Not Your Mother’s Make Ahead and Freeze Cookbook – Giveaway!

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I was so excited to have the chance to review Jessica Fisher’s new cookbook.  Jessica has put together a valuable resource for anyone who want to do some stocking of the freezer.

She’s got plans for breakfast, meatless dinners, beef, chicken and seafood…She’s even created big “Everything” plans.  All of these have instructions and shopping lists included, and of course, the recipes too.

There’s also a section on creating your own freezer cooking plan.  If you’ve ever wanted to try to stash away a lot of dishes in the freezer at one time, this section is for you.  Jessica helps you think through all the details of pulling off a big cooking day.

Want to have a copy for yourself? Giveaway closed.


Congratulations to Donna, who said “I have two go-to freezer meals that I make with the leftover chicken (that I make in my crock-pot thanks to Eat at Home). Chicken Enchiladas and Chicken stuffing casserole. I would really like to expand my horizons though and try other tried and true recipes.”

I’m giving away one copy.  Just leave a comment on this post telling me the last recipe you cooked for the freezer.  If you’ve never done any freezer cooking before, just let me know that.

Winner will be chosen on Monday.  I will email the winner and announce on the Eat at Home Facebook page.

Not Your Mother’s Make Ahead and Freeze Cookbook is available for pre-order at Amazon.

The amazon link is an affiliate link.
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  1. I just baked some chicken breasts to cut up and put in the freezer. Not very exciting, but useful to have around!

  2. I made a batch of Triple Chocolate Cookies from ATK. Not the most nutritious, but really yummy (and good frozen too).

  3. I don’t remember the exact recipes I used, but I tried a prep and freeze day sometime last year. Made a whole bunch of stuff and filled my freezer. Lots of chicken dishes…

  4. the last recipe I made for the freezer is my crockpot chili recipe! thanks for the giveaway.

  5. I made Rice Krispie Treats with Cheerios for breakfast bars.

  6. Meatballs, pre-cooked and ready to use!

  7. The last thing I cooked for the freezer was a large batch of tomatillo salsa.

  8. I just made a loaf of French bread to put in the freezer.

  9. I just made a baked ziti! Not really for the freezer but it freezes really well and there are just 2 of us right now so we ended up freezing over half for later!

  10. The last thing I made for the freezer was a batch of chocolate chip cookie dough balls. There is nothing better than warm, fresh baked chocolate chip cookies, unless of course, it’s frozen cookie dough balls!!! 😉

  11. I don’t usually cook for the freezer, just freeze left overs we can’t eat right away.

  12. I cooked about 25 freezer meals in July because my sister was having a baby. I made meatloaves, pasta casseroles, and some slow cooker meals too. She works full-time so I would give this cookbook to her if I won it because freezer meal cooking works really well for her.

  13. I made banana oatmeal muffins for a quick homemade breakfast.

  14. I made some chocolate peanut butter baked oatmeal (in muffin pan) as well as some apple cinnamon baked oatmeal, pancakes, and banana muffins! Seems like I do a lot of breakfast freezer cooking 🙂

  15. Chicken enchilada casserole – doubled the recipe and froze one plus had extra shredded chicken to freeze for another use!

  16. The last thing I made for the freezer was taco/nacho meat. When I find a sale on ground chuck, I buy 3-4lbs then I make taco meat and freeze it in small portions for a quick thaw for a couple soft tacos or nachos for the kids. It’s quick, easy for me and they love it!

  17. I love freezer cooking! On Sunday I made up 12 breakfast sandwiches for my husband to grab before work in the morning. Whole wheat english muffins + cooked breakfast sausage patty + cooked egg + slice of cheese. Easy peasy!

  18. I haven’t cooked for the freezer before but would love to start. This cookbook looks like it would teach me how to do that. I’m especially interested in the meatless dinner recipes.

  19. I follow her blog and have had my eye on this book. Would love to win.

    I think the last freezer meal I made was bierocks. We stocked the freezer before our daughter was born three weeks ago and have been eating those meals since. Though I forget what exactly was the most recent meal we made. 🙂

  20. I made Manacotti. In fact it might have even been the recipe on the cover as I follow lots of blogs about cooking and they have recomended this book.

  21. The last freezer meal I made was bean burritos — yummy!

  22. I have never cooked for the freezer but would really like too!

  23. The last recipe I did for the freezer was Canadian’s Livings Butter Chicken…I even even froze it with cooked rice, so it’s a great handy meal to grab for work!

  24. I had a whole night of chicken cutlet prep for the freezer! Made 10 meals in less than an hour.

  25. I made a chicken enchilada casserole for my parents freezer a few weeks ago.. now I’m wishing I made one for myself, lol. It’s delicious!!!!

  26. The last thing I made for the freezer is spaghetti sauce.

  27. Kristina Price says:

    I made breakfast burritos to have on hand for the kids before school. They were a hit!

  28. I have never cooked for the freezer but I need to learn how to do that. I am cooking for my two grown brothers and my granddaughter every day and after a long day at work I am tired and not in the mood some days.

  29. I made chicken tettrazinni! Love make ahead meals!

  30. Tina Sherman says:


  31. I’ve never cooked for the freezer before. I keep thinking about it but never do it.

  32. I would love a copy of this book!

  33. Enchiladas of course!! Love them! they freeze so well.

  34. Eat at Home’s Chicken Enchiladas:) Yum!

  35. Lasagne and chili

  36. *hanging my head in shame* I’ve never done any type of freezer cooking. I haven’t even put leftovers in the freezer. I’m ready to come out of the dark!

  37. I just froze the last of our Basil in olive oil in ice cube trays! But the last meal out of my freezer was Chili Rellano Casserole! Make 2 freeze 1!
    Thanks for the cool cookbook giveaway!

  38. The last thing I cooked was a unstuffed pepper casserole. I have 3 kids & a full time job so freezer cooking is a wonderful thing at our house!!

  39. I have never cooked for the freezer but it sounds like a good idea!

  40. The last thing I made for the freezer was only marinara sauce, but I’ve done make-ahead freezer cooking before and it really is great – just requires a little discipline to get started and devote a day to cooking.

  41. Chicken Soft Taco mix was the last freezer meal I made – made a batch for home & 2 for my daughter & her room mates at college.

  42. I made breakfast burritos!

  43. Stephanie Savage says:

    The last recipe that I cooked for the freezer was a large pot of spaghetti sauce for this winter.

  44. Spaghetti sauce! And we’re using some tonight, actually. It’s so handy to have around.

  45. The last freezer “meal” I made was a big batch of your chocolate peanut butter snack bars. Protein bars are too expensive. Both my husband and I are working full time and he’s also in a full time master’s program in the evenings. Protein bars/snack bars are essential in our house.

  46. Stephanie Savage says:

    The last recipe that I made for the freezer was a large pot of spaghetti sauce for this winter.

  47. Cindi Brasher says:

    White chicken spaghetti.

  48. Martha Kilburn says:

    I have 2 crockpots going right now with soup in them for the freezer, and I’m working on a chicken casserole for dinner tonight and the freezer too.

  49. Love your website!
    Last freezer meal made for our household was a large batch of Sweet Pepper Beef Soup.

  50. I made a meatloaf recipe from one of the meal plans and stuck it in the freezer for an easy meal when it’s a crazy week with the kids:)

  51. The last thing I made for the freezer was chicken spaghetti, before my in laws came to visit. I have tried to freeze chocolate chip cookies, but my 5 children always manage to eat them before I can get them put away. 🙂

  52. Lori Campbell says:

    The last meal that I made for the freezer is my huge chili recipe. It makes 16 servings. I always freeze it in 16 individual containers so I can pull them out one at a time for lunches. Thank you so much for all you do. It’s so easy to get in a rut with cooking but you always keep me interested and eager to get to my kitchen.

  53. I use the freezer for freezing my homemade enchiladas. I could use more ideas, though, then I could be quicker at getting meals on the table.

  54. I always make 2 pans of lasagna and put the extra in the freezer. I would love to learn more!

  55. Pick me! I would love to have this book!

    • I forgot to tell you my recipe! The last thing I made for the freezer what lasagna casserole. My kiddos love it and it’s so much easier than a “real” lasagna.

  56. The last freezer meal I made was your stuffed shells recipe. We had half of the recipe for dinner that night and the other half went into the freezer for another night…maybe tonight!

  57. Last thing I made for the freezer was sloppy joes. My sisters and some friends (10 total) are having a girls night out in a few months where we pick 2 recipes, bring all the ingredients, and then we will all cook/assemble them together and leave with 20 meals!

    • How smart is that idea! I’m totally stealing! One of my friends does this for a cookie exchange, but this is so practical! I can’t believe I didn’t think of this before!

  58. kristin colligan says:

    I was introduced to Freezer Cooking a few years when a friend and I begin preparing meals together for our families. I love new ideas and would like to expand my recipe files for freezer cooking.

  59. I like to make double dinners and freeze half of it. The last thing I froze was individual meatloafs.

  60. I made my mother-in-law’s Kidney Bean Casserole and froze half for later.

  61. I last cooked beef stew for the freezer. I don’t do much freezer cooking on the whole, but would really like to. I would so much appreciate receiving a copy of this book. Thanks for the opportunity to enter the giveaway!

  62. Chicken enchiladas

  63. Last thing I “made” for the freezer was a big batch of black beans. I use them in so many things but its so much cheaper and healthier to make them from scratch than canned.

  64. I made stuffed bell peppers and green beans for my homemade “TV” dinners. This works great for a single person cookimg most recipes if you have the freezer space.

  65. I would love a great excuse to buy a big freezer!

  66. I always make extras to freeze and eat at later date. I make sure to label and date them.

  67. I made a lasagna casserole last week; we ate one and froze one to be prepared later or to give away for a ministry meal.

  68. I always revert to spaghetti sauce, bbq beef or pork, and lasagna. I need some new ideas!!!

  69. Actually, I just made not one, but 56 freezer meals!! My daughter was going back to college and would be in apartment for the first time, so I stocked her freezer for her with tons o single serve, homemade dinners…she was thrilled. 🙂

  70. I made breakfast sandwiches that you can just pop in the microwave each morning… 🙂

  71. I’m always making breakfast foods for the freezer-my last session was baked oatmeal cups and a couple of batches of banana chocolate chip muffins.

  72. MaryEllen Baker says:

    What a great looking and helpful cookbook. My last freezer meal was taco meat, for a quick weeknight reheat meal.

  73. I have never made freezer meals but I want to start…..I want to stock my freezer with good meals that I have made….I need help…..

  74. I have never cooked anything ahead and froze it, but would love to have some recipes I could do this with and save time on workdays. Any help I can get with cooking I always appreciate. That’s why I love this website!! Thanks.

  75. heather bullard says:

    I cooked freezer meals for my aunt when she was very sick for her and her daughters. I have not done this for my own household though. I always look at the recipes and want to.

  76. I try to cook chicken down and freeze the meat and broth on a regular basis. It’s great to have the meat ready for a dish. I would love to be able to do more than that for the busy evenings we have.

  77. Please enter me! The last thing I made for the freezer was a big batch of spaghetti sauce, but my favorite thing to make for the freezer is a double or triple batch of my “easy because you don’t have to brown the meat” oven stew. The recipe was on my blog back in March of this year.

  78. I made freezer crock pot meals. I bagged up the ingredients for the crock pot & threw it in the freezer. each morning, I just took out a bag & threw it in the crock. Dinner was ready every day at 6. I would love to win the book! 🙂

  79. Oh gosh, I’ve just discovered freezer meals this last year (coincidentally also my first year of marriage:)) I usually do in batches so the last Sunday I did some was enchilladas (probably from your site), an 8 layer beef pasta dish, and meatballs. Then I also did almond poppeyseed bread and froze that for future sweet tooth cravings!:)

  80. Stephanie J says:

    I have never made a freezer meal, but would LOVE to Learn, and to get ideas

  81. I haven’t done any freezer cooking but have always wanted to try it!

  82. I have not been successful with freezer cooking in the past.

  83. I cooked some ground beef to quickly make taco’s, spaghetti and cottage pie!

  84. I have been wanting to try cook ahead and freeze meals. As a busy mother of five, working full time and keeping up with all of the school activities, there are just not enough hours in the day!

  85. I have actually never made a freezer meal, but have been wanting to try one for quite some time. I would love to win this cookbook to help get me started.

  86. The last freezer meal I used was just some Lemon herb chicken. But I’ve just found out I’m expecting (!!!) so I’m definitely interested in gathering some more freezer friendly recipes. The last book I bought was Once a Month cooking and some were good but a lot were bland. Most of my current freezer meals are from various blogs- my favorite is Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Muffins for quick breakfasts.

  87. Heather Tokash says:


    Our family loves your recipes! You have made my job easier. Each week I copy your weekly recipes and that’s our family’s meals. It’s great and delicious!

    Thank you

  88. I have never intentionally cooked for the freezer. However, with our weeknights so busy, I have told my husband we’ll need a game plan or we’ll blow our budget (and diets) eating out!

  89. One year I cooked a double batch of manacotti and froze it, other then that, I would love to freeze more meals, but get frightened from it. I am always concerned about what is freezable and what isn’t.

  90. I make a large pot of Italian marinara sauce and store it in smaller containers in the freezer. The sauce is ALWAYS more tasty if it’s flavors have been joined over 24 hours. The small containers makes cooking dinner for kids with busy schedules a lot quicker. It can be used to make spagetti, or lasagna.

  91. I did freezer cooking for about a year several years ago and loved it but somehow I got out of the habit. Now I struggle all the time getting dinner ready after a long day at work and often succumb to fast food which hurts our waistline and our wallet. Would love to get this cookbook.

    Gale (mom to 13 year old triplets and one 8 year old)

  92. Amanda Rauch says:

    Chicken Club Casserole

  93. I always make ahead and freeze homemade applesauce. It’s either feast or famine with apples, so when I have a lot of great ones, I make and freeze applesauce to share with my family.

  94. I had a surplus of eggplant and made Eggplant Parmesan–one for dinner and one for the freezer.

  95. Oh wow!! I would love this book! I have her other book, Not Your Mother’s Weeknight Cooking and I love it! This would be great because we have a 6 month old baby girl and I do quite a bit of make ahead meals and crock pot meals so my wonderful hard working husband always has a hearty dinner! The last freezer meal I made we ate last night! It was baked spaghetti with turkey meatballs.

  96. Maureen Arbogast says:

    I haven’t made any freezer meals in quite a while, because my kids were older and I wasnt working, but my son and daughter-in-law just moved in after he recently got out of the Marines and I am working now. Sounds like a good time to start stocking the freezer with meals again!

  97. Andrea Watts says:

    The last thing I cooked for the freezer is some lasagna.

  98. The last freezer meal I used was just some Lemon herb chicken. But I’ve just found out I’m expecting (!!!) so I’m definitely interested in gathering some more freezer friendly recipes. The last book I bought was Once a Month cooking and some were good but a lot were bland. Most of my current freezer meals are from various blogs- my favorite is Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Muffins

  99. I haven’t made any yet, but I’ve really been thinking about it lately.

  100. grill up a lot of chicken and put in the freezer for quick meals

  101. Um… I haven’t a clue outside of store bought freezer meals like Marie Calenders. I guess the last freezer meal I did of my own was a chicken and rice casserole recipe. It was one of my favorite staples of recipes from my mama and is even better as left overs.

  102. I made crockpot marinara – enough to eat fresh and freeze for future use.

  103. I have never done any freezer cooking, It would be fun to try.

  104. The last make ahead freezer item in our house was a Southwest Breakfast Casserole. Thank you for the opportunity to win! 🙂

  105. WOS! It’s rare I put any kind of meal in the freezer (besides cookies=) but just happened to this week. It was a chicken tater tot bake….bake one/freeze one. YUM!

  106. I just got done doing my third Wildtree Freezer Meal Workshop where I made 10 meals to put in my freezer!

  107. Over the weekend, my daughter and I put together 10 dishes for freezer to crockpot use. They included a number of chicken dishes, a couple beef, and a few sausage dishes. Before that, I did up some large trays of chicken enchilladas for the freezer. I’m only home one weekend a month (gone for fun the rest of the time) so I use that weekend to put together dishes that make week nights easier for my daughter and I. We are the cooks in the house, cooking for us, her boyfriend, and my 17yo son. After we both are done with a full day of work, who wants to cook! Freezer meals make it easier at least a couple nights a week

  108. Pamela Jones says:

    I have only done this once besides with leftovers – didn’t think about a cookbook of recipes that work in the freezer – very clever! wouldn’t mind trying it out particularly if it would save my family some money!

  109. Spaghetti sauce! I always make 8 quarts at a time and freeze it.

  110. I made some refried beans, black beans, and black bean and rice freezer burritos. Also made double batch of homemade macaroni and cheese to freeze some the other night! I just got my new freezer a couple of months ago and working on filling it up for when baby #4 comes!

  111. Rebecca Delorey says:

    While I’ve never made freeze ahead meals, I do freeze leftovers for later “D”licious meals.

  112. Brittany Marquardt says:

    My husband and I have been married for 4 years. I’m what you would call a “bad cook” I seem to mess everything up and I can’t come up with any good fun dinner ideas do we would end up going out or microwaving some frozen dinner. I recently discovered your website when I was on PINTEREST and it has changed my life! I follow your recipes for the week and look for new ones you have on site and try all the new things you send for emails. My husband is so happy and I’m so happy too! I am really busy and premaking a meal and freezing it would be awesome. I have never done it before so I would love to have this cookbook! Thank you for saving my dinner life!

  113. The last recipe I made for the freezer were rattlesnake rolls from once a month mom. They were awesome! I’ll be eating one for lunch in fact!

  114. Usually I end up freezeing my leftovers as I’m a party of one.
    I’ve made casseroles in advance for company and would love to have
    new idea’s for make aheads…

  115. I have always wanted to try out freezer cooking, but I’ve never been quite brave enough. This book looks like it might be just the tutorial I need. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  116. I have two go-to freezer meals that I make with the leftover chicken (that I make in my crock-pot thanks to Eat at Home). Chicken Enchiladas and Chicken stuffing casserole. I would really like to expand my horizons though and try other tried and true recipes.

  117. I love freezer cooking! I am a working mom and need the convenience of being able to just pull something down from the freezer and defrost for dinner. The last meal we had was chicken enchiladas which freeze great!

  118. I would love to have a book on how to make a head freeze mealsa head of time. I have never done this before. it would be nice to come home from work and not always have to prepare a meal .and I could just put it in the oven to cook

  119. Queeniebates says:

    I found you when I was looking for recipes for my friend and her family to help them while she went through chemo. I made 2, one of them and one for my family. I loved (and so did they) that I continued making a weeks worth of food for all six weeks of treatments. Fortunately, treatments are over, unfortunately the meals in my freezer are gone. I would love more recipes.
    Thank you

  120. Meatloaf!

  121. Tater Tot Casserole-a true family favorite!

  122. I just froze smashed garlic potato casseroles with my fresh from the garden potatoes!

  123. I recently froze meatballs. I would love this cookbook. I have a 5 week old baby girl who has two older sisters. When I go back to work we are going to need meals in the freezer that I can pull from!

  124. A big batch of spaghetti sauce!

  125. Mary Thompson says:

    The last meal I didn’t really cook for the freezer was leftover lasagna

  126. The freezer cooking I’ve been doing lately is making a double batch of dinner and freezing the rest for another night. I’ve looked at many different websites and suggestions on how to do freezer cooking. I think this cookbook will be the icing on the cake to get me started! The cover alone looks delicious!!

  127. I cook everyday for 5 adult males and myself so I do my meal plan every week around freezer and crock-pot cooking. I have a couple people in the house that are sick this week so I made chicken noodle soup with sandwiches last night. 10 cups eaten, 10 cups froze. Tonight is chicken and rice burritos and guess what? half for dinner tonight and half for the freezer. I probably don’t need another cook book but do want to tell you how much I love your site. I’m here almost everyday finding new ideas to fight the menu planning blahs with.
    Thank you so much!

  128. I have never done any freezer cooking before but I have been dying to do so. With little ones growing older and life getting busier it will make life a tad simpler.

  129. Last night I made up some egg sandwiches to pop in the freezer. I was pleasantly surprised at how quick and easy it was! I baked the eggs in the oven while our dinner was cooking. I haven’t yet defrosted them to make sure they still taste good, but I sure hope this turns out!! 🙂

  130. Mindy Zeigler says:

    I’ve made enchiladas and frozen them. They come out great.

  131. I am actually cooking up a batch of you chicken enchilada soup today in the crockpot. I have a family of four so it gives us three meals!!!

  132. I just made some spaghetti. Nothing too exciting but one of husbands favorite

  133. Pam Driggers says:

    The last frozen meal I cooked was from one of your recipes. It was for homemade meatloaf and it made two loaves. One to eat and one to freeze and eat later. Busy week last week so I pulled out the meatloaf and one day we had a hot meal, the second day we meatloaf sandwiches. I love to freeze so if the week gets crazy there is always something there.

  134. The last meal I made for the freezer was Cavatini – a baked pasta dish with pepperoni, black olives, mushrooms, green pepper, cheese. It makes two 9×13 pans, so it’s perfect for the freezer.

  135. I LOVE freezer cooking…and this series of books! The last thing I made for the freezer was Broccoli CHeddar soup– pureed the veggies and added the cheese and milk before serving.

  136. As a part of a Meals For Moms Co-Op, I could really use a fresh set of recipes! The last one I cooked and froze was beef stew and corn bread.

  137. The last meal I cooked for the freezer was chili

  138. The last thing we froze — chocolate zucchini cupcakes! Oh, and whole wheat hamburger/hotdog buns.

  139. I have never did it. But it’s in plans for the winter time! Thanks so much for this blog it has made dinner planning so much easier!!

  140. Oh – I have been looking at this cookbook!!
    This week I made Italian Beef, Buffallo Shredded Chicken, Chess Bars & Buckeye Brownies to freeze and take on fall vacation next month.

  141. I am actually making your chicken enchilada soup in the crockpot today. I have a family of four so this makes like three dinners for us 🙂

  142. I am actually making your chicken enchilada soup in the crockpot today. I have a family of four so this makes like three dinners for us 🙂

  143. I made a batch of waffles for the freezer, which unfortunately didn’t last nearly long enough. I’ll be carving out some time this weekend to stock up on more breakfast foods for the freezer, I think.

  144. LeAnn Foulkrod says:

    I just made a double batch of chicken enchiladas last night and freezed the extra for another time… I am quite certain that there will be a night in the next couple of weeks that I don’t feel like cooking a “real meal” for my family, and I’ll be all set instead of having to order pizza – yeah!

  145. I have never cooked For the freezer but would love to start!

  146. Chicken Broccoli casserole

  147. Cassandra Truelove says:

    I’ve never been able to accomplish cooking for the freezer, but I would love to!

  148. I tried a few of her freezer recipes from her blog and they were excellent. One of my goals this year is to do more “organized” freezer cooking. It sounds like this book might be the just the ticket I need to get there!

  149. I haven’t ever made a cook and freeze dish. Not sure what could be frozen and still be good when it was cooked later. Would love to have this book for some recipes to be able to do this.

  150. I’ve never done any real freezer cooking. Occasionally I’ll freeze half a casserole or some cookie dough, but that’s about it! Would love to learn more about it – sounds so smart!

  151. Stuffed shells with spinach. Froze four dinners worth, and it has already been a lifesaver on a busy night!

  152. Anne Wierenga says:

    As a busy (and tired!) teacher, I need all the help I can get to have a healthy meal on the table for my family each night.

  153. I froze half a lasagna a few weeks ago. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  154. My last freezer meal was meatloaf! It really helps to get dinner on the table quickly when I have something in the freezer. Unfortunately, I don’t do it often enough.

  155. Kathy Huffman says:

    Oh man, that looks like a must have! The last meal I cooked for the freezer was Breakfast Burritos for my hubbies weekday breakfast. Nice to have on hand when you don’t have time to cook or are tired of toast & cold cereal.

  156. Chili

  157. I’m a stay at home mom, and have little kids with another one on the way. I could really use some help with cooking ahead and stocking up the freezer. Here’s hoping i can win!

  158. Suzanne Nordos says:

    The last meal I cooked for the freezer was baked ziti. I need a really good resource for freezer stocking. We have two small children and both commute for work so we have very little time for dinner between getting home and putting kids to bed. I need fast, healthy food.

  159. I just put up some homemade pizza sauce in the freezer which I use for either pizza or pasta.

  160. I last had a big thing of 10 lbs ground beef that I made 2 meatloaves, 2 batches of meatballs, cooked ground beef, and left some raw for the freezer.

  161. The last recipe I froze was lasagna and meatballs .

  162. I always make 2 chicken pot pies, so I can freeze one. Great for a week I need a meal or to take to a friend.

  163. I have not done any freezer meals yet but I look at your site everyday getting ideas and really hope to soon.

  164. Chili.

  165. The last thing I made that I froze, were two batches of lasagna. One lasagna for that night and froze the other for future use!!

  166. Jennifer Wiggins says:

    I made chicken cacciotore and breakfast burritos. Going to do some burritos for lunch this time.

  167. Katrina Lovelady says:

    The closest I’ve done to cooking for the freezer is when I would go to one of the meal assembly stores and then bring home the results to store in the freezer. It was great but I’d LOVE to be able to control the ingredient quality and make substitutions that make sense for my family. I would love this book!

  168. I try to do ‘planned-overs’ for hubby’s lunches, so when I make dinners, I make a little bit extra of whatever we are having and that way he has a selection of frozen meals to take with him to work. Most recently I made chicken florentine, scalloped potatoes and steamed broccoli.

  169. Michelle Wright says:

    Would love to win this book!!!

  170. The last freezer meal I cooked was The Pioneer Woman’s recipe for chicken spaghetti.
    Hope I win!

  171. My son and I make muffins all the time and freeze for easy breakfasts. Love it.

  172. Brenda Fuentes says:

    Emeril’s sloppy joes & teriyaki chicken

  173. The last freezer recipe I made was a batch of veggie burgers.

  174. Laura George says:

    I have never cooked for the freezer before but would like to.

  175. Cindy Allard says:

    I haven’t ever really done make ahead and freeze meals but I have always wanted to – to make coming home from work easier and give me more time to spend with my kids. I just found this website a couple of weeks ago and I love it. Now I just need to go to the grocery store and get some food.

  176. My best friend came last August and helped me stock my freezer with meals for September, October, and November! I had shoulder surgery that September. I was literally helpless for several weeks. Freezer cooking saved my family a TON of money because without it we would have eaten out a lot. — On a more recent note, I tend to brown my ground beef when I buy it in bulk (especially if it was an awesome price) and freeze it for use in chili, tacos, spaghetti, lasagna, etc. I would love a copy of that book!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  177. I just finished up a batch of freezer cooking for my sister who is a new mom! I made taco soup, chicken spaghetti (which I was surprised at how well the pasta did once reheated), twice baked potatoes and, of course, chocolate chip cookie dough for the new parents. I doubled up on most recipes for a set of freezer dishes for our home.

  178. I would love this book! In a month I am switching jobs and going to full time from part time. This is going to require lots of organized freezer meals on my part! I’ve already made a few but need more ideas!

  179. I made a huge batch of the Pioneer Woman’s perfect chili and froze half.

  180. The last time my husband was going to make a meatloaf, I suggested he double it. We now have our first freezer meal.

  181. I haven’t really done any actual freezer cooking. We have put leftover chili or spaghetti sauce in the freezer before, but not really cooked something just for the purpose of freezing it. I’ve thought about it, but everything I have seen looked like lots and lots of work.

  182. I just made a huge batch of meatballs!

  183. Last freezer meal I made was Honey Mustard Bacon Smothered Chicken (10 packs). Yum, yum, yum. I added that to the meals already in the freezer: five packs of country pulled pork, three packs of ham and beans, four apple cobblers, three Corn Tortilla Casseroles, five packs of taco meat. I want to make more stuff for the freezer, but have to make a little room first.

  184. I think the last thing I cooked ahead and froze was Easy Mexican Casserole. Unfortunately, we didn’t really like it.

  185. I have ALWAYS wanted to plan ahead and make lots of freezer meals for quick, healthy weeknight dinners but…I NEVER have! I definitely need this cookbook. Thanks for the chance!

  186. The last freezer meal I made was your Black Bean and Corn Beef Taco bake. It smelled delicious, I am waiting for a cool day to pop it in the oven.

  187. my last freezer meal I made was brown sugar chicken, one of my favorite freezer meals. I have a bunch of friends come over once a month and we prep a lot of freezer meals. Such a time saver for our busy family

  188. sour cream enchiladas

  189. Taco meat and shredded chicken was the last thing I made for the freezer.

  190. The last freezer recipe I made was chicken enchilada soup in the crock pot! It was AMAZING!

  191. The last recipe I made for the freezer was a big batch of cheese sauce (to be used for Mac & Cheese).

  192. I try to make an extra dish here and there but it’s always the some thing over and ever again. Like if I make lasagna I make an extra pan, or meatloaf…yawn. I need new ideas and since I just went back to work after being “home” for 17 YEARS learning how to cook a bunch at once would be a sanity saver!

  193. I love to help out our friends by stocking their freezers at the same time as ours. I made enough Shepherd’s Pie and King Ranch Casseroles to feed an army. Can’t wait to check these freezer recipes!

  194. The last thing I made for the freezer was oven roasted tomatoes!

  195. I haven’t made any meals to freeze and use later, mostly because I really never thought about doing it. But it really is a great idea, especially on busy days when I don’t know what to make for supper! I would love to win this book.

  196. A few year ago several of us from work got together and made several freezer meals. It was great to come home and just pop areal in the oven. I have been looking for some great recipes to do this again and this nook would be perfect!

  197. I browned a large amount of ground beef and froze in two cup portions to use for tacos, spaghetti, etc… 🙂

  198. Deborah Bishop says:

    Peanut butter chocolate chip granola nutrious bars. 120 of them

  199. The last thing I cooked for the freezer was a pan of delicious chicken enchiladas in a green sauce 🙂 I doubled the recipe and cooked a pan that night and froze the second for a quick easy go to meal

  200. Tomato Basil Soup. Now it’s ready for quick suppers or lunch on Saturday.

  201. Last thing I put together for the freezer was a Chicken & Rice Casserole. YUM!

  202. Tomato Basil Soup. Great for quick soup and sandwich dinners and lunch on Saturdays. I plan extra tomatoes and basil in the garden just for this soup. So good!

  203. I made enchiladas to freeze last weekend.

  204. I need this! I have a 16 month old and could really use some help!

  205. I made orange-cranberry scones “fixin’s” last weekend. Just add the wet ingredients and bake! Yum!

  206. I like to make chicken enchiladas and freeze half for another meal. They freeze well!

  207. Staci Jones says:

    The last freezer meal I made was 4 pans of enchiladas.

  208. I’ve never done freezer cooking, but I really want to learn!

  209. I really would like to start cooking freezer meals but never know where to start. This book would be a great hands on opportunity to get started!

  210. Just started with freezer meals and love it!! Tonight we are having chicken and veggies!!

  211. I’ve never really made anything ahead for the freezer, besides spaghetti sauce. I am wanting to try Freezer meals so this would be perfect.

  212. Molly McButter says:

    A big batch of chili! FALL IS COMING!

  213. I found cheese on sale and made a lasagna and an enchilada casserole for the freezer.

  214. Have never done any freezer cooking, but want to start trying!

  215. Chicken Tetrazzini

  216. I have never cooked a meal for the freezer, but would to start. With a 16 month old and a 4 year old in preschool and dance lessons, I need to have dinner done in a flash!

  217. Chicken enchiladas. I made a batch of each green and red

  218. Neva Kreutziger says:

    I usually double my meatloaf recipe and either bake it all then freeze some, or freeze uncooked for the crock pot later.

  219. Tomato sauce! I really should learn to can it, but I usually make a batch, serve some to the husband, and freeze the rest. This is my favorite way to use tomatoes from our garden. The only labor intensive part is boiling the tomatoes for a minute and then peeling their skins off. (My poor fingers! They’re hot when I peel them.) The rest is just stir, spice, and simmer. 🙂

  220. I make triple batches of graola balls and take a few out of the freezer at a time, as we need them.

  221. Cari Petrella says:

    Just made 2 eggplant prams for my freezer…yum!

  222. I’ve not done entire meals in the freezer, but I make big batches of rice and freeze them in 2c portions. I do the same with homemade chicken stock and slow cooker beans.

  223. chicken noodle casserole!

  224. Heather Medford says:

    It has been so many years that I can’t remember. Mini meatloaves maybe??

  225. The last freezer meal I made was probably BBQ Chicken that you cook in the crock pot. Delicious!

  226. I’ve never freezer cooked before. What an awesome book!

  227. Please, please let me win!!! I would love to get a little better at freezer cooking…I do a little now, but could really use some help doing more. 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity! LOVE your blog and reading the updates every day! 🙂

  228. I just made a bunch of crock-pot freezer meals a couple of weeks ago. My favorite so far was the chicken and dumplings!! I plan on making some more before baby #4 makes her appearance!

  229. I haven’t done freezer cooking for quite a while. I do like freezing batches of cooked burger to use in quick meals later.

  230. I made some enchiladas — yum!

  231. Chimichangas. Yum.

  232. Cathi Ogden says:

    I would love to have this book. We all work and dinners are always a struggle but being able to fix it and put it in the freezer would really help my family.

  233. I have never done any freezer cooking, but after seeing it here and on pinterest I would love to start. This book would be perfect!

  234. Burrito Pie from Taste of Home. The recipe makes 2 casseroles, so you can eat one today and freeze the second for another night. Yummy.

  235. I cooked pinto beans in the crock-pot and stuck them in containers in the freezer.

  236. I really try to prepare make ahead freezer meals but they always tend to use the same cream of soup ingredients. I need some variety

  237. I made a double batch of coconut chicken curry and I froze half. It was delicious!

  238. Sounds wonderful! I have a freezer cooking cookbook but never made anything from it. I just didn’t seem like the recipes would be tasty. So I guess I’d be a complete newbie to it.

  239. I love to make lasagna in big batches and freeze them. Always such a treat to bake one up during a super busy week.

  240. LaRae Longbottom says:

    I made a double batch of banana bread. The recipe makes 2 loaves, so I sent one to my son(new college freshman) in a care package, kept one out for my other 3 kids for breakfast, and froze the other two.

  241. Linda Hayes says:

    I just put up 4 family packs of split chicken breasts. Half were shredded and half were cubed. It makes meal prep so much easier. Just used the last pack of hamberger mix. Time for another 10 pounds.

  242. Amy L. Norman says:

    I have never really cooked for the freezer, but I did make some beef stew about a year ago, and I froze half of the 12 quart pressure cooker batch to warm for the family after I gave birth.

  243. I’ve never made a freezer meal but am dying to learn how!

  244. This looks so great! I haven’t had much experience with freezer cooking yet but I’m getting married in a month and we have a huge deep freeze to fill at the house we will live in together! Freezer cooking is going to be something I wili do a lot!

  245. I recently made up several crock-pot freezer meals using recipes from another blog. Some have been wonderful, and some…not so much. I really love getting all the prep done ahead of time. It leaves so much more time for relaxing and really enjoying the meal with family and friendsl

  246. I’ve never made meals & frozen them. I would love to learn how & have some recipes so that I could make meals ahead of time & just take them out of the freezer! That would save soo much time!!!

  247. Leigh Sabey says:

    I just cooked a huge batch of taco meat mixed with homemade refried beans to stock the freezer. I froze it in freezer bags, each portion enough to get my husband through a week of lunches. We use it for burritos, nachos, etc.

  248. Have never done freezer cooking, but sounds like a great plan for those busy nights!

  249. Honey glazed chicken- 2 batches until the soy sauce ran out!! 🙂

  250. I’ve never done any freezer cooking. Would be nice to give it a try.

  251. I made A LOT of meals because I just gave birth last month…all the typicals: stuffed shells, sausage and peppers, 2 types of lasagna, meatballs, etc.

  252. Laura Harbin says:

    I have never made and frozen anything, I have always wanted to try
    This book would be great.

  253. I want one, I haven’t tried make ahead and freeze cooking yet.

  254. Diana Grimes says:

    I have made Buffalo Chicken stuffed shells and also Manicotti. My son is very picky and LOVES both these dishes. I am also looking forward to attempt a whole month’s worth of dishes.

  255. My last freezer cooking “sessions” included a meatloaf, 5 family sized portions of mashed potatoes & 13 family sized portions of brown rice. Today I am planning to make 4 more meatloaves for the freezer…well, maybe only 3, I might use one for tonight’s dinner 🙂

    I love that meatloaf is an easy way to stretch expensive beef. I can easily make 1 lb of ground beef into 2 loaves, that each serve my family 2 dinners, or 1 dinner and lunches for the next day. So instead of 1 meal (like I get with burgers) I can get 4 meals out of a lb of ground beef. Hmm, next I might try making meatloaf patties for my burgers…

  256. I made a large batch of chicken spaghetti last weekend. I made enough for dinner and one to freeze for dinner during our busy week nights.

  257. I LOVE cooking for the freezer. That way I alway have something on hand to help friends who are recovering from illness or who have new babies. The last thing I froze was Chicken Divan, and I gave it away just two days later!

  258. The last freezer meal I made was Teriyaki Chicken.

  259. Chrysta Parks says:

    I love make ahead and freeze ideas…we almost always do this for meatloaf, and casseroles….

  260. It has been a while but I made a Tuna and Pasta bake.

  261. I made my cornbread dressing and sweet potato casserole for Thanksgiving and put it in the freezer. Nice to have that much done.

  262. I made 50s diner meatloaf that I split & freeze half & 5 cheese ziti that I do the same.

  263. We make your turkey meatball recipe & freeze them!

  264. Well the last thing I made to freeze was a meatloaf. Not exciting at all! And that was. While ago! So obviously I could use some major help in the creative department! I would put this cookbook to very good use!!

  265. I haven’t cooked for the freezer before, but am interested in starting.

  266. 4 Friends I get together about every 3-4 months and make as many freezer meals as we can from 9:00 AM until about 2:00 PM, while everyone’s kids are in school. I plan, shop and prep the ingredients and then we all meet to assemble and package. I think we left with 14 freezer meals each for $98.00! We used 192 chicken breast! Would love a copy of the book to inspire more recipe ideas!

  267. Last thing I froze was 3 loaves of banana bread and couple batches of mini muffins. I enjoy baking and when I bake, I like to bake in bulk – one big bake, one mess to clean up. I also like to make big batches of spagetti sauce, freeze some in gallon freezer bags for spagetti or other itialian meals and then usually mix up a pan of lasagna for the freezer – this is one freezer cooking option that I’ve found to be a big time saver and easy for me to do.

  268. I think the last thing I cooked for the freezer was meatballs and turkey burgers. Can’t wait to check out this book!

  269. Elizabeth Walker says:

    The last freezer meal I made was in December, before the birth of my baby. I prepared some penne pasta and put it in a deep baking pan and topped it with diced tomatoes and pasta sauce, grilled some chicken breasts, coated them with egg wash and italian bread crumbs and laid them on top of the pasta, then covered the whole dish with gratuitous amounts of italian blend shredded cheese. I wrapped it tightly with heavy duty foil, then with saran wrap and froze it. When it was time to heat it up, I thawed it in the fridge. When thawed, I pre-heated the oven to 400, and baked for an hour. My family LOVED it!

  270. This is Exactly what I need! Thanks for giving me a chance to win!

  271. Since there is just two of us, I am always making full recipes and freezing half of the recipe. I don’t waste as much food as I used to and it is really nice to have to only make a salad when it comes to dinner time. My trouble is the ideas. I am running out of ideas and this looks like a great book to help with that.

  272. The last thing I made for the freezer is homemade mac and cheese! I always make a double batch – 1/2 for dinner and the other 1/2 goes in the freezer. I, also, make lasagna, meatloaf, stuffed peppers and cheesy baked hash browns this way too. Love your blog!

  273. I haven’t done any freezer cooking yet, but really want to get started with our newest addition due in Feb!

  274. I have done monthyly cooking before and I’m happy when its done but I’m not organized to keep it up. Maybe this will inspire me.

  275. Pumpkin date bread. I always make a couple of extra loaves to put in the freezer.

  276. About a month ago, I made 6 homemade chicken pot pies. We wound up with company for dinner that night so we ate 2 and 4 went into the freezer! Even made and froze the pie crust for all of them!

  277. Meatloaf! It’s such a fun recipe to let my 2yr son help with, so we end up making multiple batches. Our most recent batch was made using a venison and beef mix.

  278. Donna Henderson says:

    No longer having kids at home anymore, I don’t do as many freezer meals as I used to. However, I love crock-pot soup recipes and will freeze individual containers for myself to have at a later time. I also like to make meals for my younger friends when they have babies and could really use some meals in the freezer for those hectic days home with an infant! I would love this book for my niece who has 3 children.

  279. michelle owens says:

    Love to make and freeze peanut butter & jelly sandwiches with the crust cut off. Just like the Uncrustables they sell in the store. My girls love to grab one in the morning, and enjoy it at lunchtime. Plus…not nearly as expensive as what you buy in the grocery store. 🙂

  280. The last thing I made for the freezer was the Prime Time 50’s Meatloaf that I found right here at Eat at Home Cooks. I love that recipe because you do the work once and end up with two meatloafs, one for now and one to put in the freezer for later!

  281. You know, as organized as I am, I’ve never made a meal and froze if for later. I freeze all sorts of things – fruits and veggie wise – but never a meal. That would be a truly great thing to do since I work shifts and my DH and DD are left to fend for themselves. Would be awesome to win the book, might get me started on a whole new way to make my life a little easier!!

  282. I’ve yet to make any frozen meals! I need to get on that…

  283. I cook and freeze soups, chili, pasta dishes pretty frequently. If I am really organized, I cook and freeze extra chicken breast for recipes. Always looking for new recipes that freeze well.

  284. I am really excited about this book, I know it is going to be really good. The last thing I put in the freezer was pumpkin chocolate chip muffins. I love that you can freeze muffins and then just pull out how many you need and they are thawed in half an hour and we cannot tell they were ever frozen.

  285. Dana Melton says:

    The last freezor meal I made happened to turn into a regular fill-the-freezor event. I caught a great deal on some different types of meats at my local market and set out to cook once and eat a bunch! I made and froze: Baked Spagehtti; Sloppy Joe Bake; Hawaiian Chicken; Cheesy Crockpot Chicken and Hashbrown Breakfast Casserole!

  286. My favorite theng to make ahead and freeze is not a meal but an ingredient. When ever chicken (whole or parts) is on sale, or marked down, I stock up and cook it in the crock pot. Then I bag and freeze in 2 cup portions for use in recipes. I love your site and recipes! Thank you for such a wonderful resorce.

  287. Lisa Bowdon says:

    The last meal I made for the freezer was a mixture of chopped chicken mixed with cream cheese, garlic (LOTS of garlic, as I have a garlic loving family!), chives, a bit of shredded cheddar cheese and I either throw in some corriander or Chinese five spice. I place some of the mix in crescent rolls or white bread dough, seal and wrap individually so my family can take whatever amount is needed. It is one of our “on the run” favorites.

  288. Hi ~ The last freezer meal I made was a couple of days ago when I transformed leftovers of the potato, sausage, and turkey meal (on the meal planning section of this blog) into soup and saved it for another rainy day:)

  289. I haven’t done much freezer cooking but love the idea! Kate

  290. I just recently stumbled on the idea of freezer crockpot meals. So I tried some peppered steak (beef strips with colored peppers , sauce, and great seasonings). It turned out great! I think I’m hooked. With 3 kids from 4 years to 5 months, I’ll take all the help I can get!

  291. The last meal I made for the freezer was Teriyaki chicken. I’m making a whole lot of hamburger patties this weekend to put in the freezer. Then, on Thursday nights (scout meeting nights) I alternate hamburgers and bbq sandwiches.

  292. Ratatouille with Farmer’s Market veggies. Tucked away for a cold winter night!

  293. I’ve never freezer cooked. I freeze meat, fresh tomatoes and green beans. Jessica’s book sounds perfect for a beginner. I would love to win it!

  294. A few weeks ago I made a big batch of shredded Spicy Chipotle Chicken for the freezer so I can pull out a bag the day before when I want to make my delicious enchilaads!

  295. I made meatloaf the other day and double batched it, making , meatballs for the freezer for a “base” for spaghetti and meatballs or whatever I can get my kids to eat later on:)

  296. I made tamales!

  297. I usually make and Freeze breakfast this way I can grab and go. But really need to think outside of that.

  298. I have just recently gotten into Freezer Cooking, I am a SAHM who homeschool’s with 3 kiddos all under 6, so this resource would really be handy:) I recently made 6 quarts of homemade spaghetti o’s with meatballs for my boys to have with lunches.

  299. Bean Soup was the last meal I prepared for the freezer — unintentionally, but oh well!

  300. The last freezer meal I made was Eggplant Parmesan. Thanks, great giveaway!

  301. I attempted to marinate a flank steak for fajitas to use when I don’t have any other plan for dinner.

  302. I make big batches of lasagna and put it in small foil pans with the cardboard lid. I write the heating instructions on the lid so if I have a friend that is sick, had surgery, or had a baby I can pull it out of the freezer and take it to them or my family can just pull it out for dinner. The heating instructions are right there for whoever to use!

  303. I used your baked spaghetti recipe! Its so awesome to prepare the meal and throw it in a ziplock bag and in the freezer. Makes my evenings less stressful!

  304. I made a big batch of wheat berries and froze individual one cup servings, so I have no excuse to not have whole grains in my diet!

  305. I haven’t made many freezer meals because until recently all wehad was our fridge freezer! We finally got a small upright freezer so I have been looking for something good and different to feed my family with on busy days or things that my husband can pop in the oven and not mess it up lol! I did make an omelette casserole 2 nites ago that had way to many left overs so I decided to freeze for future breakfasts, so we will see how it turns out 🙂

  306. Would love to do freezer meals just haven’t had space to store them until recently! So I hope u win so I can try some out 🙂

  307. Freezer cooking…only cheddar and broccoli soup. Would like to do more. Would make it easier for my hubby to prepare dinner when I work late.

  308. Every time I find large packs of ground beef marked down for quick sale, I bring them home and brown them before freezing for quick meals.

  309. I’ve never done cooking for the freezer. With my back problems getting worse, it sounds like a fantastic project to get the family envolved! I know the guys could handle helping me out. :-). Please enter me in this wonderful giveaway. With much appreciation, Linda

  310. I often make muffin batter….bake some right away, and then put the rest in muffin tins to freeze–after they’re frozen, take them out of tins and put in freezer bags. Whenever we want some fresh baked muffins, I just pull them out of the freezer, put them back in the muffin tins, thaw, and bake.
    Shea Ropp

  311. When I make meatballs, I always make a couple dozen extra and freeze them for future meals (meatball sandwiches, spaghetti and meatballs etc.)

  312. Kris Gifford says:

    The last freezer meal I made was a meatloaf from this website! Just a couple weeks ago I doubled the recipe and froze half for a busy night. It was great the first time, and I’m sure it will be even better the second, since I won’t have to do anything except bake it! Thanks!

  313. Energy bites for the freezer!

  314. The last freezer dish I made….pink lemonade pie…so easy to make four instead of one and there were sweet treats in the freezer all summer long!


  316. About 2 weeks ago, I found your site. After reading, I made a menu for the week and a grocery list. I could not believe how much money I saved. My next goal is to plan a cooking day and freezing meals for the week. The only experience I have with freezer cooking is homemade spaghetti.

  317. I made a pasta casserole to freeze and it was wonderful!!!
    I always freeze dessert bars and fudge and desserts like that!

  318. I haven’t done a lot of freezer cooking lately, but I often do shredded taco chicken for the freezer!

  319. chicken ole – good as leftovers and always freezes great.

  320. melissa alder says:

    I like cooking whole chickens in the crockpot and splitting up the meat for two meals. I then freeze the broth in ice cube trays to use in my soups and other dishes. Sooo, I really get alot for my money with chickens. Can’t go wrong 🙂

  321. i am just starting out with freezer cooking. am looking for a fer good recipes to try!

  322. I actually just did some freezer cooking this past weekend with a friend! We made a whole bunch of things for our families! It was my first time, and now I am hooked!!

  323. The last meal I cooked to put in the freezer was enchiladas with a green sauce. A good meal to have on hand when I am too busy to cook.

  324. I am excited to get this book and try it out! Really wanting to begin having more family dinners!

  325. A classic spaghetti meat sauce!

  326. I made a double batch of sloppy joes to freeze!

  327. I have never specifically made anything ahead for the freezer but lately since my hubby and I got older (all of a sudden it seems) we eat less and so I had made a nice Lasagna and ended up freezing half of it in two portions for later meals. I just hope it tastes as good then as it did when fresh cooked. Thanks for all the great tips, recipes and giveaways…. It keeps us hoping!

  328. Didn’t really use a recipe but made stuffed shells for dinner last night and froze the other half!

  329. I rarely cook a meal to freeze. Mostly I will cook meat so it’s ready to use in a recipe. I’m guessing the last thing I cooked to freeze was lasagna.

  330. We had a bunch of left over baked potatoes and fixings from a party. I fixed twice baked potatoes, flash froze and bagged them up. Instant side dish.

  331. The last thing I cooked for the freezer was pork BBQ for a party for my son.

  332. I wasn’t sure where to leave a post, so I did it on FB and now here. 🙂 My last freezer meal was Lazy Lasagna. Made last month and eaten last week on vacation but finished up last weekend!

  333. My last batch of freezer cooking was making breakfast burritos. So simple and delicious!

  334. I used about 6 lbs of cooked chicken and made enchiladas, chicken caesar casserole, and a chicken & rice casserole for the freezer.

  335. Last wek when we had tacos i made a double batch of meat to freeze.

  336. I would love to win! My last freezer meal was a Lentil Veggie Soup 🙂

  337. I make sloppy Joe’s, taco meat, tamales, burritos and chili almost every month and freeze them to use on quick eat nights.

  338. I have done very little freezer cooking. it seems intimidating to me. Although I have frozen browned ground beef and turkey.

  339. The last recipe I made for my freezer was Breakfast Buritoes. My whole family loved them!


  340. I love freezer cooking and always have a stock of meals in the freezer for those days…

  341. Last thing I cooked for the freezer was sweet potato purée

  342. I cooked up a double batch of ground turkey and seasoned it for taco meat. It was a cinch to freeze in a ziploc bag for future use.

  343. I make a double batch of enchiladas and freeze one for another night.

  344. The last meal I put in the freezer was 6 meals of spaghetti sauce. Tonight I put 14 dozen cobs of corn (cut off the cob) into small portions for meals this winter. This recipe book looks fantastic!

  345. We made lentils and rice, then breakfast burritoes!

  346. A Salisbury meatball recipe that makes enough for 5 meals. It came in handy when I took a meal to a friend who just had a baby!

  347. I’ve frozen leftovers, but have never cooked meals specifically for the purpose of freezing before. Would like to try it.

  348. I love to make chicken pot pies from the freezer!

  349. I’m a 3-month newlywed and have never tried freezer cooking before! This would be a great way to start so thanks for the giveaway!!

  350. I have never done freezer cooking.

  351. brownies!

  352. I have (make that had) cooked chicken breasts in the freezer…and I HAD uncooked chicken frozen with the marinade. Now I have nothing, therefore I need this book 😉

  353. I have not tried freezer and would like to get started, but get so intimidated I don’t know where to start

  354. Emily Adams says:

    I just made some meatballs to put in the freezer!

  355. Angie McGeown says:

    I just started freezer cooking a couple of months ago and I love it!!! The last thing I made for the freezer was Ham and Cheese pockets. I made my own dough and filled them with delicious ham and cheese. They are amazing!! Would love to win this cookbook, so I could fill my freezer even more.

  356. The last thing I froze was mac n’ cheese. Love your site!

  357. I love freezer cooking. The last thing I stashed in the freezer were muffins. I made a double batch and froze the extras.

  358. I’ve been trying to do more freezer cooking – the last meal I froze was one of my family’s favorites, a Shepard’s Pie

  359. I made banana nut muffins and froze them in the muffin liners before baking them.

  360. My sister last prepared a whole bunch of lasagnas and enchiladas for my freezer. She’s coming back in late October and I would love to have the book to use as our resource for this round of stocking the freezer.

  361. The last freezer meotal I made was frozen pancakes. I need help!

  362. Just made some pasta/pizza sauce in the crockpot yesterday to freeze in jar-size batches. I’ve also been trying something new to me lately: freezing some leftovers in lunch-size containers. Then on nights when I know there isn’t much available for my husband to take to work the next morning for that day’s lunch, I can put one of those containers in the fridge to thaw, and he can take it to work the next morning.

  363. The last thing I cooked for the freezer was brown bag burritos.

  364. Let’s see, a couple weekends ago I had a baking day with my kids before school started. We froze carrot/cranberry muffins, zucchini bread and muffins, chocolate chip muffins, and monster cookies.
    So no actual “meals”, but great stuff to add into lunches and add to breakfasts.

  365. I cooked a big batch of black beans, used some for our supper, and put the rest in resealable plastic bags and placed them in the freezer.

  366. Extra herbs & garden produce mostly – I’m fortunate enough to be a stay-at-home mom, so don’t rely on freezer meals very often. Thanks for the opportunity to win the cookbook – maybe with some great recipes – I’ll try more freezer meals.

  367. I just made glazed carrots for the freezer!

  368. I made some muffins and froze the extras!

  369. I love Jessica’s blog and would love to have this cookbook to help me plan better meals for my family!

  370. I remember that I made some kind of barbecued pork for the freezer, and it was really good. Thanks for the chance!

  371. The last recipe I cooked for the freezer was chicken pot pie.

  372. I made muffins for breakfasts and lasagne.

  373. bbq pulled chicken! freezes wonderfully!

  374. I made a huge batch of “mighty meatballs” to use for spaghetti and as a breakfast protein.

  375. Michele Pottratz says:

    I made teriyaki chicken last night!! I have had a week of preparing freezer meals now my husband wants to know when we get to start eating some!!

  376. I made some pulled pork and froze the leftovers.

  377. It’s been awhile since I did any freezer cooking but I think the last thing I did was chili. I’d sure love some more recipes to help get me started again.

  378. The last thing I made for the freezer was breakfast burritos. It was my first try at freezer cooking and I haven’t attempted since. It would be nice to have some new motivation!

  379. Laura Cross says:

    I doubled a batch of stuffed shells for the freezer.

  380. I would love to win! I love it when I am organized enough to freeze ahead. This week, I slow cooked and froze half of Six Sisters’ Stuff: Teriyaki Chicken and Stir Fry Veggies found at

  381. The last freezer recipe I used was Chicken Masala with Garlic Mashed Potatoes. It worked well, but was high in calories. Looking for some healthier dishes!

  382. Abby Hopfauf says:

    I made sausage pizza pockets for school lunches!

  383. The last thing I made for the freezer were chicken enchiladas. I like to make and freezer spaghetti with red sauce too.

  384. I made pesto for the freezer last weekend! It turned out great?

  385. Andrea hansen says:

    I just made some pumpkin chocolate chip muffins for the freezer.

  386. This looks like a great cookbook!

  387. I am “test driving” cookie recipes for Christmas right now and testing which ones freeze best (since I’ll want to start baking them over time and then assemble trays later). Have Chocolate Chip Oatmeal scooped and ready to bake and Peanut Butter with Macadamia nut cookies freezing.

  388. I just made 2 lasagnas last week – we ate one for dinner and I put the other one in the freezer for another night. I love freezer cooking!

  389. The last freezer recipe I made in bulk was your refried beans….love it! About a week ago I cooked squash and froze in quart bags for recipes later.

  390. I made some frozen chocolate chip cookie dough.

  391. Last weekend I made a triple batch of soy-free egg rolls (adapted from a Cooking Light recipe) for the freezer. They make the perfect packable lunch.

  392. would love to win:)

  393. I made a batch of meatballs.

  394. My last freezer cooking… whole chickens in the crockpot, then shredded the meat and put in freezer bags to pull out for future meals. Also made stock for the freezer!

  395. The last recipe I cooked for the freezer was a really long time ago. I’ve recently browned some ground beef & frozen it as a meal prep help.

  396. Last one was baked ziti. I would love some more recipes!

  397. Corissa Davidson says:

    The last thing I put in the freezer was chicken in a marinade, I know not terribly creative I NEED this cookbook. 🙂

  398. Teresa Cunningham says:

    Haystacks – i freeze the taco meat, cooked rice, shredded cheese and cheese sauce separately.

  399. I would love a chance to win jessica’s book. The last thing I cooked for the freezer was some precooked shredded chicken – and froze 2 dozen free bananas for smoothies and future bread. The whole freeze now smells like a giant Banana tho so may not stay long. Lol.

  400. Enchiladas…YUM!!! Muffins & Cookies always!!! I also make a mean ice cube!!! lolo

  401. I just cooked up a bag of black beans and put them in freezer jars to use later! Love having things prepared and ready to go when needed!

  402. I actually just made calzones for the freezer this morning.

  403. The last thing I made for the freezer was meatballs. I don’t have a lot that I put in the freezer, but life is about to get busy, so Freezer Cooking is something I really would like to put in action. This book looks like it would be really helpful!

  404. I’m actually making up turkey and noodle and king ranch casseroles tonight. I roasted a 15 lb. turkey yesterday and stocked my freezer with shredded turkey and now working on some casseroles.

  405. Just had our first freezer cooking day with 2 friends. It was a blast! We made chicken enchiladas, chicken fried rice, stuffed shells, taco pie, marinated chicken breasts and lots of monster cookies! I’m ready to try it again!

  406. Would love to get my hands on this cookbook. Freezing meals for post baby!

  407. I made several batches of Cheesy Chicken, chicken nuggets, grilled chicken, and tried one batch of a new marinated steak recipe and chicken recipe from the 2nd book of Dinners in the Freezer. I can’t credit the author for Cheesy Chicken because I got it off the internet somewhere. I was encouraged by a post on Jessica’s blog to grill about 12 chicken breasts. The steak is marinated in a red wine marinade and the chicken is the Parmesan chicken recipe from Dinners in the Freezer. I’m always looking for new freezer cook books! Susan

  408. Martha Dove says:

    I make five crock pot dinner for the freezer. The last meal we had was Garlic Honey Chicken. YUM

  409. I recently cooked a stuffed pepper casserole and a hashbrown casserole that I had frozen. I love the convenience of having something already ready to eat that I just have to thaw out and warm. I just need to do this more often. I would love to win the cookbook because it sounds like it would ge great!

  410. Diana Burrows says:

    The last thing I cooked for the freezer was my Enchilada Casserole.

  411. I’ve not made any on my own, but would really like to start!

  412. I made shredded mexican pork and froze the leftovers.

  413. Last week I made a triple batch of mac and cheese with ham and broccoli. We ate some and the rest went to the freezer for another day. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  414. Susan Mitchell says:

    The last things I made for the freezer where breakfast burritos. Definitely a life saver for eating better than grabbing a donut!

  415. Erin Ringley says:

    I like to make casseroles for the freezer and take them to my son, in college, to fix for himself and his friends … especially during test time, when they don’t want to take time to cook. It keeps them from eating fast food all the time, and it gives him a little taste of home – and lets him know his mom is thinking about him 🙂

  416. Broccoli cheese soup…yum! Pulled it out yesterday for weekend lunches.

  417. I made chili for the freezer. Not terribly exciting but still useful. Thanx for the giveaway!

  418. I just cooked peanut butter chocolate chip muffins for the freezer yesterday.

  419. I have never actually done any freezer cooking before, but a full working mother/student of three, I spend more time eating out than I do in. And that is not what I want for my kids at all.

  420. thank you for the op

  421. British American says:

    I have a recipe for meatballs that makes a double batch and then I freeze half of the cooked meatballs to add to a different recipe next time. I like to add them to the meatball tortellini soup recipe from your site. 🙂

  422. I have never done a make ahead freezer meal, but really want to start doing it!

  423. I made 6 quarts of crockpot beans by accident (miscalculated how many I needed and how much the dry beans would expand) I was trying to make 2 quarts, take one to the potluck and freeze one. The extra 5 ended up in the freezer.

  424. I would love to win, I could really use this book!

  425. I just stocked my moms freezer with split pea soup and stuffed shells.

  426. Bierocks! They’re always handy for grabbing a quick lunch!

  427. I have frozen produce like corn and green beans but never any meals.

  428. I’ve never really cooked for freezing before so I’m interested in learning how to do so. I hope to learn some great easy quick recipes!

  429. I don’t cook full meals just for the freezer, usually just parts like shredded cheese or a cooked chicken breast.

  430. I have not done freezer cooking before but I am excited to try it.

  431. I have frozen soup. That counts, doesn’t it?

  432. Lasagna and meatloaf

  433. I made two batches of chicken broth for the freezer yesterday

  434. Probably lasagna, but it has been awhile.

  435. This week I made some beef biscuit cups for the freezer and some peanut butter and jam sushi rolls.

  436. I made sweet and spicy curry with chickpeas and ground turkey. Pretty tasty! I’d love to try out some new recipes.

  437. Last thing I made for the freezer was a batch of meatballs for hoagies, spaghetti, etc.

  438. Lynn Filipowicz says:

    the last thing I made from freezer was meat sauce, I use it for Pasta casserole, and
    spaghetti I usually make a large batch and have it on hand for a quick dinner.
    Love all your recipes.