Cupcakes! eBook giveaway + weekend links

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I have admitted many times that I cannot make pretty cakes and cupcakes.  Cake decorating is not something I’m good at (understatement of the year!).

Liz, from Hoosier Homemade is fantastic at cupcake decorating.  And she’s written an eBook that lets all of us in on the secret to making cutie patootie sweet treats.  Even decorating challenged people like me!

Her eBook, Cupcakes! 12 Months of Happiness has ideas for every month of the year.  You’ll be set for birthday parties, holidays and everything in between.  She even gives ideas for making the box cake mix taste homemade, where to buy cake decorating supplies and more.

I’m giving away 1 copy of Cupcakes! to a lucky winner.  Just leave a comment telling me what your next cupcake baking occasion is.

There’s also a discount code you can use.  You can get $2 off the regular price, making Cupcakes! just $2.99 Use the code EATATHOME to get the discount.  If you buy and then you win the giveaway (lucky dog!), Liz will refund your money.

 Avocado Links

There were lots of delicious things linked up on Ingredient Spotlight: Avocado this week.  There’s still time to add your links, if you like.  Here were a few things that caught my eye:

Chipotle Bean Burritos from Debbi Does Dinner looks like a great way to punch up a bean recipe.

Vegan Chocolate Avocado cake sounds interesting and so does the Blackberry Frosting that Vanderbilt Wife put on it.

Chorizo Empanadas with Avocado Cream from The Sweets Life look wonderful.

Learn how to dice an avocado from The Cutting Back Kitchen.

Crystal & Co. rocks her slow cooker again with this recipe for Tex Mex Shredded Roast Wraps.

Don’t forget to enter the giveaway for Cupcakes!  Just leave a comment to enter. Giveaway closes Monday 2/20 at 9am Eastern. Winner will be announced on the Eat at Home Facebook page.

This post contains affiliate links.
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  1. I think anyday is a good cupcake baking reason! yummy!

  2. Iget tagged for dessert ALOT! I end up doing brownies or cookies. I can bake great cakes or cupcakes – but the decorating part – is not so good, I would love the “tips” on making them look pretty!!!!!!!!!!! Love Liz’s site!

  3. I ADORE cupcakes! I make them often, usually by request. Several of my friends have said over the years that they are waiting for me to open my own cupcake shop. Don’t think I haven’t fantasized about it!!

  4. Allison Marcum says:

    Our next cupcake day will probably be in March for St. Patty’s day! I have 2 daughters so we make cupcakes fairly often!!

  5. Hi! I’m making them today for my husband’s birthday!!!! Mmmmm! 🙂

  6. we will make cupcakes for my Leap Day Baby’s bday — he is having his 2nd bday and turning 8

  7. Anyday is a good day for cupcakes – but birthdays are special days! My next big cupcake occasion is for my mom’s birthday 🙂

  8. Sheri Conant says:

    Our next “official” occasion will be our youngest son’s 3rd bday in March. We have 9 children, so we will have LOTS of opportunities to use this book!!! 🙂

  9. I have a doctor appointment next week. They love cupcakes 🙂 I love to bring them places so I don’t eat them all!

  10. I am planning on amking cupcakes for school. I am a PE teacher and we are doing a big fundraiser right now. I love baking i just never have the time!

  11. I will be mking cupcakes for my son’s birthday next month.

  12. I would love a cupcake right now!

  13. I would love a cupcake right now!

  14. I look for any excuse to make cupcakes…no one’s birthday is coming up soon, so I guess I’d have to make them just because!

  15. What can I say, I am in love with my crockpot. Thanks for mentioning my Tex Mex Wraps.
    Thanks for hosting your ingredient spotlight each week. I love seeing all of the ideas shared.

    And we love cupcakes at Crystal & Co! Looks like a great book.

    I am actually baking cupcakes today as we get ready to celebrate our twins’ 6th birthday party. We’re making cowboy cupcakes and using little sheriff badges to decorate them.

  16. Jackie Weiss says:

    I think that my next cupcake creation will be Easter cupcakes with tinted green coconut grass and mini jelly beans atop 🙂

  17. It’s soup and game night with the college students next week. Cupcakes are always enjoyed!

  18. I love cupcakes and want to get more into cake decorating as soon as I can come up with the money for the supplies. Cupcakes are ideal for my children as they are easier to store and the kids dont have a tendency to gorge themselves on cupcakes.

  19. My next cupcake baking reason is for PMS……I won’t lie….there are certain times each month that a gal just needs an awesome cupcake!

  20. We love cupcakes at my house! This month’s birthday’s include my mother and my son, both born on Leap Year! Hey! This is a Leap Year! Great day to make lots of cupcakes!!

  21. Just discovered your blog today from Pinterest. I have already spent hours here 🙂

    Anyway, my hubby’s birthday is coming up on March 1st, so either that or a retirement party next week at work would be my next cupcake baking opportunity. I work with a lady who makes beautiful cupcakes that she is also sure to make sure that they taste good, so I probably will not even try compete!

  22. I am making cupcakes for my one niece’s baby shower in early March. She also has a 9 & 10 year old…so they will love any cupcakes left behind (so will their dad:-)

    Chocolate cupcakes + LOTS of thick piled high frosting = Ahhhh…

  23. My husband’s birthday is coming up in March and I haven’t made cupcakes since B.K. (before kids), so like 5 years…. oh my… it’s been ‘that’ long?!?! I was going to try making them again as it was requested by my hubby. If I win this I will FOR SURE make them… maybe even, at least once every month ;o)

  24. My kids birthdays are always a great time to make cupcakes.

  25. I have a birthday to make them for next month.

  26. Martha in MS says:

    Will probably be making cupcakes for next Sunday as it is our Pastor’s 13th year at our church. We’ll be cooking and eating….

  27. Laurie Rappenecker says:

    Today is a CUPCAKE kind of day!!!

  28. we have winter break this week, so I’m sure we’ll have some cupcake baking sessions at least once or twice this week!

  29. No particular date set for cupcakes… any day is as good as ever!

  30. Margot Core says:

    Cupcakes! Oh my, I have to make over 20 for a family thing and (truth be told) mine are not that pretty usually. I’m also christening a new silicone muffin tin, so wish me luck (or question my sanity).

  31. Who needs a reason…..!!!
    Probably next week when I send cupcakes to hubby’s office “just because” :))

  32. My next cupcake event will for sure be my daughter’s 1st birthday!

  33. Our next occasion for celebrating with cupcakes will be our daughters 9th birthday on march 27th!

  34. I would love to make cupcakes for Leap Day….just because it’s fun!

  35. March 5 – a goodbye party for our teacher who is going into the hospital for surgery on her thyroid.
    We will miss her very much and she will not be able to eat a cupcake for a long while so I decide that she needed a last hurray!

  36. Well St. Pats day is next which also happens to be my grandmothers birthday so I am sure cupcakes will happen then.

  37. Thinking about making some for a craft show next weekend.

  38. Cupcakes are much more fun than cake! They would be very sweet for my daughter’s sweet sixteenth!

  39. My husband’s birthday is March 5th and I have a 2yo son who loves to help me bake 🙂 I think we would all enjoy some creative ideas.

  40. my little ones birthday is soon!

  41. Cupcake creativity for a young special needs daughter (25) who’s got a birthday coming up and loves country music might be interesting? Of course , we love cupcakes!

  42. I’ll probably make some cupcakes for Easter. This book sounds great!

  43. I think we’ll do cupcakes for Leap Day!

  44. Amber Kristle says:

    LOVE cupcakes!!!!!! Everyday is a good day to make cupcakes but my next big occasion will be Easter!! 🙂

  45. Valerie Stewart says:

    I will be making cupcakes celebrating my new baby coming!!! We will find out if we need blue frosting or pink frosting tomorrow 🙂

  46. cupcakes anyday!! but my daughter’s bday is coming up so i need new and better ideas!!! thks

  47. Donna Schweitzer says:

    Do you have any baby shower idea’s
    Cupcakes.. My daughter is expecting
    Our first grandbaby in April..we are so

  48. Just because is my next cupcake baking occasion. I love to bake!!!

  49. Tomorrow is my sons birthday and he wants chocolate cupcakes with orange icing. 🙂 Enjoy your presidents day.

  50. I am wanting to start my own cupcake business and this would come in handy for me to use

  51. Just working on my angry birds cupcake project. Got an order for 30 cupcakes !!! baking nutella cupcakes with angry bird fondant toppers… The toppers are ready. took me 12 hours to do but was worth it …and a lot of fun !!!!! Since my cupcakes are in the oven … you can take a look at my toppers on my blog :)))) … really excited about your book !!!! All the best for all your cupcake endeavors… 🙂

  52. Cupcake Shamrock!

  53. My next cupcake occasion is my daughter’s b-day. this would be a fun book!

  54. Lego birthday party for my 4 year old 🙂

  55. My daughter is turning 6 very, very soon!! I have a rainbow theme in mind!

  56. hello kitty cupcakes for my niece!