Cinnamon Sugar Toast and Other Matters

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I’ve got a variety of thoughts on my mind today and since it’s Saturday, it seems the perfect day to share them with you.

1.  I’m looking for a few good guest posters.  If you think you’d like to write a post to share here on Eat at Home, send me an email (  You can share a recipe or other food related topic.

2.  I have been doing some writing for the SC Johnson website in their Family Economics section.  You can read one of my posts here.  I’ll have others published over the next few months.  I have been compensated by SC Johnson for this.

3.  Completely unrelated to food – We’re planning a trip to Disney World in a couple months.  One of my favorite sites to haunt is  I found this very cool interactive video linked over there.  It’s a virtual day in WDW.  Each park is included and you can “ride” many of the rides.  Very fun.

4.  I’m planning to do some cooking for our Disney trip this weekend.  I’ve got 3 freezer meals picked out to make.  We’ll pack those on dry ice.  My mom is doing the bulk of the cooking though.  She’s already got lots of food made and in the freezer.  One of the meals I’m cooking is Spicy Garlic Chicken Pizza.  I’m also trying 2 new dishes.

5.  I eat cinnamon sugar toast for breakfast nearly every day.  I admit to getting a little bored with it, but it’s so easy and it does taste good.  What do you eat for breakfast?

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  1. I love cinnamon sugar toast too. I switch around. I also do cereal, oatmeal, scrambled eggs. Sometimes I make smoothies or yogurt parfait.

    Most weekdays I eat alone, so I go for quick and simple.

    On the weekends I cook actual breakfasts. Today we had pancakes, eggs, and bacon. 🙂

  2. My mother always made cinnamon toast for my kids when we visited and I do the same thing for my grandsons. I let them choose a cookie cutter and they get to cut out different shapes. I get they leftovers and they get the Santa Claus. I almost always have a bowl of Cheerios. Boring but easy.

  3. I love cinnamon toast and I have a glass bottle with the cinnamon and sugar all mixed up in it…have had it for years and years. I think it used to be a small syrup bottle. It has a little handle.

    Anyway, I love vanilla yogurt with blueberries or raspberries and granola for breakfast. Or a nice grainy bread toasted with almond butter. Cinnamon toast and cocoa are great to have on a cold Minnesota winter morning or just before bed. My husband has corn flakes with a banana every single day!

  4. I like cinnamon toast too. I haven’t had that in a while. We do eggs and bacon, cereal, french toast and sometimes fried eggs. My kids all time favorite is panny cakes.

    I’m so jealous you are going to Disney. Thanks for sharing the link to the virtual tour. I know you will have a great trip.

  5. A friend of mine gave me a great recipe for granola, I make a batch of that once a week and have that in the morning with rice milk and a glass of orange juice. Very filling, high in fiber.

  6. I make my husband either scrambled eggs (very quick) or old fashioned oatmeal cooked with chunks of pear and cinnamon, and add a few walnuts, brown sugar and milk (also very quick). Sometimes I put banana in with the oatmeal or apple. He isn’t very good about eating fresh fruit, so I just try to get something in him 🙂 He is also a fan of fried egg sandwiches with cheese, or scrambled egg wraps with salsa. I don’t think a cinnamon sugar toast would hold us to lunch! But I do remember having it as a child 🙂

  7. I’ve never been much of a breakfast eater and in fact never really ate breakfast all through high school, college or later until I became pregnant (at 35, after adopting 2 children). Since then I make several dozen whole grain muffins and freeze them and have one for breakfast each morning. In the summer, though, I usually have cut up fruit with vanilla yogurt, sometimes topped with nuts or granola.

  8. I love breakfast….and cinnamon toast too. I make a latte with raw milk every morning-delicious. Then I might have a couple of eggs fried in real butter-Kerrigold is my favorite. Or I might have a blueberry muffin made with the melt in your mouth muffin mix from the Sonlight boards. This week I was blessed with homegrown grapefruit from a friend….sweet without any added sugar. Oh and sometimes I have Nieman Ranch-no nitrate applewood smoked bacon.

  9. BTW- We loved those unoffical guide books to Disney where they tell you the order to hit the rides for the shortest wait times. It totally worked and it was fun not having to agree where to go next.

    • Jana – I need to try those Melt in Your Mouth muffins and the Marry Me Matilda Muffins too.
      For Disney we use Tour Guide Mike to plan our itinerary and ride order. So much better to have a plan when you’re moving with that many people!

  10. I love to eat scrambled eggs for breakfast, Julia Child style: 2 eggs, whipped w/ a fork. Melt 1/2 tbsp butter in pan and put in eggs. Once they firm up at the bottom, stir constantly, moving on and off of the heat. When they reach your desired consistency, add another 1/2 tbsp of butter. No salt, water, or cream needed. Mmm. That plus a cup of coffee & a glass of V8 makes for a great start to my day.

  11. I thought I was the only person who ate cinnamon toast for breakfast nearly day. I’ve given up sugar until June though so now I don’t know what I’ll eat…

  12. I previously posted a comment to you regarding a link to your SC Johnson articles. I forgot to leave my name and email address. Thanks!

  13. I really enjoyed the Five Ways to Break the Eating Out Habit at the SC Johnson website. My family and I struggle with this. I tried to utilize meal plans and we just received a very nice grill as a gift from my in-laws. We made our first hamburgers on it today. They were wonderful. I am hoping this can inspire us to cook out on the grill more. Anyway….I was unable to search your name and find more articles that you have written. Could you post links to them? Thanks!

  14. Ellie Krieger’s Nutty Granola from FN is incredibly good – my favorite breakfast paired with berries. I’ve altered the flavors a bit, but the basic recipe is divine if you like a good crunch in the morning.

  15. Lately I’ve pulled out an old favorite….Hot Grape Nuts. I haven’t eaten them for so long, and oh, are they good.

  16. We have oatmeal (served with a homemade milk-based sauce, raisins, regular milk, and brown sugar on the side) or granola (homemade in the crockpot) about 4-5 days a week. On the other days I do some sort of breakfast casserole, quick bread, muffins, or eggs (scrambled or Dutch babies).

    Now, about cinnamon toast. I *do* like it, but we’re more likely to make cinnamon rollups here and we eat them for an afternoon snack. Here’s what you do. Spread some butter on a tortilla, sprinkle some cinnamon sugar over it (I always have a pint-sized canning jar made up in the cupboard), and nuke for 10 seconds. Remove from microwave, roll up, and chow down. Way less mess, though you don’t get the crunch of toast.

  17. I am happy to meet someone else who eats the same thing for breakfast everyday. I eat egg on toast. Here is how my mom made it growing up: Mash a well into one slice of bread. The dab butter around the well near the crust. Crack an egg and pour in the center. (I use only the whites) Then bake for about 10 minutes in a 350 oven or 400 oven. Just bake till not wobbly. Then add salt and/or pepper. Easy and delicious!

  18. I grew up on cinnamon toast. I love it! I start almost every morning with 1/2 of a grapefruit. I’m kind of addicted right now! I would love to do a post for you sometime. Sounds like fun! I hope you and your family have a blast at Disney World. We’ve only been to Disneyland so far. I’m off to check out your writing at SC Johnson now! 🙂

  19. I love to make this

    I also love to have oatmeal pancakes(with chocolate syrup) I have to double this for my family.

  20. My grandmother used to make me cinnamon sugar toast when I was a kid and now I serve it to my little girls. I love it!!

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