Earn More Recurring Revenue by Hosting Your Own Challenge 

Earning money as a content creator is hard: Chasing ad revenue and traffic, waiting for sponsored posts, earning tiny percentages linking to deals and products.

It takes a lot of time and many tactics fail to convert to sales.

What if you could earn a sizable chunk of cash in just one week?

What if you could do it in a way that also creates content that your audience will love and interact with?

Run Your Own Eat at Home Challenge

I’ve helped multiple affiliate partners create and run their own Eat at Home Challenge.

Affiliates have earned fantastic revenue during a single Challenge —PLUS monthly recurring revenue!

So if you...

  • Have an audience of busy moms
  • Enjoy interacting with your audience
  • Desire content aimed at solving problems
  • Like earning recurring income

... Then Eat at Home Challenges are for you!

Engage Your Audience AND Generate Affiliate Income

Challenges work because they increase engagement with your community.

We make it easy by providing:

  • High-converting swipe copy
  • Graphics
  • Cheat sheet for optimizing conversions
  • Discount code exclusively for your audience
  • Support throughout your challenge

My goal is to help content creators like yourself engage with their readers in a powerful way so you can grow your email list and earn affiliate income by doing challenges with Eat at Home Meal Plans.

Email me at tiffany@eatathomecooks.com to schedule your Eat at Home Challenge.

Recurring Commissions

Our Partners earn 50% commission on every sale for as long as the membership is kept active. This means you keep earning, month over month as the memberships renew.

High Conversion Rates

Our Partner's conversion rates average 6% and go as high as 14% for some Partners.

High Retentions

Over 18,000 families have been served with Eat at Home Meal Plans. Our retention rate is 89%.

Commission payouts are net 30 days. We have a 60 day cookie on your affiliate link.

What Our Members Are Saying...

"I just know my family LOVES every meal of yours I have ever made. I have even tried to trick them by not saying it was from someone else, and they knew as soon as they tried it. "

Crystal D.

"Eat at Home meal plans has changed our evening routine to include so much less stress and more family time!" 

Stacy W.

We take great care of your audience.

We pride ourselves on fantastic customer service. We deliver new, superior sets of meal plans to our members each month. Members can email us anytime at help@eatathomecooks.com. We also provide a money-back guarantee to ensure they're happy with their purchase.

Still have questions?

Email Tiffany at tiffany@eatathomecooks.com. 

Find more info about Eat at Home Meal Plans here.

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