. And Doritos. And the only thing on that list I would eat now is the apple butter.

  21. My grandmother made me cucumber or tomato sandwiches with just mayo, salt and pepper on toasted bread. She also made me fluff and peanut butter sandwiches. Not a sandwich but another food from my childhood is mac and cheese made with Velveeta. I still like the sandwiches but not the Velveeta so much:) I have never tried fried bologna – sounds very unhealthy – kind of like Velveeta:)

  22. I still eat fried baloney and spam from time to time. I love fired balony sandwiches with mustard. If I have a spam sandwich, I have it with best foods mayo. My dad used to make us deviled ham sandwiches, loved them then, haven’t tried them since I was a kid in the 60’s and 70’s.

    When I need comfort food I make some baked macaroni with plenty of canned milk, butter and longhorn cheese, yummy. Then I like to fry some slices of spam as a side snack. My daughter hates spam, but loves the mac!!

    What they don’t make anymore and we always had them in our lunches are Scooter pies!! I remember they came in other flavors besides chocolate. They also had banana and strawberry, I liked the banana ones!! I know they have variations of the scooter pies, and I buy them, but I’d like to taste the banana one again!!

    Bye bye, from Debbie, A born and raised San Fernando Valley Girl!!!

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