Fall Baking and Cooking Live Chat!

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I’m so excited about this live chat!  I love fall baking and cooking and I know a lot of you do too.  I’ve seen a lot of pumpkin goodness in my Pinterest stream already.

Join Kasey from Time 2 $ave ,Kim from Today’s Creative Blog and me on Thursday September 6th at 9pm EST.    To join, use the chat box here on this post or join in on the Ebates Savvy Living Community.

Until then, I wanted to share a post I wrote last year – 75 Recipes that Taste Like Fall.

I can’t wait to find out your favorites in tomorrow’s chat!

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  1. claudia tay says:

    i am new to baking. i have a burning question. If the reduce the sugars by half in a cookies. How can I still make it crispy

    • Claudia, I actually don’t know the answer to that question. I haven’t ever tried to reduce the sugar by that much in cookies. You might try reducing by a smaller amount and see how that goes. If it works, keep reducing more the next time. Good luck with the baking!

  2. have a baking question for you.
    I have a recipe that calls for 18 oz cookie dough with 1/4cup flour. But I have 30oz of cookie dough……how much more flour do you think I need?
    Praying for some fast, great help!!!!!

  3. Have brocc/cauli ring recipe which calls for branching veg 5′ then layering in mold and freezing. Thaw then heat in m/w. Serve w/ cheese sauce. Could I skip freezing? Just want to layer veg then press down in mold, refrigerate. In mood and heat following evening. Will it work

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