3 Things That Work in the Kitchen This Week – January 18

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3 Things that work in the kitchen

1.  Wood Butter

wood butter

Also called board butter or wooden spoon butter.  Whatever you call it, this stuff is great!

My cutting boards and wooden utensils have been so dried out, bleached and rough.  I finally broke down and bought this board butter from Amazon.  It makes a huge difference in the wood and worked on my bamboo cutting board and utensils too.

It smells like honey, because it’s made with beeswax and mineral oil.  My hands felt pretty nice after rubbing it into the boards and spoons.

2.  A really nice, new saucepan

3 quart pot

My old 3 quart Revere Ware saucepan had seen better days, to say the least.  It was no longer flat on the bottom and rocked on the burner.  I finally decided to replace it with something new.

A search on Amazon yielded this one from Cook’s Standard.  The great sale (Amazon pricing changes quick, so it may not still be on sale now), combined with the 5 star reviews convinced me to buy.

I can’t believe how much better this pot is than my old one!  The best thing is how easy it is to clean.  It wipes out nearly as easily as a non-stick surface.  I’m considering replacing some of my other pots and pans with this brand.

3.  Healthy Breakfast

I tend to eat the same thing for breakfast everyday.  I’ll switch things up every six months or so, but I like eating the same meal every morning for a few reasons.  It makes things really simple.  It’s easy to get in a routine of making breakfast quickly without having to think about things, when you make the same thing every day.

For over a year, breakfast has included a green smoothie.  A few weeks ago, we decided to switch from toast and bagels to eggs and vegetables.  Zucchini, red bell pepper, tomatoes and scrambled eggs go really well with the green smoothie.

What’s working in your kitchen this week?

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