3 Things that Work in the Kitchen This Week – November 10

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3 Things that work in the kitchen


1.  Car picnic

Our youngest is playing volleyball now.  So we finished soccer season and have picked up volleyball.  The season got off to a quick start with two out of town games on Monday and Tuesday.

I hate to admit this – again – but I had no plan for Monday’s dinner.  And we had a soccer banquet that night too and I had no plan for that either.  (As my excuse, we had a lot of family in for the weekend and my focus was entirely on that.)  This lack of plan meant we grabbed fast food Monday night.

And I was determined not to do that again on Tuesday.

So I grilled some chicken in the afternoon, cooled it, sliced it and added it to tossed salad.  Easy. Nutritious.  Packable.  We ate it in the car between volleyball games.  So, so much better than fast food.

2.  Chicken marinating for the lazy and forgetful.



I really like the way marinated chicken tastes better than plain.  But I don’t always plan ahead for that.  One way to do it is use the lazy freezer method.  That works great!

But I didn’t have any chicken in my freezer this time.  So I grabbed a bottle of Italian dressing and doused the chicken right before grilling.  While it was still in the package.  It worked great!

Don’t be afraid to try shortcuts.

3.  Pancake Supper + Grocery Shopping

Wednesday night Jim was gone.  I still hadn’t been to the grocery other than quick runs for one or two things.  Pancakes and sausage for dinner worked fine.

My go-to pancake recipe is this whole wheat one.  I have it memorized so it’s quick to fix.

On Thursday I made it to the grocery with a printed list from Weekly Meal Plans.  I used one of the Traditional lists for November.  I changed up the soup recipe on the list for a new soup idea (tried it, liked it, sharing it soon).  I also added ingredients for a Thanksgiving dessert recipe idea. Hopefully, it will turn out and I’ll share that one soon too.

The color coding on the grocery lists makes swapping things out so easy!

What’s working in your kitchen this week?


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  1. #2… then grab that Italian dressing, add about an equal amount of ketchup and a little brown sugar. Warm it up to melt the sugar or cook it down to intensify the flavor and and use that sauce on your marinated chicken. I turns out to be a great sweet/zesty combo. I do chicken like this quite often in the summer.

  2. I love reading all of your blogs, but I have really been enjoying the “what worked” portion. What’s been working for me lately is making one soup a week. It helps so much for packing lunch for the week. I have Fajita Beef Soup in my crockpot now; I can’t wait to get home and have dinner ready!

    • Fajita Beef Soup sounds fantastic! I’m so glad you’re liking these posts. It’s taken me a long time to stumble on a weekly format that works 🙂


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