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Instant Pot Set Up and Basics

Lesson 1

Unboxing, learning to assemble the parts, knowing what button to use. Plus easy, first-timer recipes. Click here.

Meal Prep with the Instant Pot

Lesson 2

Cook chicken, black beans and more to freeze for later. This is my #1 shortcut for weeknight meals. Click here.

Instant Pot Side Dishes

Lesson 3

The Instant Pot will transform how you make side dishes. Baked potatoes, rice, spaghetti squash and my favorite Mac & Cheese recipe. Click here.

Instant Pot Dinners

Lesson 4

Grab your free, Instant Pot Meal Plan download and let's make some dinner recipes! Click here.


Your FREE Instant Pot Meal Plan!

All the recipes on this plan are for the Instant Pot. Quickly shop with the grocery list and be set for the week. 

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