Menu, Grocery List, Recipes – Week 9

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If you like printing these menus and grocery lists, check out the new Eat at Home Weekly Meal Plan service.  Subscribers get both the Traditional and All Slow Cooker versions emailed each week.  It’s the easiest way to eat at home!

weeklymenusYesterday, I printed and shopped with one of my Menu/Grocery Lists for the first time.

That’s right.  For 9 weeks, I’ve put together printable menus with complete grocery lists and I’ve yet to use one myself.  You see, I’m always trying out new recipes so it hasn’t made sense to use a menu full of recipes I’ve already tried.

But, this week I noticed that I’ve cooked up all kinds of things to share here and I’m ahead of the game.  That meant that I could make it easy on myself by printing off the grocery list and heading to the store.

Guess what!  It was so easy!  What a time saver.  And I found that it was simple to alter the menu if I needed.  In fact, today for lunch I made a new recipe.  I just re-purposed the ingredients for the planned meal into a brand new meal.  I think we can add “flexible” to the list of benefits of these menus and grocery lists.

A few notes about this week’s menu:

  1. You get 6 dinners and 1 dessert, plus bonus salad and muffin recipes.
  2. There is a slow cooker meal included.
  3. Serving suggestions are included on the grocery list in curly brackets {}

Here are the recipes included this week:

Print the Menu, Grocery List and Recipes by clicking here: [download id=”9″]

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  1. I clicked on the recipes and they look great! The maple apple chicken sounds REALLY good. I’ve never tried that one so I’m looking forward to trying it.

  2. What a great concept! I’m highly lactose-intolerant so although your recipes look yummy, there are too many of them that use cheese as key ingredient. I could modify but it just wouldn’t taste the same. You’ve given me inspiration, though. I’ve been using a menu system for years and I may repackage some of my recipes this way so that I can just print off the grocery lists and have the recipes handy for any given week.

  3. Thank you for taking the time to pull together all this information. I’m new to your site and look forward to trying week 9.

  4. I just downloaded all 10 weeks. I think the concept is great. Personally I do not eat wheat, so regular pasta is not for me. but there are many fine gluten-free substitutions available these day. The next grocery shopping day, I will pick one of the weeks and try it.

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