May Weekly Meal Plans are here!


It’s a new month and that means we’ve got a whole new set of Weekly Meal Plans ready!  Members can login here to download the meal plans and grocery lists.

If you’re not a member yet, why not give it a try?

Here are a couple of quotes from two of our members:

“Thanks for creating something like this!! I can already tell that the money we are going to save from NOT eating out all the time is going to be PRICELESS!!” – Darcee

“I absolutely love Eat at Home. I recommend it to everyone. For little more than $1 a week you have a pre-planned grocery list and meal for each night of the week. The meals are very good. The meals are quick and easy to prepare and I love the 15 minute meal and the slow cooker meal in the traditional plans. Love love love your service!!!” – Anonymous for Weekly Meal Plan Member feedback survey

And below is a word cloud of common words mentioned in that same Member feedback survey:

meal plan word cloud

You can find out more about becoming a member here.



Special Edition – 3 Things that Work in the Kitchen – Exercising, Organizing and Cooking

I normally post my 3 Things That Work posts on Mondays, but today I have a special edition for you.

The other day I told you about the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle.  Today, I want to tell you about my three favorite products that are included.

1.  Healthy Moving Housework Action Pack



I hate to exercise, but I do want to be healthy.  Jen from Healthy Moving has changed the way I move through my days.  She teaches her clients to transform their everyday movements.

The Housework Action Pack teaches movements you can do as you work in the kitchen, clean the bathroom, do laundry and other housework.  Jen is a big advocate of the saying, “little hinges swing big doors”.

I’ve mentioned Healthy Moving to you before.  I’m part of Jen’s Healthy Moving Coaching and Challenge Program.  Since I’ve been doing her challenges, I have more energy and feel better.  I move more throughout my day.

Grabbing the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle and trying out the Housework Action Pack is a great way to see if Jen’s programs are a good fit for you.  In fact, that’s exactly what I did last year during the UHB sale.

2.  Organizing – Cozy Minimalist Mom


I have Nester’s original Cozy Minimalist course and have really enjoyed it.  The Cozy Minimalist Mom course comes in the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle.  It’s not so much a decorating course like the original Cozy Minimalist, although she does talk about that a little.

This course focuses more on realistic organizing for families with kids.  She even talks about dealing with all the cups in the kitchen.  This is a woman who understands living with kids.

My favorite thing about this course is it isn’t overwhelming.  She doesn’t talk about going through every item in your house or trying to have a clutter free life.  Instead, she has sessions titled, “If it doesn’t bother you, don’t bother”.  This is really about making your house work for you.

3.  Easy cooking – Slow Cooker Freezer Meals

Vol-1+2-book 300px

I mentioned the other day that my own Slow Cooker Freezer Meal Plans are included in the bundle.  And yes, I’m sharing them as one of my favorites.

This is the method I use to fill my freezer.  From the menu, the color-coded grocery list, assembly instructions and recipes – these plans work for me.

If you were to buy all three of these resources, the cost would be over $68.  The cost of the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is only $29.97.  And you’ll have access to a lot more than just these three products.  This sale is a no-brainer.

Don’t wait though!  The sale only runs through this coming Monday, May 2.

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When Things Don’t Go As Planned – Some Encouragement

When things don't go as planned

My goal with Eat at Home is to give simple, easy ways for families to have dinner together.  Family meals don’t need to be complicated.

But there are times in our lives when even the simplest of meals is a struggle.  If you find yourself feeling stretched-out and worn-out sometimes, this blog post is for you.   I wrote part of this for a blog post awhile back when I was struggling a lot with migraines.

There are seasons in life when focusing on meal planning and cooking (or anything beyond the bare basics) is not the right timing. 

Some seasons call for survival mode.

Here are some things that have gotten my family through survival mode seasons.  Maybe some of these ideas will help you too.

1.  Be kind with yourself.

It’s okay to cut things out of the calendar, pare down the housework to bare minimum, and have the easiest dinners ever.  

2.  Fall back to your easiest meals.

If you find something you or a family member can easily make and that is tolerated on a sick stomach, it’s okay to have it regularly.  There’s no prize for variety in this season.

3.  Don’t worry about big grocery trips.

I usually shop once a week and try to keep extra trips to a minimum.  During hard times, it can seem impossible to think through what we might need or want more than a couple days out.  Small trips to the store may be easier for a while.

4.  When you start to feel better…

~ Make a plan for simple meals.  The slow cooker is your friend, as it can be loaded in the morning when energy is higher.

~ Set backs happen.  Try not to get discouraged as you recover.  Focus on the progress you’re making.  If you need to grab food from a restaurant one night, it’s okay.

~ As your energy returns, try making something simple to stock the freezer.  You’ll feel good about accomplishing something and you’ll have something easy and homemade for later.  Try doubling a favorite casserole or soup recipe or make a big batch of homemade meatballs.

As moms, we can be so hard on ourselves.  It’s too easy to focus on what’s not working – the dinner that didn’t get fixed, dishes that didn’t get washed etc.  We get down on ourselves for those things.  We tend to think we should have it all together.

Let’s be kinder to ourselves, just as we would be kind to a friend going through the same thing.


Make dinner easy – Weekly Meal Plans Sale!

Almost 3000 people participated in the latest Eat at Home Challenge!  Everyone who participated had a chance to try out my favorite solution for family dinner – Eat at Home Weekly Meal Plans.  I’ve heard so many good things from folks who used the plans.

I love being able to print the grocery list and hit the store, with no more planning needed.  I stick the menu on the fridge and consult it each day, knowing I’ve got everything I need to make all of those meals.


To celebrate completing the Eat at Home Challenge, I’m running a sale on the 12 month membership for Eat at Home Weekly Meal Plans.  You can get a whole year of membership for just $50, which is only $4.16/month.  Click here for the sale code.

The sale ends Tuesday so don’t wait.

New Eat at Home Challenge Starting Soon!


I’m very excited that we’re doing the Eat at Home Challenge again!  I’ve changed things up and made it even better for this time around.

The timing is perfect on this one – getting a good foundation of eating at home before the craziness of the holidays hits.

Click Here to Join!The challenge starts October 22 and runs through November 5. Our goal is to eat dinner at home six nights a week for two straight weeks.  We want to build that habit and carry it through once the challenge is over, but we’re starting with just a couple of weeks. It’s free to join and participants will get a week of each of the three types of Weekly Meal Plans – Traditional, Slow Cooker and Whole Food.  That means you won’t even have to plan or make a grocery list during the challenge!  But you can use any recipes you like during the challenge.  This is all about what works for you.

What You Get During the Challenge

When you sign up with your email address, you’ll receive helpful tips and resources from me, including:15min2

    • A week each of Traditional, Slow Cooker and Whole Food Weekly Meal Plans with grocery lists


  • Lots of printable recipes



  • My best meal planning tips



  • My favorite quick cooking tricks



  • The speed grocery shopping tactics I use when I hit the store



  • Encouragement to help you get in the swing of eating at home!




So what are you waiting for? Join us and let’s get our dinners back on track!

Click Here to Join!


3 Things That Work in the Kitchen This Week – September 21

3 Things that work in the kitchen

Last week was full of good stuff!  It was my birthday week, so Jim and the kids cooked one night for me.  They grilled burgers and made my favorite Cherry Squares for dessert.

1. Best scrubby ever – available at Walmart now!

scrub daddy

I love this scrubby for cleaning pots and pans.  The other day, when I was buzzing through the grocery store, I spotted this smiling face.  I’m so glad Walmart is carrying these now!  I used to pick them up at Bed, Bath and Beyond, but I don’t go there very often.  Walmart is much more convenient for little things like this.

If you haven’t tried one of these, pick one up soon.  They work great!

2.  Chicken Taco Soup in the slow cooker.

spicy chicken soup done

I know I’ve shared this before, but it’s one of my favorite easy dinners.  This time, I morphed the Spicy Chicken Soup with Taco Soup, using ingredients I had on hand.

Luckily, those ingredients included corn chips to pile on top.  So good!

I didn’t have any frozen corn (despite the fact that I’m sure I recently bought a huge bag at Costco) or canned corn, so I used cream style corn.  That works great in soup, adding a little creaminess to the finished dish.

3.  Hitting the grocery with Weekly Meal Plan list.


Our previous week included a lot of travel for several people in the family, so I hadn’t hit the store in a while other than running into Costco or picking up bread and milk.  It was time to fill the pantry again.

I printed off the September Traditional list for this week.  I alternate between the Traditional, Whole Food and Slow Cooker, picking whichever one sounds good and fits the type of week we’ve got ahead.

I love printing off a list and hitting the store without having to really think it through.  Sometimes I have an idea for a recipe I want to try to create and I add those ingredients to the list (this time, I bought things to make an Apple Butter Cake!).  Grocery shopping and planning are not things I really enjoy, so anything to make it simpler and faster works for me.

You can find out more about Weekly Meal Plans here.

Also, don’t forget this is the last day to get a great price on Slow Cooker Freezer Meals!

Find out more here, including the code to save $4-$7!

Vol-1+2-book 600x400

What’s working in your kitchen this week?


More Slow Cooker Freezer Meal Plans – and a Sale!

Vol-1+2-book 600x400



Use the code: SEPTEMBER to get the sale price

Introducing the second volume of Slow Cooker Freezer Meals – A Week of Dinners in One Hour!

If you’re looking for a way to simplify dinner on busy days, this is your solution.  By spending about 1 hour of prep time, you can have 6 meals stashed away in the freezer.

Then pull one from the freezer, thaw it a bit in the microwave or sit it in the fridge to thaw, dump it in the crockpot and let it cook.  So easy!

Here’s what you’ll get in each Volume:

  • 12 plans – each with 6 dinners and side dish suggestions
  • Meals that are designed to be assembled and frozen to be cooked later in the slow cooker
  • Side dish suggestions
  • Color-coded grocery lists
  • Assembly instructions and tips
  • Over 85 printable recipes

These are digital products, designed to be printed at home.

These plans are one of the most popular features of Weekly Meal Plan membership.  Members have access to a new Slow Cooker Freezer Meal Plan every month.


Now through Monday, September 21 you can get a great price on these ebooks by using the code:


With that code, you’ll save $4 each on Volumes 1 or 2 and $7 off the bundle of both volumes.

Don’t wait though! The sale only lasts a few days.


Vol-1+2-book 600x400



Join the Eat at Home Challenge!



I’m really excited today to invite you to join the free, two week Eat at Home Challenge!  It’s easy to get off track with meal planning and dinner making.  The next thing you know we’re hitting the drive-thru too often or we get in a rut of making the same meal over and over again.

I’ve got help for you though!  Sign up now to be part of the Eat at Home Challenge.  It starts July 16 and will be full of tips on meal planning, pantry stocking, quick cooking, and grocery shopping tips.  The goal is to eat at home for at least six dinners a week for two straight weeks.  This is a great time to build the eat at home habit and take control of dinner time before school schedules start again!

Pop over here and enter your email to join the challenge!

Backyard BBQ Sides – Salads, Hot Sides and More

Backyard BarbequeIt’s the season for backyard barbecues!

I think one of my favorite things about backyard barbecues is the way it brings the family together for not just an hour at dinnertime, but an afternoon of fun and memories cooking and eating out under the big blue sky. There’s something about eating outside, off of the grill that just gives an extra special element to dinnertime. Not to mention an extra-good kick of flavors!

While grilling up meat and veggies is obviously the main part of a Backyard BBQ, the sides are equally as important!  A good side can really bring your meal to a new level and depending on what you serve, you can take your BBQ in all kinds of fun directions. I like getting creative with my sides, and there are so many delicious things you can choose from. Some of them are super simple. Some of them you can make in advance. All of them are really good and things we come back to time and time again.

Now, get out there and enjoy your summer evenings with some good BBQ and some of these sides!



Almost Homemade Pickles

Balsamic Strawberries

Balsamic Strawberries

Easy Peachy Fruit Salad


Easy Peachy Fruit Salad

grilledzucchinidone_thumb.jpgGrilled Zucchini

Green Bean and Tomato Salad


Green Bean and Tomato Salad


Broccoli Tomato Tortellini Salad

Parmesan fettucini done


Parmesan Fettuccine

cucumber tomato salad done

Cucumber and Tomato Salad



Parmesan Zucchini & Summer Squash

cucumbers-and-onions-doneCucumbers and Onions



Pasta Salad

hashbrown casserole

Hashbrown Casserole

Orange and Red Onion Salad - simple!

Orange and Red Onion Salad


Mac and Cheese


Microwave Corn on Cob

AuGratin Potatoes in the slow cooker

Au Gratin Potatoes



Loaded Cheesy Potato Casserole

bacon and tomato pasta done

Bacon Tomato Ranch Pasta Salad

oven fried potatoes done


Oven Fried Potatoes

asian broccoli salad done

Asian Broccoli Salad

hawaiin-coleslawHawaiian Coleslaw

Layered Cole Slaw


Layered Cole Slaw

237Detox Salad

Homemade Baked Beans in the Slow Cooker

Homemade Baked Beans

4 Tips for Making Perfect Pasta SaladPerfect Pasta Salad



Potato Salad

Pressure cooker mac and cheese


Pressure Cooker Mac n Cheese

One Pot Stove-Top Mac & Cheese


One-Pot Stove Top Mac n Cheese

slaw-ingrQuick Cole Slaw

ranch veggie salad done


Ranch Veggie Salad


Roasted Broccoli and Red Pepper

Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Simple Lettuce Wedge Salad


Simple Wedge Salad



Slaw with Tomato and Jalapeno

slow cooker corn casserole

Corn Casserole

corn salad done


Summer Corn Salad



Sweet Potato Fries


Tomato Artichoke Salad

tropical salad done


Tropical Salad

watermelon chili powder


Watermelon with a Kick

Wild Rice Salad - redeeming leftover rice


Wild Rice Salad

winter fruit salad done


Winter Fruit Salad

6 Meals in 10 minutes each – Slow Cooker Freezer Plans SALE!

You want to enjoy summer, so why not keep the cooking easy and your kitchen cool too!  Stop guessing about what’s for dinner and pull out a slow cooker freezer meal instead!  If you can spare 1 hour, you can have a freezer stocked with 6 meals ready to go for your busy summer days.

We’ve even got summer plans so you don’t have to eat soup or stew in July!  Load the slow cooker and spend your day having fun with your family.  Then come home to a great meal that required almost no effort on your part.

We’re having a quick sale this week on this great resource.  Get it for just $7.97!

That’s $4 off the regular price of $11.97.

Slow-Cooker_Kindle-cover 500x750


These meals are my “busy day emergency stash”.  They keep us out of the drive-thru lane, but require minimal effort to get dinner on the table.

Add to cart

Use the code: SUMMER at checkout


We’ve put together all of the Slow Cooker Freezer Meal plans from the last year into one big printable.  Now you can get dinner organized and ready in just 1 hour for a whole week’s worth of meals.  That’s about 10 minutes per meal!

You get 12 plans, each with:

  • 6 dinners designed to be assembled and frozen to be cooked later in the slow cooker
  • Side dish suggestions
  • Color-coded grocery lists
  • Printable recipes
  • Instructions on assembling all of the meals

slow cooker plans summer sale banner


Use the code: SUMMER at checkout

Add to cart

This is a quick sale and only lasts through Thursday July 2 at midnight Pacific.

All of the members to Weekly Meal Plans get one of these Slow Cooker Freezer Meal Plans each month as part of their membership.  It’s a popular benefit of being a member!

Here’s an example of a few months of menus.  Grocery lists, assembly instructions and printable recipes are included in the ebook.

  1. French Dip Sandwiches, Fries, Carrot + Celery Sticks
  2. Mediterranean Chicken, Pasta, Salad, Garlic Biscuit Bites
  3. Easy Crockpot Beef Fajitas, Corn, Chips + Salsa
  4. Teriyaki Pork Chops with Red Pepper and Pineapple Rice, Peas
  5. Chicken Shwarma Ranch Veggie Salad, Chips
  6. Italian Parmesan Herb Chicken and Potatoes Tomato and Artichoke Heart Salad
  1. Maple Apple Chicken, Roasted Broccoli and Red Pepper, Pretzel Rolls
  2. Slow Cooker BBQ Peach Pulled Pork, Sweet Potato Fries, Carrot and celery sticks
  3. Sweet and Sour Meatballs over Rice, Peas, Egg Rolls
  4. Chicken Tacos, Summer Corn Salad, Chips and Salsa
  5. Easy Pepper Steak, Pasta, Salad
  6. Chicken Philly Sandwiches, Quick Cole Slaw, Fries

Use the code: SUMMER at checkout

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