Menu, Grocery List, Recipes Year 2 Week 52 and a Slow Cooker Giveaway!

Happy 3rd birthday to my Eat at Home!

And today also marks

2 Full Years of Menus + Grocery Lists!

To celebrate, I’m having a giveaway:

Hamilton Beach 33967 Set ‘n Forget 6-Quart Programmable Slow Cooker

That’s a tiny little picture, but the slow cooker is 6 quarts of awesome sauce!  Programmable, with a lid that locks down so you can put it in your car and take it to a potluck.  It even has a probe that senses when the food is done and shifts to “keep warm” setting.

I have wanted one of these for a long time.  I still don’t have one, but I’m buying one for 1 of you!  Instructions for entering are after the menu.

Lots of slow cooker goodness on the menu this week:

Whole Chicken in the Slow Cooker, baked sweet potatoes, steamed veggie
French Dip Sandwiches in the slow cooker, french fries, salad
Easy Pepper Steak in the slow cooker, angel hair pasta, salad
All Veggie Vegetable Soup, Cheddar Muffins, salad
Italian Chicen and Rice Casserole, steamed veggie
Honey Cashew Pork Stir Fry, rice
Apple Crisp in the Slow cooker

To print, click here:  [download id=”114″]

Fine print for entering the slow cooker giveaway:

The first option is mandatory to enter.  The others are optional extra entries. Leave a comment for each that you do.

  • Comment on this post and tell me your favorite slow cooker meal
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Only open to U.S. residents (sorry, friends in other places!)  The giveaway closes on Friday morning at 8am.  Winner will be chosen by random number and announced on Saturday.

I’m having a big sale on Feast in 15Click here for the sale codes!

I’ll be offering:

  • 50 eBooks for 49 cents
  • 100 eBooks for 99 cents
  • 200 eBooks for $1.99
  • 300 eBooks for $2.99
  • 400 eBooks for $3.99

Don’t forget to pop in tomorrow to get a deal!

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  1. I have never made it, but my roommate made Creamy Italian Chicken all of the time. It’s so rich and creamy (and dangerously good).

  2. I subscribe to your blog via Google Reader.

  3. Christina says:

    My whole family loves when I make my quickie Chicken & Dumplings.
    I take two cans of Chunky Chicken Corn Chowder and one can of cream of Chicken soup with one can of milk and dump it in the Crockpot. Then I add a bag of frozen, cooked chicken (either convenience pack or a chicken I previously cooked & frozen).
    Close it up and set on low for 5-8hrs or, if I am home, high for 2-4 hours.
    About 30-40 min before we want to eat switch to High then mix up some Bisquick dumplings and plop them on top, Close the lid and wait. Yummy and reheats well in microwave.

    I add hot Chicken broth if it seems too thick to be able to cook the dumplings well.

  4. Christina says:

    I subscribe by rss

  5. I use mine to cook a Boston butt to make bbq pork for sandwiches and nachos.

  6. Hands down…..Taco soup!

  7. Just pick one!? I love to make tortilla soup in my slow cooker. And chili!

  8. These recipes look amazing! I can’t wait to try one this week!

  9. I subscribe via email and left my fav recipe comment.

  10. I subscribed to rss (via Google Reader)

  11. Cynthia McDaniel says:

    My family likes it when I make vegetable beef soup.

  12. i use mine to make soup, pot roast, sweet & sour meatballs, and chicken a la king.

  13. I love to make BBQ chicken in the crockpot! Really, anything, because it means less work in the kitchen at mealtime! 🙂

  14. I subscribe and my favorite crock pot meal is ” big ol pot of meat” by my friend alyssa. English roast, packet each of dry italian and ranch dressings, a can of coke. Cook ALL day, shred in the last 1/2 hour.

  15. Tinker Kell says:

    We have a lot of good slow cooker meals, but a favorite one is simple. Chicken (I’ve made it with frozen), potatoes, Italian spices, and parmesan cheese mixed with Italian salad dressing and cooked on low all day. It is easy and has a nice flavor.

  16. Amy Browning says:

    My favorite meal in the crock pot this time of year is taco soup. It’s so easy to put together and makes a big batch. I fixed it for my daughter’s soccer team this Sunday and all the girls loved it!

  17. Happy BIrthday! I subscribe by RSS and facebook. Too many choices on crockpot favs – soup or pot roast? Pot roast will win most days.

  18. Ezekiel's Garden says:

    Crockpot Beef Burgundy is one of our favorites.

  19. I love to make either a big crockpot full of chili (yum) or pinto beans and ham.

    I already suscribe by email.

  20. Ezekiel's Garden says:

    I subscribe by e-mail.

  21. Ethiopian Wat….mmmmmmmmmm

  22. Melba Toast says:

    My favorite slow cooker recipe is green chili, a hotter version of white chili, that’s signature ingredient is Mrs. Renfro’s green salsa. It is so good that it will draw in family members [my food-hound brother especially] like vultures for days after hearing I’ve made some. Haha

  23. Ezekiel's Garden says:

    I shared on my wall! 🙂

  24. The whole chicken in the crock pot is a family favorite and I almost always make a pot pie two days later, with the leftover meat.

  25. Oh my goodness, has to be your chocolate cobbler that you had up a week or so ago! LOVE making a dessert in the crockpot-how clever!

  26. I love making Beef Strognoff (sp) in my slow cooker. We have it atleast twice a month!!!

  27. My family love’s when I put Italian Sausage cream of mushroom soup and little bit of milk in the crockpot all day. Then we put over egg noodle’s. This would be good over rice too.

  28. My most frequently cooked crock pot meal is a chuck roast with potatoes, onions, and carrots. Yum! I recently cooked taco soup for the first time and it was great!

  29. I subscribe via email and facebook.

  30. My husband makes a delicious Italian venison in the crockpot. Absolutely wonderful!

  31. My favorite meal is Red Beans and Rice in the slow cooker.

  32. I’m a subscriber via email

  33. Our favorite slow cooker meal is Beef Au Ju. French dip style. My daughter still asks for it every year for her birthday.

  34. I love your menu posts, especially the slow cooker ones. I recently went back to work (part time) and the slow cooker meals help so much in the evenings. One of my favorites is Chicken Brunswick Stew. It is so easy and has a amazing and unexpected flavor. The recipe is below:

    2 onions chopped
    4-5 Chicken Breasts
    2 cans cream corn
    2 cans diced tomatos – undrained
    1 can (14 1/2 oz) chicken broth
    1 bottle chili sauce
    1/4 cup butter – cut in small pieces
    2 T. worchestershire sauce
    2 T. Vinegar
    2 tsp. dry mustard
    1/2 tsp. black pepper
    1/2 tsp. hot pepper sauce

    Put onions in slow cooker. put chicken on top. Dump all remaining ingredients on top and stir slightly. Cook on low for 7-8 hours. Remove chicken and stred and return to pot. Cook another 1/2 hour on low. I serve with corn bread. Enjoy.

  35. I subscribed via e-mail

  36. Subscribed to emails! My favorite crock pot meal is hard to pick since I love them all, but at this moment- taco soup sounds perfect.

  37. Buffalo chicken.

  38. Love my veggie soup from the slow cooker!

  39. I subscribe via email

  40. My favorite slow cooker meal is chow mein. Your apple crisp was the first dessert I ever made in a slow cooker and it was delicious!

  41. I subscribe via email.

  42. My favorite slow cooker meal is your chocolate cobbler. That’s a meal, right?

  43. I subscribed to email, shared on Facebook, and my favorite crockpot recipe is BBQ chicken sandwiches!

  44. Linked up on Facebook

  45. Jeanna Powers says:

    My favorite meal is Pot Roast, but I use it most often for pulled bbq chicken.

  46. I subscribe by RSS

  47. Jeanna Powers says:

    I subscribe via RSS.

  48. Jeanna Powers says:

    I shared on Facebook.

  49. My favorite recipe for the crock pot is 7 can soup. Even though it sounds strange, it is the most requested food on the buffet table. 1lb burger, 1 can (big) tomatoes, 3 cans Campbell’s Minestrone, 1 can Rotel tomatoes, 2 cans Ranch style or pinto beans.

  50. Jeanna Powers says:

    I just reTweeted your giveaway info.

  51. Karen Haynes says:

    My favorite meal to make in a crockpot is pulled pork.

  52. Karen Haynes says:

    Subscribing by email.

  53. It’s a hard choice at our house which is the favorite. Italian beef and Creamy Italian Chicken are probably 2 of the favorites here lately.

  54. Awesome! Our slow cooker is on its last legs and I would love to get one that I can set and forget! We love any kind of soup the best–specifically tomato soups.

  55. I subscribe via email.

  56. I shared on my facebook wall. Love your site and all the great crock pot recipes 🙂 Would love to win so I could have double the crock pot cooking going on.


  57. I don’t think I can name just one; I use my crockpots all the time. I use them to make complete meals. I love to do breakfast casseroles, oatmeal and apple crisps for the morning, so relaxing to wake up to a fully cooked breakfast. A great way to start the day. Then, I make a lunch in one and start dinner in the other two. Usally some sort of a meal in one dish, so I can make a dessert in the other. Thanks, for your site, I use alot of your menus. Blushing, I am just to lazy to plan my own menus and shopping list, now that I have found your site.

  58. I’m in love with the easy Zesty BBQ Chicken. Chicken, Itailian dressing, and BBQ Sauce. That’s my kind of recipe:) I LOVE EAT AT HOME. I’ve been using you for about a year now and I’ve been sharing you with all my friends! Happy Birthday!

  59. I love a good old fashion pot roast

  60. I am an email subscriber

  61. I shared this on FB

  62. Chili!

    and I subscribed via email

  63. I love pulled meat sandwiches. Pork, Chicken or Beef all are good slow cooked.

  64. I love a good pot roast, potatoes and carrots in the slow cooker…delicious!

  65. I’m new here so I have only tried the Ravioli which was a hit! So I guess we’ll vote for that for now. However, so many of the recipes look tantalizing. You do a great job with your pictures!

  66. Green Chili Pork

  67. My g/f makes delicious whole chicken meals in the crock pot, it is so easy but it comes out great every time. She just plops the bird in and a packet of beef stroganoff seasonings.

  68. I tweeted.

  69. I LOVE your Italian Herb Parmesan Chicken and Potatoes. It’s the easiest thing to put together but tastes SO fancy!!! I’ve made it twice since I discovered it.

  70. Jessica lussier says:

    My favorite thing to make in the crock pot is home made apple sauce yum!

  71. I shared on Facebook.

  72. Hi! I subscribed via email! 🙂

  73. I am an email subscriber!

  74. I Shared on facebook!!

  75. Fav to cook in crock pot would be chili!

  76. I like to cook lots of things in the slow cooker but my very favorite is beans, especially pinto beans.
    slow cookers are more gentle and the beans don’t disintegrate as much like on the stove top

  77. #2 I subscribed to you. I just love your attitude about the goodness of eating at home

  78. #3 I tweeted 🙂

  79. Our favorite crock pot meal is actually your Italian Beef…I have made it a hundred times. We can’t get enough of it! Congratulations on three wonderful years 🙂

  80. I only have a small crockpot so I make a lot of chicken breast for tacos and casseroles. I’d love a full size crockpot so I could make a meal!

  81. Our favorite crockpot meal is beef stew!

  82. I am also an email subscriber!

  83. I shared on Facebook 🙂

  84. Meatloaf with Little Potatoes and Carrots

  85. Black Bean Taco Soup!

  86. I like pot roast in the crock! It makes for a great one pot meal and easyyyyy clean up!

  87. Shared on Facrbook 🙂

  88. Beef stew is my favorite, but I love to cook anything in a slow cooker!

  89. My favorite crock pot meal is pulled pork made with A & W root beer.

  90. My family’s favorite crock pot recipe is homestyle pork chops with gravy. They absolutely love that meal.

  91. Hmmm…my favorite slow cooker meal??? Maybe Italian Wedding Soup in the slow cooker? I love food, so it is hard for me to decide!

  92. Pulled beef with BBQ!

  93. So many recipes to choose from. But I’m gonna go with a good ol’ pot roast with onions, carrots and potatoes! Reminds me of home.

  94. I just shared on Facebook!

  95. We love making chicken and dumplins or chili

  96. favorite meal would be slow cooked beef stew, so the meat just falls apart after cooking all day

  97. shared on FB =)

  98. I also subscribed

  99. My favorite is Chili

  100. I shared on FB

  101. I tweeted this too

  102. I signed up for emails

  103. Cheryl Newton says:

    My favorite slow cooker meal? Tacos! You throw in some frozen chicken breasts, taco seasoning, salsa, green chiles, etc., and a few hours later — voila! — you’ve basically got dinner.

  104. My favorite crockpot meal is Pot Roast with Potatoes and carrots…..YUM!

  105. I love shredded beef tacos for the crockpot! LOVE LOVE them!

  106. I am a subscriber via google reader.

  107. I am a subscriber and love the site! The crockpot looks awesome!

  108. I am an email subscriber! Love the menus 🙂

  109. Favorite slow cooker recipe? Just one?! 😉 I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE making an entire meal in one pot…no matter what the meat is add foil wrapped taters and/or veggies to steam. My, oh my!

  110. Also, I shared this on my fb page 😉 Your blog is always a great cooking resource! Thanks!

  111. Dana Coughlin says:

    My favorite meal is Beef Stroganoff, my favorite dessert to make in the slow cooker is bread pudding.

  112. MamaFeelgood says:

    I love tomato soup and roasted chicken

  113. MamaFeelgood says:

    I subscribe to you via Google Reader

  114. I love crockpot cooking! My favorite crockpot meal is a breakfast dish called Pumpkin Oatmeal. It’s great to wake up to the smell of breakast ready and waiting! And this dish is great for hectic mornings — especially Thanksgiving and Christmas morning. (P.S. I’m a facebook subscriber and share your stuff all the time!)

  115. My favorite crockpot meal is Barbecue Chicken Meal (includes corn on the cob and potatoes) so everything is ready for dinner! Thanks for Eat at Home! It’s one of my very favorite sites. I already receive via email and I’ll definitely share on FB… no tweeting for me except in my backyard (lots of birds 🙂

  116. my favorite slow cooker meal at the moment is your chicken with gravy over rice. only i usually use pasta not rice. its very yummy. perfect everytime.

  117. i am already a subscriber also!

  118. Lauren McConihay says:

    Favorite crock pot meal is white chicken chili.

  119. i also shared on facebook whoo hoo!!

  120. My favorite thing to make in the crock pot is french dip sandwiches! YUM! GREAT giveaway!

  121. I am an email follower 🙂

  122. My favorite crockpot meal is a Roast with potato’s, carrots, and onions! – – You have really encouraged me to use my crockpot to create other meals! Nothing is better than coming into my house, smelling the wonderful smell of a homecooked meal, that is ready to eat!!!

  123. I’d have to say it’s a toss up between chili or homemade spaghetti sauce…. 🙂

  124. I like making Slow Cooker Chili Chicken Tacos. They are easy to make: combine chicken thighs, chicken broth, salsa and a few chipotle peppers in a dobo sauce, chopped (I seed them because of our kids). Cook on LOW for 7-8 hours. Serve on corn tortillas with any taco toppings you like. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  125. I am an email subscriber. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  126. I am an email subscriber. The only things I have used my slow cooker for, before I lost it in a move, were Wassail (apple juice or cider, pineapple juice, lemon juice, honey and cinnamon) and fifteen bean soup.

  127. I just recently tried two crockpot recipes that delicious! One was Red beans, rice and chorizo. The other was Chicken Enchilada Soup! YUM! In Dec. where I work is having a crock pot party. This crock pot would be perfect to take since it’s made for traveling!

  128. I love ANY dish made in the crockpot! Too many to list, but a good pot roast is hard to beat.

  129. Here’s one my family loves:
    6 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
    1/4 c. butter, melted
    1 pkg. Italian dressing mix
    1 can golden mushroom soup
    1/2 c. dry white wine
    4 oz. cream cheese with chive & onion

    Put the chicken in the crockpot, then combine everything else and pour over it. Cook on low for 4-5 hours, or on high for 2 1/2 – 3 hours. Serve over angel hair pasta.

  130. I am a subscriber!

  131. My favorite crock pot recipe is chicken breast with oj ,brown sugar and mrs dash.

  132. I love to make chili in my crock pot!

  133. I shared on Facebook.

  134. I shared on FB.

  135. I’m already an e-mail subscriber — love your blog!

  136. My favorite slowcooker meals are good old pot roast and chili. Classics, but oh so satisfying!

  137. I shared on facebook!!

  138. I’m an email subscriber!

  139. Hi….I’m an email subscriber and have shared your site with my daughter, sister-in-law, brother, sister…well, you get the idea.

    My parents and two of my grandchildren live with my husband and I. I’ve just started back to work and have been trying new crock pot recipes…alas, my crock pot is getting old and doesn’t work as well as it should.

    Would love to win this crock pot.

    Thank you for all your recipes. I don’t use evey one, but usually two or three a week.

  140. Our favorite slowcooker food is Cow Cow soup….( Chicken soup without chicken and ground beef instead) My youngest son has always called Chicken Soup, Chicken Chicken soup…so the name came along….And the rest is history!

  141. I also subscribed to the email portion…Crossing my fingers to win… 🙂

  142. I would LOVE a 6 quart slow cooker!! This happens to be my favorite blog and now my son is following the menus too.

  143. black bean stew!

  144. Super easy chicken recipe with three ingredients. Chicken, can of cream of mushroom soup and a packette of ranch mix. It’s delicious!

  145. Tiffany ~
    I love receiving your emails with all the wonderful recipes and menu ideas. I love cooking a whole chicken in the crockpot and, of course, Pot Roast, potatoes and carrots in the crockpot. You can make the best gravy with the yummy juices. I would LOVE to win the crockpot. My crockpot has a crack in the bottom… so sad!

  146. My favorite slow cooker meal is a cuban pork roast that I’ve only made once – I’ve just gotta remind myself to make it again thanks for the reminder! I subscribe to your blog via Google Reader. Great site!

  147. Diane Anderson says:

    I love making marinated chicken breasts with cream cheese, cream soup and serving over rice.

  148. My favorite crockpot meal is Italian beef. We make this alot when we have a casual gathering of friends. So good on a crusty roll with some provolone cheese melted on it!

  149. Taco soup is our favorite. Last time I made it I didn’t brown the ground turkey first…just put it in the slow cooker and piled everything else on top. When I got home from work I used a fork to crumble and mix in the ground turkey that was now cooked perfectly! Love your recipes and pass them on to family and friends often!

  150. I am an email subscriber! My favorite (and my 12-year-old son’s!) slow cooker meal is pulled pork sandwiches. I use a pork sirloin roast, season it with garlic, pepper, and seasoned salt, pour on some Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce and let it slow cook all day. I drain out the excess fat and juices, pour on more Sweet Baby Ray’s, shred it up, and let that heat through. Put it on buns or rolls. Yum!

  151. Hmm… I think my favorite crock pot meal is Spaghetti Sauce. I can make a huge crock of it and have left over for the freezer. But I also love make fudge cake it it…

  152. Kim Patton says:

    I don’t use my crock pot much, but just found your website through a friend. I do make pot roasts and pulled pork. i need to make more so hope to explore here & find ideas!

  153. Kim Patton says:

    I posted on Facebook

  154. Your meal plan sounds delicious! Following you over from MPM!

    Hope you stop and visit me as well!

    And this is my favorite slow cooker recipe:

  155. And I tweeted as well:

  156. Kim Patton says:

    I have subscribed on Google Reader!

  157. Kim Patton says:

    Not one of the options, but for my use I also pinned on Pinterest!

  158. Amy Martin says:

    My favorite slow cooker meal is Roast! I put a 3-4 pd roast in the crockpot and mix 1 cup of water with a packet of ranch dression, brown gravy, and Itqlian dressing pour that over the roast then cook for 8-10 hours. Delicious!

  159. My favorite crock pot meal is probably what I like to call “leftover soup” – a few staples then whatever I have left over in the fridge can be thrown in to make soup! I also enjoy making yogurt, apple butter, etc.

  160. shared on FB! (Kim M)

  161. I’m an email subscriber

  162. My favorite slow cooker meal is teriyaki chicken. I have my own sauce recipe. We serve it over rice and even the picky eaters in my family love it!

    I have never tried roast beef sandwhiches in the slow cooker before. I’ll have to give your recipe a shot this week!


  163. My favorite crock pot recipe is probably beef roast with potatoes. It is so easy and then you have leftovers that you can use the next day to make beef stew in the crock pot.

  164. I recommend your blog to people all the time, but today I posted this give away on facebook! 🙂

  165. I’m also an e-mail subscriber.

  166. Our favorite is dilly beef sandwiches…roast, a jar of whole dill pickles, some garlic, and a jar of chili sauce. Delicious!!

  167. I just posted on facebook (Mandy Castleberry Deming).

  168. I am now an email subscriber.

  169. barbara n says:

    My favorite slow cooker meal is chili!

  170. barbara n says:

    I am an email subscriber to Eat at Home! Love your blog

  171. My favorite Crockpot recipe is Cranberry chicken.

  172. I subscribe through google reader.

  173. jennifer canady says:

    I am a horrible cook so anything I can throw in a crockpot is at least a little more no-fail than others recipes… Unfortunatly my crockpot boils on low so I still tend overcook things. My favorite recipe in the crockpot is a super easy white chicken chili that even I can’t mess up:)

  174. Shellie Middleton says:

    I love to make BBQ pork in the crockpot.

  175. Amanda D. says:

    My favorite crockpot recipe is the Pot Roast.

  176. Amanda D. says:
  177. Amanda D. says:

    I subscribe with google reader.

  178. My favorite slow cooker meal has to be beef stew, sometimes with biscuits cooked right on top for a kind of pot pie

  179. Beef tips is my favorite!

  180. Teri Fronk says:

    Favorite slow-cooker meal…..that’s a hard choice, but we love doing cheesy chicken with noodles!

  181. I am an email subscriber, and have shared on my facebook and my blog!

  182. Teri Fronk says:

    Shared the giveaway on Facebook!

  183. Teri Fronk says:

    I subscribe via email. thanks!!

  184. My favourite is probably Chicken Enchilada Soup. I made your apple dessert the other day in there – that was yummy too.

  185. Michele Miranda says:

    Our favorite thing to make is Pickle Roast – sounds weird but it is so yummy. We also love to make chili and Tortilla soup!

  186. Sara Martin says:

    My favorite slow cooker recipe comes from Rick Bayless. It’s this lovely pork tinga that makes my mouth water just thinking about it. It’s easy to control the spice level… and can totally handle a full day in the slow cooker waiting for me to get home from work.

  187. i pretty much love ALL slow-cooker meals, but i have a special place for my mom’s shredded beef sandwiches! 🙂

  188. My favorite slow cooker meal is easy to pick: gumbo. I can make several variations and it comes out perfectly every time!

  189. Oh my, hard to pick just one favorite! We had pot roast and veggies yesterday and that is a favorite. I also love your Angel Chicken and beef stroganoff. I also use my crock pot to cook up chicken to shred and have in the freezer. That happens once a month in our house. I have a new recipe in the crock pot right now…orange chicken. We will see how it turns out!

  190. I subscribe via e-mail (and always look forward to them!). Thanks for a great give away!

  191. I love doing chicken adobo in the slow cooker.

  192. email subscriber

  193. shared on FB

    Marisa Meme

  194. My new favorite slow cooker meal is red wine braised short ribs, adapted from a recipe in the October 2011 Bon appetit magazine. Followed browning of ribs and sautéing carrots, celery, and onion and added garlic cloves and herbs and bottle of red wine and slightly less broth. In the slow cooker on low for 6 hrs. Removed ribs and stems and kept veggies. Skimmed off fat and thickened sauce by boiling down and adding roux of flour and water and served over mashed potatoes with sauce. Whole family including kids loved it!

  195. My favorite slow cooker meal is chicken with black beans, corn, salsa and cream cheese. AMAZING!

  196. My favorite slow cooker meal is roast! 🙂

  197. anything that is cooking in the slow cooker is my favorite, because it means I’ve got time on my hands to play around on the computer…lol seriously, though, I have a great black bean soup recipe that gets heavy rotation during the fall and winter.

  198. Sarah Beth says:

    My favorite slow cooker meal is an oldie but a goodie! Pinto beans! They are my husband’s favorite and I make them about once or twice a month.

  199. My “go to” crock pot meal is a bag of frozen chicken breasts and a bottle off BBQ sauce. I usually serve it with rice and a vegetable. The leftovers get shredded up for BBQ chicken sandwiches later in the week.

  200. BTW, I posted on Face Book earlier! 🙂

  201. Kristin T says:

    I love making chili!

  202. Elizabeth says:

    I love just popping a chicken in the crock pot and letting it cook, with or without veggies. My family also loves Aztec chicken- corn, beans, chicken pieces, tomatos with chilis.

  203. Elizabeth says:

    Shared on FB!

  204. I love slow cooker potato soup. It’s easy and makes my house smell delicious!!

  205. Angel Chicken is what I probably make most in the crockpot — but my FAVE? Chocolate Lava Cake! I use an old recipe from Family Fun. It’s SO good…

  206. I tweeted.

  207. I signed up for email subscriptions.

  208. Jannelle McGee says:

    I love pulled pork in the crock pot.

  209. Jannelle McGee says:

    I just shared the crock pot giveaway with all my facebook friends!

  210. Jannelle McGee says:

    I also just subscribed for the emails!

  211. My favorite slow cooker meal is split pea with sausage soup. It is yummy in fall and winter. Plus it freezes great!

  212. I am subscribed to Eat At Home (weekly) emails.

  213. My favorite is pork and beans, which would be navy beans with a pork shoulder bone, onions and ketchup.

  214. Lynn Beumer says:

    I make a lot of pot roasts in the crock pot. I want to try your Apple Crisp. Have not done desserts in the crock pot.

  215. Thanks for the giveaway, Tiffany, and congratulations on the success of your blog. Your recipes have become family favorites for us.

    My favorite slow cooker recipe is whatever is cooking at the time, which happens to be taco soup right now. I also love pork roast and chili.

  216. I shared on facebook.

  217. I subscribe via email, too. 🙂

  218. I am subscribed via Google Reader. My favorite slow cooker meal is cream cheese chicken and pasta: chicken breasts, packet of italian dressing seasoning mix, can of chicken broth, can of cream of chicken soup. Cook on low 6 hrs, shred with a fork, then add a bar of cream cheese. Serve over pasta with broccoli on the side. Tasty!

  219. My favorite slow cooker meal is smoked brisket. So good!

  220. candice huey says:

    i subscribed for email updates and newsletters =)

  221. I subscribe by email as well!

  222. candice huey says:

    My favorite slow cooker recipe is my grandma’s ablondigas soup recipe that I modified a bit to make it slow cooker friendly

  223. My favorite slow cooker meal is… It’s hard to decide, but chili is the easiest..I think. LOL Praying I win this. Our giant dog knocked our big crockpot off the counter a couple weeks ago and it broke. :/ I could use a replacement.

  224. I shared the contest on facebook.

  225. Denise Matthews says:

    My absolute favorite slow cooker meal is pot roast with fall veggies. Nothing like coming home on a cold winter day to the smell of “Sunday best”!

  226. I am an rss feed subscriber. 🙂

  227. What an awesome giveaway! I love my slowcooker, which is just a cheapo little thing with two temp settings and thats it. I imagine having one that I could program would mean I could use the slow cooker so much more often.

  228. My favorite slow cooker meal is red beans and rice.

  229. I am already an email subscriber.

  230. I shared the contest on FB.

  231. My favorite slow cooker meal is something I threw together once and my family LOVED. I call it Cheesy Chicken Broccoli and Rice.

  232. I tweeted about the contest!!/thomps0126

  233. I shared the contest on Facebook

  234. I think my favorite slow cooker recipe is one that is called Chicken Stew but my husband thinks it is more of a chicken and vegetable soup.

  235. I subscribe by email.

  236. Kathy Huffman says:

    Hmmm………..favorite crockpot meal would have to be my pot roast recipe, my husband says it is the best he ever had & he would know!

  237. Kathy Huffman says:

    ok, I shared on facebook! Told them this is a great place to find good recipes 🙂 Can’t do the next one as I already am subscribed & I don’t tweet, I will leave that for the birds! 🙂

  238. My favorite CP meal is eggplant parmesan.

  239. We love chili in the crockpot… although it makes for a torturous day as we smell it cooking…

    Here’s my recipe:

  240. I love to put a pork tenderloin in crockpot for 8-10 hours to make pulled pork. I make slits in with a knife and stuff it with minced garlic and put a chicken bouillon cube in with some water.

  241. Pot roast is the very best. Eat as-is, or change up the spices and make it into beef burritos. Yum!

  242. Our favorite crock pot recipe is Chicken and Potato Gnocchi soup. It is a creamy (high fat due to the half and half, but so worth it!), super yummy filling soup that is perfect for an overcast fall day. I made it last night in fact. Here is the link for the recipe I use

  243. Just found out about this sight and so far I love it!! My favorite crock pot meal is pulled pork sandwiches. It’s my go to meal when I have a big crowd to feed and it’s always a hit! I use a 4lb. pork shoulder, rub it with grill seasoning and add 2 sliced onions and a couple of cups of water. Cook on low for 8-10 hours. Discard water and onions and pull apart with a fork. Add your favorite 12 oz. bottle of bbq sauce and cook for another hour til heated through. So delicious! Thanks for your website!

  244. Elizabeth says:

    We love Steak Stroganoff in the slow cooker at our house.

  245. Betty Weaver says:

    So glad my friend Heather shared your site on Facebook. Lots of great ideas for meal planning and that’s with just a cursory glance around the site 🙂

  246. Betty Weaver says:

    Shared on Facebook 🙂

  247. Betty Weaver says:

    Subscribed to email 🙂

  248. AC Stewart says:

    Vegetable beef soup…yum

  249. Nicole Park says:
  250. My crockpot is on its last leg! I really need one. One of the legs is completely melted. I like brisket tacos in the slow cooker. I made your chicken posole on Sunday night, very tasty!

  251. Happy anniversary and here’s to many more! My favorite slow cooker meal is definitely chicken tortilla soup. The longer it cooks, the better it tastes.

  252. How do I name just one? This is why one of my handles is broken off and I am in desperate need of a new one! Taco soup, chicken taco filling, Italian beef, homemade apple butter ….

  253. I am new to slow cooking but thus far I like the bean soup. The soup has multiple beans in it.

  254. I shared you on my FB wall.

  255. I subscribed to your feed!!!!

  256. Margie Huddleston says:

    We love slow cooker apple butter! I did not know it could be that easy to make until I tried it in the slow cooker overnight. Woke to a wonderful spicy apple aroma! Yum!

  257. I love a good taco soup without all the cans! I haven’t tried a whole chicken yet but you’re reminded me that I need to.

  258. I already subscribe by RSS

  259. Amanda Thompson says:

    My favorite slow cooker meal is Pot Roast!

  260. Amanda Thompson says:

    I subscribe via email!

  261. The honey roasted pork sound yummy so does the apple crisp. I usually make pot roast in the slow cooker & the whole house smells.

  262. Pot Roast!

    Jenn from How to Make Hair Bows

  263. My favorite dish to cook in the slow cooker is beans. I buy a bag of mixed dried beans, soak, them, add chopped onions and carrots, spices, and some ham bits. A dish of beans with some cornbread is my all time favorite!

  264. I suscribe via email.

  265. alexa robbins says:

    love a whole chicken and onions in the slow cooker. eat all week on that.

  266. Amy Norman says:

    I love my FIL’s chili recipe for the slow cooker. It is a one pot meal which I absolutely love!

  267. Amy Norman says:

    Shared on FB, and liked you on FB.

  268. Amy Norman says:
  269. I subscribe with email, LOVE your site and recipes! My favorite slow cooker meal would have to be beef stew. I also love making BBQ ribs in one too, they are super tender. Thanks for the wonderful recipes and this awesome giveaway!

  270. My favorite recipe to use the crockpot for is chili.

  271. Sheri Conant says:

    Our easiest crockpot recipe is Salsa Chicken. (jar of favorite salsa and chicken breasts)

    wife to 1, mommy to 9 🙂

  272. Sheri Conant says:

    subscribed to email 🙂

  273. Sheri Conant says:

    shared via facebook 😀

  274. love pot roast in the slow cooker!

  275. subscribed via email

  276. My favorite meal in the crockpot is always chili! Can’t wait for cooler weather here in Texas 🙂

  277. subscribe to email and liked on facebook

  278. My favorite crockpot meal is chili. It’s so easy to make and quite filling too.

  279. subscribed to e-mails.

  280. I LOVE cooking a roast and veggies in the crockpot. Even cheap roast turn out super tender and juicy.

  281. I LOVE my slow cooker! We have many recipes that we like, including Taco Soup, Roast, and Quick Chicken Parmesan. I’m always looking for new slow cooker recipes (being a mom of 3 little ones!) and I’m anxious to try some from your site. Thanks!

  282. My favorite crockpot meal is chicken and dumplings

  283. email subscriber

  284. Already subscribed!!

  285. My favortie crockpot meals are Chicken BBQ (quick and easy prep), chicken and dumplings and chicken stroganoff. Need some good pork recipes…

  286. Cindi Brasher says:

    My favorite slow cooker meal is chili.

  287. Cindi Brasher says:

    Subscribe via Email

  288. My favorite slow cooker meal is lasagna. It tastes so good in the crockpot, and it’s so easy!

  289. I subscribed through email.

  290. My favorite slow cooker meal is pulled pork 🙂

  291. I love to make lasagna in the crockpot!

  292. My favorite slow cooker meal would be sloppy joes. Quick, easy, and oh so good!

  293. Favorite slow cooker meal? Hands down, bbq pork loin (pork loin, bbq sauce, cook). Delish!

  294. I subscribe via RSS

  295. I subscribe by email!

  296. My favorite meal is Derrick’s chicken which is like teryaki chicken.

  297. My favorite slow cooker meal is chipotle beef tacos, its my husband favorite too!

  298. My favorite slow cooker meal is tortilla soup – delicious!

  299. I subscribe via RSS 🙂

  300. My favorite meal in the crock pot is chicken caccitaore!

  301. Melissa G says:

    Favorite crockpot meal is a roast cooked in salsa. You can shred it and use it in tacos, burritos, or rice bowls. Yummy!

  302. I love alot of these recipies so it’s very hard to choose! But if I had to choose just one it would deffinately have to be The chicken fajitas! Yummo 4 my families tummos!! Hehe! And I also subscribe via email my dearie! Good luck everyone! 🙂

  303. Mmmm the pot roast my mom used to make in her slow cooker… The meat just fell apart it was sooo good, as the meat was used she would stretch the leftovers by adding more veggies.

  304. I just found your wonderful site from Pinterest.I love french dip sandwiches from the crock pot.

  305. I added you to me blog list

  306. Tweeted

  307. This time of year, any sort of soup or chili is my fave slow cooker meal!

  308. My favorite thing to cook in the crock is pot roast so yummy and so easy to make.

  309. Also subscribed

  310. My fav slowcooker recipe is taco soup!

  311. I also subscribe via e-mail!

  312. I aLso shared with friends on fb. I am loving this blog! So glad I’ve found it! Thanks!!

  313. Mmm, my favorite is Crock Pot Pork Chops: I love having dinner virtually ready when I get home and the kids love this one too! Have been thinking about the benefits of an updated crockpot…

  314. my fave is slow cooker chicken fettucine from Clover Lane Cooking – huge family hit.

  315. I subscribe via email

  316. My favorite crock pot meal is pot roast. So yummy and easy!

  317. Shared link on facebook.

  318. I subscribe via RSS

  319. Kelly Delrosso says:

    My favorite slow cooker meal is vegetable stew

  320. Kelly Delrosso says:

    I subscribe to your email under kellywcuATyahooDOTcom

  321. A crock pot is a new moms friend and a working moms friend. Who ever invented it I love them! Mine is so old it is stained, on the second lid, and cooks hot. Good if you are in a rush, bad if you are gone all day!

  322. Michelle Wright says:

    My favorite is a pot roast in the slow cooker.

  323. mommysoup says:

    My favorite is tortilla soup or lasagna!

    Love this blog & recently lost my crockpot to a fatal death on the kitchen floor. Only the crock pot and supper where damaged in the incident.

  324. We love goulasch!

  325. I subscribe 🙂

  326. Andrea bindewald says:

    I love the harvest apple pot roast in the slow cooker!!! So moist and delicious!

  327. Post roast is my fave! 🙂

  328. Andrea bindewald says:

    I subscribe via rss!

  329. I’m liking Bodacious Chicken – super easy and super yummy!

  330. Andrea bindewald says:

    I totally shared this giveaway on facebook! It’s a good one!!!

  331. Any meal waiting when we walk in the door is favorite, but we especially like a roast.

  332. I like making soup of many kinds in the crock. Recently, it was beef vegetable soup! yummm!!

  333. Georgia McLaren says:

    i love the French Dip in a slow cooker.

  334. Roast, “frosted” with a creamed soup and a packet of onion soup mix. Shredded and eaten on buns.

  335. Georgia McLaren says:

    I shared on facebook too!

  336. Carol Delaney says:

    It’s a toss up between chili and beef stew.

  337. Stephanie says:

    I subscribe through email.
    I love chicken dumpling in the slow cooker! Yummy!

  338. Stephanie says:

    I shared on FB

  339. Stephanie says:

    I tweeted the contest as well!

  340. Stephanie says:

    should I have done my fav slow cooker dish in a separate entry?
    If yes, it’s chicken dumplings!

  341. Jenny Johnson says:

    My favorite crock pot meal is chicken, black beans and salsa. Yummy!!

  342. Jenny Johnson says:

    I subscribed via email 🙂

  343. My favorite is pulled pork tacos!

  344. Kimberly Dockery says:

    My favorite crock-pot recipe is enchilada casserole! Yummy!!!!

  345. My fav is chicken catchatori ..probably spelled that wrong, but you don’t spell it, you EAT it!!!

  346. I live in Minnesota- so I love crockpot anything, My family favorite is crockpot lasagna and Sunday roast. YUM.

  347. tweeted

  348. My old favorite crock pot meal was pork barbecue, UNTIL I tried your Chicken Enchilada soup! That is by far my new favorite. I’ve shared it (and your website) with anyone who would listen since then!

  349. I also subcribed to the site via email.

  350. christina says:

    My favorite crock pot recipe is ham green beans and potatoes! YUM!

  351. Jessica Hamilton says:

    Thank you SO much for your blog and all of the information it offers!!! I thank my friend andrea for sharing it with me. I have only made one slow cooker recipe and it was great! Honey Hoisen Chicken. YUM!! :o)

  352. patti keil says:

    I love everything in the crockpot…especially roasts and bbq pork sandwiches!!

  353. My favorite crock pot dishes are chili and homemade spaghetti sauce (marinara). Thanks so much for the very generous giveaway!

  354. I subscribe to your feed via Google Reader.

  355. I love a slow cooker stew with lots of meat!


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