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"Get One New, Fast, Easy (and Tasty) Recipe Each Week and Let’s Eat At Home Tonight"

(Mini-Grocery List Included)

What if Cooking Dinner only took like, 

15 Minutes?

After the busy day...all those evening errands...and catching your breath…
You want to Cook a Real Meal for your family–and spend more time with them too.
But everyone’s running on a different schedule...
...and on those nights when your family needs a Real Meal the most…
...before the Big Game, the Final Recital, or the Double-Shift…
Grocery Shopping (let alone Cooking) a Quality Meal–well, that seems impossible.
If only a Recipe would fall from the sky (and a Shopping List too)...


Eat at Home Now

Eat At Home Now™
– Your Weekly GO-TO Recipe

(grocery list included).

Want to Cook More...and Buy Less?

Table-Set Meals your family will adore

Shrink my Grocery List

You Need a Weekly GO-TO.

These days...making time for Home-Cooked Meals is a STRUGGLE.

Finding a recipe that you can count on AND a grocery list–well, that’s a whole other story…

In 2015...for the FIRST TIME in American History…

We spent more $ at restaurants and drive-thrus than at grocery stores.

If your family’s grumbling over the same ol’ meals–ordered in, picked up, dished out–week after week…

Then it’s time for a Home-Cooked Meal (made easy).

Eat At Home Now™
– Everyday Meals for Exceptionally Busy People.


-Quick-to-Cook RECIPES. Simple Shopping Lists.
- Sign up for FREE.
- Get a delicious Weekly GO-TO Recipe (shopping list included).
- Do a bit of (simple) shopping...
- Cook it right away…OR save it for the busiest of days.

Everyone enjoys a dinner made easy!
...and the night is saved!

Got a BUSY week ahead?

Lets Make Tonight a Family Dinner


free amazing meal recipes

MORE Family Time


Stop searching the web for the right FREE recipe…

When you sign up for Eat At Home Tonight, you’ll get only the most carefully curated (easy, simple, go-to) recipes…

...absolutely FREE ($0.00).


Stop searching the web for the right FREE recipe…

When you sign up for Eat At Home Tonight, you’ll get only the most carefully curated (easy, simple, go-to) recipes…

...absolutely FREE ($0.00).

Eat at Home Now

Send Me (FREE) Quick-to-Cook Recipes (and their mini-grocery lists too)

Lets Make Tonight a Family Dinner

Meet The Mom Behind It All

Hi, I’m Tiffany!

I’ve been cooking for my family for over 25 years.
As a wife and mom of four...I know what a struggle that can feel like at times.

I started Eat At Home™ to share everyday recipes and cooking tips to families that want to get back to the dinner table.

I’ve fed babies, cooked with toddlers underfoot, solved the picky eater issues, and learned how to get dinner ready (even while juggling sports, dance practice, homeschool and work). I’ve learned to increase the amount of food I prepare to meet the needs of a growing family (and HUNGRY teenage boys).
...and now I want to help you enjoy meals made easy–with your family by your side.

Eat At Home is my way of helping other families find a simple, easy way to bring dinner back into the home (and out of the car).

Make Your Kitchen Smell Like A Kitchen Again

If GO-TO dinners are already a piece of cake for you…

And you need MORE than a FREE RECIPE + GROCERY LIST each week…

Or you’re just excited about Easy-Made Dinners and Family Time…

You should really check out our Full-Scale (6-Day) Eat At Home Weekly Plans…

See what others have said about our meal plans:

“I haven’t found anything I DON’T like. It’s making my meal-planning much easier! It’s a great resource that saves time and money.”
–Amy Lancaster

“We spent less than $80 at the grocery store to prepare 6 meals with fresh sides. Using the slow cooker plan, dinner is ready on time with minimal effort. I like the color coded shopping list. We are eating healthier and saving money.”
–Stephanie R.

“I save time on planning and money when shopping with this plan. Prep time is great when using the all crock plan. The color coding is very convenient for eliminating a particular dish. I save time and using a list keeps me focused as I shop.”
–JoAnn M.

Some nights it feels like there aren’t enough drive-thrus in the world…

Eat at Home Now

Eat At Home Now
Weekly recipes you can always count on.