A Giveaway to Celebrate Eat at Home’s 1 Year Anniversary! (giveaway closed)

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oreo stack

A year ago today I sat down at my computer and started Eat at Home.  It’s been more goodness stacked upon goodness than I ever could have imagined then.  I’ve learned so much from this project – writing, photography, cooking, computer skills – the list could go on.  I love to learn and I really like to model a life time of learning for my kids.  Eat at Home has provided one sweet learning opportunity after another.

By far, the sweetest thing for me has been getting to know you.  Thank you for reading my posts, trying the recipes, shopping with the grocery lists.  You’ve shared your cooking stories, your own recipes and you’ve been honest when things didn’t work out.  I love hearing that your family enjoyed one of the recipes, or that the Menus and Grocery lists have saved you lots of time.

sheartokuTo celebrate, I’m having a giveaway!  This gadget is a KitchenAide Sheartoku.  I don’t have one and I’ve never used one, but I’ve heard good things about it.  It’s got stainless steel 5″ blades that come apart so that you have a Santoku knife to use too.  Handy, huh?

To enter:

  • Leave a comment on this post
  • Earn extra entries by sharing on Twitter, Face Book or your own blog.  Just leave a comment for each of those things you do.
  • Earn extra entries by subscribing in RSS or email. Leave me a comment to tell me that you subscribed (if you’re already subscribed, you can leave a separate comment to let me know that).

A winner will be chosen by random number next Monday, October 19.  Make sure you leave an email so I can contact you.

This contest is sponsored only by Eat at Home.  KitchenAide doesn’t know me from Adam 🙂

The giveaway is now closed and the winner chosen.  Thanks to everyone who entered!

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  1. This has quickly become one of my favorite blogs. Thanks for all you do!


  2. Happy One Year Anniversary!
    I really enjoy your blog and I love the Oreo pic in this post–very clever!

  3. Ditto Janice… I only found you a couple of weeks ago but I look forward to your feed coming up on my Reader. And catching up on all the old posts. 🙂 Keep up the good work!

  4. Also, separate post to confirm that I am indeed already subscribed… 😉

  5. Hip, hip, hooray!

  6. Heather Gabbert says:

    Thanks so much for all the recipes, menus, and inspiration! I check out your blog on a daily basis! Your readers appreciate it!

  7. Oh maaaan I got to use one of those at a cooking demo at Mecca (aka Williams Sonoma).. I only ever go there for demos as they are more expensive than HEATH CARE! I’ve been with you for a year now? WOWZERS we are getting old momma! Happy blogoversary! I missed mine but I’ll cook up something later… late is sort of my thing. :0)

  8. Happy 1 year! Thank you for sharing the wonderful recipes! I have added so many to my Menu Planning & you make my life easier!

  9. I also linked from my twitter.

  10. I would love to win these! I will post about your contest tomorrow.

  11. I also subscribed by email.

  12. Happy 1 year anniversary! This is my favorite blog and I love sharing it with friends and family who I know will love it too. Thanks for sharing your love of cooking and family with all of us! My husband now asks, “Is this a Tiffany recipe?”, whenever we are eating something new! He knows that means it is going to be good. 🙂

  13. This second comment is because I’ve subscribed to the emails. However, I’m wondering what you plan to do with all those dismembered Oreos??? Got milk? 🙂

  14. I have never see one of those before but it looks pretty fun!

  15. I subscribe! How fast a year can fly!

  16. I visit every day. It’s like visiting across the back fence.I’m really sad when Sunday rolls around and your are not here. Congratulations on your anniversary. I’m sure the kids helped with the Oreos!

  17. just found this blog and I LOVE it buying the stuff for the low cost menu 2 tomorrow!!

  18. blossomteacher says:

    The oreo pic reminds me of an episode of The Nanny..she could only have one Oreo a day on her diet…so she improvised!

  19. blossomteacher says:

    I also subscribe to your RSS!

  20. Happy Anniversary!

  21. Happy Anniversary! I love your blog

  22. I subscribe via rss feed.

  23. Thanks! I love reading your blog!

  24. Oh happy day to you! I just love your blog here!

  25. I subscribe to your blog…and LOVE IT!

  26. Also wanted to say that I’ve tried so many of the recipes you’ve shared. My husband is the cook in our family…but I’m catching up with him thanks to you!!!

  27. I subscribe with google reader 🙂

  28. I ran across your site a few months ago and i love it.

  29. Melissa R. says:

    Happy 1 year!

  30. I subscribe with google!!! Love getting your emails

  31. I just came upon your site a few weeks ago but I love it already! Thanks for all of your hard work!

  32. I have been loving your blog for quite some time. I read it through Bloglines, so yep, I’m a subscriber. Great giveaway – I’ve never used one of those either, but it looks like something I need!!

  33. I just subscribed with Google Reader!

  34. Keep up the great work! I just love your creative posts. i’ve never seen one of those knife-scissors gadgets, but I’d love to try them out!

  35. I read your blog all the time 🙂

  36. I love your website – thanks so much for the effort that you do in putting these daily e-mails out . . . I look forward to them every day 🙂

    I am subscribed to you via e-mail!

  37. I have enjoyed your blog!! Thanks for all the yummy things you share with us! Happy Anniversary!

  38. I am excited every day to see what you have done! I love the simplicity of the recipes, the home cooked, “normal” recipes, the grocery lists, I love it all! Thank you for being a genius in the kitchen!!

  39. I love getting ideas from your blog.

  40. Oh and I am subscribed in my reader account!

  41. I just found this website last week, and you already inspired me to make homemade caramel corn–my little boys think I am awesome! I would love to win these scissors; my current kitchen shears are actually a pair of quilting shears that got used in the garage for something and are useless for cutting cloth now. Time for an upgrade!

  42. Wow – this is a great giveaway. Good luck to me and to the others 🙂

  43. I also subscribe to your feed 🙂

  44. Love your blog! Congrats on 1 year =) And thanks for our new favorite recipe apple crinkle – LOVE IT!

    I follow on blogger.

  45. conniemelancon says:

    I love your blog and THANK YOU for taking the time to share with us. Lots of good recipes and menus.

  46. conniemelancon says:

    I am a follower or your blog.

  47. Happy Blogaversary!!!!!!!!!! Time flies when your having fun doesn’t it?? I am already subscribed by email and love getting your recipes. keep up the awesome job.

  48. Hi Tiffany I just tweeted about your giveaway.

  49. Lacey Hall says:

    That looks like an amazing kitchen gadget, I bet my kiddos would love cutting up all kinds of food that we make 🙂

    laceylovespink at yahoo dot com

  50. elizabeth says:

    I love your blog! Great information & you are very funny too 🙂

  51. elizabeth says:

    I subscribe via email so I never miss a great post!

  52. elizabeth says:

    I tweeted!

  53. elizabeth says:

    I shared on Facebook 🙂

  54. elizabeth says:

    I added you to my blogroll! 🙂

  55. I love your blog! I look forward to looking at your blog every opportunity to see what is new. Happy Anniversary!

  56. Stephanie says:

    I subscribe!

  57. Stephanie says:

    Awesome giveaway. Congratulations on your anniversary.

  58. Katie Stiles says:

    I subscribe…. found you when I was doing a search on Chicken and Dumplings a few months ago… I LOVE your recipe and I make it twice a month.

  59. I love reading your blog!

  60. I have only been following your blog for a few months, but I love it. keep up the good work!!

  61. Diane in MD says:

    Thanks for sharing your recipes and experiences. I love finding new recipes to try!

  62. Vicky Johnson says:

    Great Giveaway!

  63. Vicky Johnson says:

    I facebooked!

  64. I’d love to be entered to win.

  65. I’m a subscriber already.

  66. Awesome giveaway!

  67. I subscribe via google reader.

  68. Oh, those look amazing! I have been wanting good shears for some time now. Thank for offering it.

  69. What a neat looking kitchen tool!

  70. I’m a fairly recent suscriber (within the last couple months) and I enjoy your writing. Happy Anniversary!

  71. Happy anniversary. I love reading your blog! Your pictures are great and inspirational.

  72. I am subscriber, also!

  73. Jessica Y says:

    I appreciate your good ideas!

  74. I am so glad that I found your blog! I love it!

  75. Happy Blogoversary!!! Eat At Home is my favorite cooking blog and I try to let others know about it too.

  76. I am already a subscriber (follower).

  77. Just tweeted about it.

  78. I’m really enjoying your blog!

  79. Happy Anniversary!! I am subscribed by email so I get to say “hello good morning every single day” Great Idea KitchenAide!! Two for One’s are a girls best friend ~gasp in horror~ After Her Mother of course 😉 (mine is always watching from miles and miles away) haha

  80. OldNuffToKnoBtr says:

    This sounds like something I would get good use from. Thanks for the chance to win.

  81. Carol Ann says:

    Congratulations on your blogging anniversary!!! I love your website and recipes. I cant wait to try the Amish oatmeal cookies and the easy chocolate pudding cake. They look wonderful.

  82. Congratulations Tiffany! I’ve enjoyed visiting your blog and stop by nearly every day…if my family weren’t such picky eaters I could try more of the recipes:)

  83. Congrats on your anniversary!!

  84. Congrat’s!! I just recently found your blog but added you to my blogroll right away! lol!! Those are some kind of scissors!! 🙂

  85. Just blogged about it at http://justmovingforward.com

    More to help people fall in love with Eat At Home than to up my chances. 😉

  86. I would love to win!

  87. I now subscribe through my email.

  88. Great blog!! Congrats on your first year!


  89. Wow a whole year and this blog looks so well “seasoned” (pun intended) thanks for the entry

  90. I subscribe to your feed!

  91. Ohhh Looks like a good one to try!

  92. I subscribe and love your blog!

  93. Christina Madison says:

    Enter me please!

  94. Christina Madison says:

    I subscribed via RSS!

  95. Christina Madison says:

    I shared on Facebook!

  96. Congrats on your 1 year!

  97. I would love to win this 🙂

  98. Happy Anniversary! Great giveaway. Hope I win!

  99. I tweeted about it!

  100. HAPPY anniversary!!!! fingers crossed I win!!!

  101. Staci Jones says:

    You have such fabulous recipes and I am in love with how easy they are and how yummy they are. Thank you so much for them.

  102. Staci Jones says:

    I subscribe to your RSS feed.

  103. I also posted on my blog. thanks!

  104. Congrats. I’m not entering the contest. Just wanted to celebrate with you!

  105. Nice giveaway and Happy Blogaversary!

  106. That Oreo picture is priceless!
    Very cool giveaway… thanks for the chance!!

  107. This looks really nifty! Thank you for the giveaway!

  108. Love the giveaway…many congrats on your first year! I love the oreo pic too 🙂

  109. Regina in OK says:

    We are eating our way through Week 2. This has been fun for my (homeschooled) daughters and me. We love the prepared grocery lists.

  110. I’m In 🙂

  111. I’ve subscribed to RSS!

  112. enjoy your blog, thank you

  113. Congratulations on your blogoversary! My kitchen shears are shot. I’d love a new pair. Thanks for offering such a terrific giveaway!!

  114. I’m already a subscriber via Google Reader!

  115. YUM!

  116. I have been reading your blog for a while. Thank you for sharing.

  117. I also subscribe via RSS.

  118. These would be great for holiday cooking! Congrats on a fabulous year.

  119. Amanda from Moving Forward sent me over here. This is my first time, and as cooking klutz, I’m marking your blog for further perusal.

  120. Tweeted the giveaway (under the alias “shadysidefarm”)…

  121. Following your blog…

  122. I love finding new blogs and this one looks right up my alley. Great giveaway. Congratulations on your 1 year blogging anniversary!!

  123. Kristie Behunin says:

    love your yummy recipes!

  124. Congrats on making it to a year! You’ve made it further than 95% of all blogs!

  125. I have also subscribed to your RSS feed, in my Google Reader, and I’m planning to make your Wacky Cake this afternoon (with baking soda). Cheers!

  126. Congrats on your big anniversary! I’m new here but I’ll throw my hat into the ring!

  127. Congrats on your 1 year anniversary!!! I’ve never been here but I think I’ll stick around!


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