3 Things That Work in the Kitchen This Week – October 20

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3 Things that work in the kitchen

1. I’m still using the pressure cooker.

Pressure Cooker Macaroni and Cheese

But mostly just for Macaroni and Cheese. This is the best mac and cheese! The leftovers are really good too (which isn’t something you can often say about mac and cheese). But I really do need to learn some other pressure cooker recipes and use it more often.

2. Quick Tortilla Soup.

Chicken Tortilla Soup

I made this Chicken Tortilla Soup real quick before running out the door to pick up Isaac from soccer practice. I love this soup. It’s so easy and so good. I even made the crunchy tortillas. Sometimes I skip those, but they are worth the effort.

Broken Ice Maker.

water pitcher

Okay, actually that’s something that’s not working. What is working is keeping a pitcher of cold water in the fridge. Simple solution. The fridge guy is coming on Wednesday to see if it can be fixed.

What’s working in your kitchen this week?

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  1. I really love having a bag of chopped onions in the freezer. Taking a bit of time to chop several at once, whether by hand or in a food processor, then freezing them in ziploc bags makes prep time faster when I’m making things that call for chopped onions. I also do it with bell peppers, but I use onions way more frequently.

  2. An old friend used to use her pressure cooker to make Beef Stroganoff – it was so perfect!

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