Shopping lists aren’t just for groceries – Spring Style Challenge

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We’ve all got strengths and weaknesses.  I’m good at dinner, but I’m terrible with clothes.  I don’t know what things go together or what makes a good outfit.  And I hate, hate, hate to shop.

That’s why I really love doing Alison’s Style Challenges.  I started doing them a few years ago, when she offered her first Spring Challenge.

These challenges make the shopping so easy – you get a list of pieces to buy, kind of like a grocery list but for clothes.  The pieces become the “ingredients” that get mixed into outfits.  Each piece can be used multiple ways, just like a can of diced tomatoes can be used for an Italian meal, a Mexican dish or a pot of vegetable soup.

Shopping the closet (and the store):

I’ve found that I’m able to shop my closet for quite a few of the pieces needed in this capsule wardrobe system.  In fact, I took a few seasons off from doing the Style Challenges.  What I found after being away from them, is it seemed I had nothing to wear.  Sure, there were clothes in my closet, but I never had the right things (so I thought).

I signed up for Alison’s annual membership back in January (the annual membership isn’t available anymore).  That gave me access to her Winter 2015 Challenge.  And suddenly, without needing to buy any clothes at all, I found new ways to wear what I already owned.

I’m pretty sure I made back what I spent for the annual membership just because I didn’t need to keep shopping.  The Style Challenges show me how to actually use what I have in the closet.  Just like a good, basic recipe can take ingredients from your pantry and fridge and pull them together for dinner – even when you didn’t think you had anything to make.

Registration Open – Join Me!

Registration opens today for the Spring 2016 Style Challenge.  I’ve already seen the shopping list and the first week of outfits (a perk of being an annual member).  This is going to be a fun one!  I already own most of the pieces.  For the things I need to purchase, I’m armed with the shopping list, Allison’s suggested links and the internet.  With any luck, I won’t have to darken the door of an actual store.

If you are the type who loves shopping in a real store, you’ll still love having the list so you know what to buy.  I’ve even seen the wonderful women in the private Facebook group post dressing room photos for advice.  That’s like going shopping with your most stylish friends.

Speaking of the Facebook group, it is one of the best things about the challenges.  The women are all so supportive of each other.  Many friendships have been formed in those groups.

Click here to register for the Spring 2016 Style Challenge.

The cost is $49 and there are some really nice bonuses if you sign up before April 10.


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  1. Karen Gebbie says:

    I’m just wondering if it is an American site, and the $49 is in USD?

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