CocoNot Cookies

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Unless someone told you (like I’m about to do) that these cookies don’t have any coconut in them, you’d never know it.  Why make coconut cookies without coconut?  I have no idea, except they are easy and good and the ingredients are kind of novel, in a 70s way.

The cookies are soft, with the texture of coconut.  They are best if when they aren’t overbaked.

Here’s what you’ll need:


2/3 cup butter

2 cups sugar

2 tsp. coconut extract

2 eggs

2 cups baking mix (Jiffy, Bisquick etc)

2 cups instant potato flakes (Idaho Spuds has the best texture)

Cream the butter and sugar together.  Add the extract and egg, then beat in the baking mix and potato flakes.  You can chill the dough, but I chose not to.  Bake at 375 degrees for 8-10 minutes.  Don’t overbake them.  Let them rest on the cookie sheet or stone a few minutes before removing them to cool.

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  1. Sounds good to me!

  2. This looks wild and crazy! I have never tried instant potatoes in a cookie recipe. I will have to give it a go, they look very tasty!

  3. Jamie @ Dear Diary says:

    I’ve never tried cookies with mashed tators in them, but definitely going to have to give it a try.

  4. How funny…potato flakes in cookies. I’ll bet these are good for people who like the coconut flavor but can’t deal with the texture.

  5. I love this! Except I don’t *think* I have any coconut extract. That just might have to go on the shopping list.

  6. Now those are some interesting ingredients… hmmm…

  7. These cookies tasted unbelievable!! My husband and I fought over who got to eat the last one. Thanks for sharing!

  8. That’s a good recommendation to make these from Beth. I may even have some coconut extract sitting unused in my baking cupboard. This year I’m trying to keep down costs and use up what I have. The question is, do I have instant potato? Probably not, but I’ll keep this recipe in mind.

    I bet they’d be really great dipped half-way in chocolate. Yum!

  9. when we were kids, every year on the first day of christmas vacation my sister and i would go to my grandmother’s house and spend the day baking – coco-not cookies were our favorite, but over the years we lost the recipe – thank you so much for printing the recipe – this year my sister and i will be baking cookies with her kids!

  10. Sharon Davis says:

    good grief woman these sound very interesting, but what size do you make the cookies? LOL

  11. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much. I have been looking for this for years.

  12. Annette B says:

    These are the best coconut cookies without using coconut. I love these. I’ve made them 4x, and they only last a day. Thanks for the recipe.

  13. I am happy to see there are other people who have baked these cookies, lost the recipe, and are as pleased as I am that you printed the recipe. I baked them every Christmas and thoroughly enjoyed them with my family and friends. Thank you.


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