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Easy Breezy Dinner Week

Let's take control of dinner together!

From list making to cooking to using what you've got—we’ve got you covered!

  • Need to streamline dinner in the midst of all the other things you're taking care of?
  • Searching for simple tips and recipes to make it easy?
  • Want to gain a little control in at least one area of your life?

Then joining the free Eat at Home Easy Breezy Dinner Week is for you!

Make dinner simple—and make it every day!

Customize Easy Breezy Dinner Week in the way that works best for you:

  • Build a habit of getting dinner taken care of early in the day
  • Start with a plan and learn to modify as needed
  • Get your pantry stocked and learn to build meals with those items
  • Consider adding more whole food plant-based meals for your family

No matter what your goals are, I’ve got recipes, tips, meal plans and more for you.

What you can expect 

Here’s what to expect from Easy Breezy Dinner Week:

  • My best dinner tips and tricks, honed with my own family and with thousands of other families over the years
  • Emails each day that are loaded with help for quick and easy dinners
  • Giveaway for a Henckels chef's knife and cutting board

Plus, I’ll share tons of helpful info, recipes and more to help make dinner easy for your busy life.

How does Easy Breezy Dinner Week work?

After you hit the sign up button, you’ll be registered.

You’ll get an email welcome letting you know more of what to expect. And you’ll be entered in the giveaway!

  1. 1
    Click the sign up button to register for free.
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    Receive your welcome email with more information on what to expect. 
  3. 3
    You'll automatically be entered into the giveaway.
  4. 4
    Make dinner every day. I’ll send you daily emails with tips, resources and recipes to make it easy.

We’ll have 5 days together to focus on making the dinner process easy.