3 Things that Work in the Kitchen This Week – December 8

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3 Things that work in the kitchen


I think I’m finally starting to feel better after the cold/flu/sinus infection thing that got me over Thanksgiving.   Really, it didn’t seem severe enough to take me out like it did.  But it was a headache inducing, energy sucker.  And I’m glad it’s gone!

1.  Big Grocery Trip!

I stopped by my favorite little Kroger store and bought all the things.  I didn’t shop with a list this time.  I just pulled one or more of everything off the shelves.  Actually, shopping without a list is one of my creativity tricks for spurring new recipe ideas.  I buy a lot of inspiration ingredients and all the basic type ingredients too.

And it worked!  I’ve made several new recipes this week and have ideas for more.  And my baking drawer in the pantry is overflowing with good stuff!

2.  Stove top version of a slow cooker soup.

spicy chicken soup done

The original post for this Spicy Chicken Soup tells how to make it in a slow cooker.  There are also a lot of ideas for variations.

I decided to make the soup on the stove top, using frozen rotisserie chicken.  I skipped the rice and the bell pepper.  We ate it with Fritos, so of course it was a hit!  And it only took 15-20 minutes to fix.  Win. Win.

3.  Candy Cane Fudge for Advent and other fudge ideas.



We had an Advent dinner at church on Friday night.  I was asked to make a recipe as part of the program and to include the kids in the cooking.  We made this easy fudge recipe.  I’ll share the recipe this week and how we made it fit into the Advent program.

And I’m majoring in fudge making this week!  I’ve got plans for Coconut Fudge and, if all goes well, a Salted Caramel Fudge.  I’ll share all the successes with you soon.

And 1 thing that didn’t work – the deep freeze.


Jim went into the garage on Saturday morning and noticed that the freezer wasn’t working.  All that meat was thawed and stinky.  Sad, sad, sad loss of the pork and an organic chicken we had gotten from Jim’s sister and her husband.  This is not a good way to clean out a freezer.

We are still trying to determine if it’s the freezer that died or if it’s something wrong with the outlet.  Either way, it was a stinky, expensive mess.

What’s working in your kitchen this week?

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  1. So sorry about your freezer. My parents’ garage freezer bit the dust a few weeks ago. They didn’t suffer as much loss as you did because my mom caught it shortly after it happened, but it’s sucky nonetheless. I’m on a health kick right now (hopefully permanently) and I’m eager to go grocery shopping and start fresh.

    • I think I usually get into the freezer every day or two, but since I’d been sick I hadn’t been out there for at least a week. Good luck on the health kick/fresh start! That’s awesome! And I love that you’re not waiting until the new year. I bet it’s more likely to stick by starting now.

  2. 🙁 We have a temperature alarm on our deep freezer! Got it from amazon for about $30.

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