Menu, Grocery List, Recipes Year 3 Week 37

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I’ve started publishing the weekly menus on Sunday nights now instead of Monday morning. When I asked on Facebook, the consensus was Sunday is a better day for menu planning.

I really like the menu this week.  There are a couple of slow cooker meals and a variety of other dinners to keep things interesting, but still easy.  And the cake!  Oh my goodness!  There’s nothing better you can do with zucchini.  If a dessert involves cream cheese frosting, count me in.

Here’s what is on the menu this week:

Skillet Chicken, Peppers and Tomatoes, couscous cooked in chicken broth, salad

Smoky Chipotle Chicken Tacos in the Slow Cooker, chips & salsa, Guacamole

Hashbrown Casserole with Ham in the Slow Cooker, favorite green veggie

Asian Salmon on the Grill, Roasted Broccoli and Red Peppers, Microwave Corn on the Cob

Grilled Chicken with a Lazy Marinade, Winter Fruit Salad with Lemon Poppy Seed Dressing, Graham Muffins

Easy Meatball Subs, salad

Zucchini Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

 To print, click here:  menu year 3 week 37

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  1. Hi! I love your recipes but I have one suggestion. In the grocery list, sometimes you list the “serving suggestions” listed as, sometimes you don’t. Also, sometimes I don’t know how to cook the serving suggestion. “couscous cooked in chicken broth”? I have absolutely no idea what that is, where to find it in the store, let alone the proper way to cook it in chicken broth. There was another time where I had friends over, I was almost done cooking, then I realized the end serving suggestion was corn muffins. The grocery list had me buy corn flour, but didn’t list anything else I needed to make corn muffins. Luckily I had everything, but it delayed dinner another 15 minutes. Maybe if the serving suggestions are listed under the ingredients, or under the title of the meal, I would be able to plan ahead better.

    Just my two cents. But thank you so much for your hard work!

    • Jena, Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll keep that in mind as I write posts and lists. Sometimes, I do put more info in the menu post itself or in the recipe post. Most of the side dishes do call for common ingredients. I know it can be frustrating to not have what you need. Thanks again for the suggestions.

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