Garden Frittata

garden frittata done

Eggs, Monterey Jack cheese, bell peppers and a handful of fresh herbs from the garden.  Deliciousness in a skillet.

The red and yellow bell peppers were my inspiration for this.  I can’t seem to resist them when I’m in the produce department.  Hopefully, I’ll be gathering red peppers out of my garden this summer, but until then I’ll have to gather in the Walmart produce section.

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Pepper Patch Pasta with Grilled Chicken

I was zipping through the produce section the other day, tossing things in my basket when I saw a pack of peppers.  Red, yellow and orange.  Not cheap, but they looked so good I couldn’t resist.  They waited in the fridge for a day or two until inspiration hit.

I decided they would be good paired with pasta, tomatoes and a creamy sauce.  I was right.  This dish was a hit with all of us.  It also makes use of the homemade seasoned salt that I posted yesterday. [Read more…]