New! Breakfast Plans are Here!



So many people have been asking for Breakfast Meal Plans, so we got busy and created them for you!  I did a survey of Eat at Home Meal Plan members to find out what types of things were important in getting breakfast for the family every day and we really tried to incorporate those wish list items.

We’ve pulled together 12 weeks of breakfasts that are perfect for springtime.

We aimed for quick and easy and/or make ahead and freezer friendly.

We included some grab and go meals, for quick mornings.

Protein was important to a lot of people, so we added a “protein of the week” option that can be mixed and matched with all the breakfasts on the menu.

We also added a “fruit of the week” option to give a bit more interest to the meals.  Mix and match the fruit, meat and meals any way you like!

There are some meals that work well for slower weekend mornings – meaning you can linger over the table, but you don’t have to spend a lot of time doing the cooking.

To celebrate I have a special code to use for a discount – enter the code BREAKFAST at checkout. The code is only good through March 23!

If you’re looking for help and ideas for breakfast, check them out!  I hope you love them 🙂

Click here for more info on Eat at Home Breakfast Meal Plans!