3 Things That Work in the Kitchen – Including a Migraine update

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3 Things that work in the kitchen

1. Carbona Stain Remover – for cooking stains


The other day I made a great dinner of Pizza Pot Pie.  I was cooking dangerous with no apron and wearing a white, lace top.  Sure enough, I managed to splatter tomato sauce all over my shirt while I was serving the pizza.

That gave me a good reason to try out the Carbona Stain Devil that I bought a few weeks ago.  I first heard about these on the Sorta Awesome podcast.  They’re formulated according to different stains.  I used the one for Chocolate, Ketchup & Mustard on the spots on my shirt.  I didn’t even treat it until the next day, but every single spot came out of the shirt!

I found these stain removers at Walmart in the laundry soap aisle.  I’m not usually so forward thinking as to buy a specific stain remover before needing it.  Now that I know they work so well, I’m going to pick up a couple more.

2.  Things we’ve eaten on the soccer field recently.

We have partaken of many a meal on the sidelines of a soccer field over the past few weeks.  Here’s a short list of foods that have been packed up and eaten at a game:

  • Tortilla roll ups with lunch meat, cheese etc.
  • Turkey Apple Caesar Salad – I think this was my favorite packed meal.
  • Panzanella – I fully intended to take photos of this one, but didn’t do it.  Pioneer Woman had posted about crisping up cornbread cubes to use in this salad.  Since I had leftover cornbread, I decided to try it.  I used the cornbread, some french bread, tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, red onion, red bell pepper and a vinaigrette dressing.  This was Jim’s favorite packed meal.
  • Cold chicken strips bought at the walmart deli.  Not our favorite.
  • Pasta salad with grilled chicken
  • Sandwiches – Not exciting, but so packable.

3.  Things that are really helping my migraines.

I’m not a doctor and I don’t play one on TV or the internet.  I’m just sharing what has worked for me.  Talk to your doctor if you have questions about trying them yourself.  

If you’ve been a reader here for very long, you know that I battle migraines.  One of my goals for 2015 was to get rid of them.  I knew when I made the goal that a lot of it is out of my control, but I really wanted to focus on finding a solution.

Nine months into the year, I think I’ve finally found some things that are working.

Sometime in August, I decided to try Progessence Plus essential oil by Young Living.

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 4.31.11 PM

This one felt like a bit of a long shot, but I was pretty desperate after a really difficult summer with migraines and headaches.  I started with just a few drops a day and worked my way up to four drops in the morning and three at night.  After a few weeks, I could tell that it was helping.  I had fewer headaches, sometimes I would get two or three days with no headache.

Since I was still having more headaches and migraines than I wanted, I decided to add Migrelief.

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 4.27.59 PM

I take one pill at night and one in the morning.  I’ve been taking it for about six weeks now and I feel like a new person.  It honestly feels like I have my life back.  There have been times when I’ve had to take the migraine pain meds, but when I do the meds work quickly.  I don’t lose part of my day to pain.  I go for many days between any headaches at all.

I’ve been able to drive myself on a five hour trip, go on a hike, be outside all day at soccer games, sit in meetings…all with no headache/migraine.  I know that none of that sounds all that amazing, but those are all things that would have given me a lot of pain.

The Migrelief bottle says to take it for at least 90 days so it can build up in your system, before deciding if it works or not.  I was able to tell after about 2-3 weeks that it was working and the longer I’ve been on it, the better the results.

Again, I’m not a doctor.  I’m just sharing my own experience and I’m so thankful to have found some things that have helped.

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  1. Rebekah Smith says:

    Do you swallow the essential oil drops or just rub them on your forehead? I have migraines too and am looking for some new ideas to help. Thanks!

    • With the progessence plus, I rub 4 drops on the sides of my neck and inner thighs in the morning. And at night I use 3 drops on the inside of my forearms.

  2. Roberta Breuer says:

    I take 2 pills every day to control my migraines – verapimil and amitriptaline. before that, I took maxsalt to control them. They went away in 46 minutes.

  3. My daughter-in-law was having migraines at the rate of 2-4 a week, and they were really debilitating. Finally, she went to an allergist. After all the tests, she found that she had a milk allergy. Not just an intolerance but a full allergy. Once she deleted all dairy products from her diet, the migraines disappeared! No butter on the grill, changed to no-dairy products, no milk products of any nature. I wonder if testing for food allergies might turn up something. Definitely worth checking out. It changed her life!

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