Are You an Eat at Home Cook?

Eat at Home cooks may or may not enjoy cooking, but we are responsible for putting dinner on the table for our families every day.  We try to avoid eating out, especially unplanned runs through the drive-thru.  Here are 8 common traits of Eat at Home Cooks.  If these describe you, you’re an Eat at Home Cook too!

  1. You like to keep it simple with common pantry ingredients.
  2. You don’t need the latest and greatest in kitchen equipment to put good meals on the table.
  3. You slow cook your way to happiness.
  4. You put your freezer to work for part of a meal, a whole meal or a big cooking session to prepare for a vacation, new baby or other family event.
  5. You know delicious meals can be made inexpensively.
  6. Every once in a while, you skip the shopping and live off your pantry and freezer to save money.
  7. You know that fast food doesn’t have to mean drive-thru.
  8. You believe meal time is about more than eating.
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  1. I am most definitely an eat at home cook!

  2. eileen dumont says:

    I am without a doubt an eat at home cook, as was my mother before me and her mother before her! Even when we go out, I`m always thinking, “ i could do this at home, for way less!

  3. DavetteB says:

    Definitely! Eating out is mainly for celebrations or things I don’t do well at home – like fried fish ;o)
    Sometimes it is a source for new recipes because I will try something and try to duplicate it at home.

  4. Me too! My husband traveled so much early in our marriage that he never wanted to go out to eat when he was home. I totally got that. Sometimes when he was on a business trip, I’d take our daughter out for a Mom and daughter dinner. That was special in a different way, of course. But I love cooking so eating at home is a choice, now.

  5. All that is missing is the Nutritional Information for your recipes. That would help those of us the need to watch our calories and loose some fat.

  6. Okay well I failed #1 and #2. The rest? Yeah! That’s me. We don’t eat out at all….okay maybe once or twice a year. For celebrations.

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