3 Things that Work in the Kitchen This Week (and my confession) – October 27

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3 Things that work in the kitchen


I’m going to be sad to see October go.  November gets precariously close to winter and I’m not ready for that!

Super Easy 15 Minute Meals

I’ve been working with McCormick most of the year and they sent me a package that came in so handy this week. Their new skillet sauces saved dinner twice this week. More on that on Wednesday.

McCormick skillet sauces

Eating Out

This is embarrassing to admit, since my blog is called Eat at Home, but we ate out quite a bit last week. It’s what worked. I had a terrible cold at the beginning of last week and I never went to the grocery or made a plan. And on Thursday I was supposed to go to book club for dinner, Mia had volleyball practice and Jim was taking Isaac to a soccer tournament for the weekend. I’d planned that we would all eat out, since no one would be home. I ended up skipping book club to due to a headache, but we still had take-out.

On Friday night, I gathered up Mia, plus my oldest two kids and we ran some errands and had pizza out.

Some weeks are just like that. But a steady diet of restaurant food usually puts me in the mood to eat at home again. Which leads too…


Big Grocery Trip – Finally!

printed grocery list

Saturday I hit the store with a well thought out list. I printed the Slow Cooker list for this week of Weekly Meal Plans. I’ve looked ahead at our schedule and I know I need slow cooker meals for Tuesday and Thursday. I also added all the items I’ll need for next weekend, when my family comes to visit. And I even made a list of last minute items I’ll need to pick up late in the week for that visit.

It feels good to be organized again!

What’s working in your kitchen this week?

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  1. I had a similar week last week. Ballet + soccer + parent/teacher conferences + out of town for a conference meant that we ate out WAAAAAAY more than I ever want to in one month. I am grocery planning and looking forward to home cooked meals each night this week.

  2. wow that is an impressive menu plan! i have got to color code mine now!! 🙂

  3. Using stuff up. I’m going out of town Thursday, but doing a big shopping when I get home Sunday, so I’m trying to clear out space. I need fresh bread, fresh produce, etc. The frozen southwest veggie mix was a little freezer-burned.

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