2 Awesome Freezer Cooking Resources

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I know that all of you love stocking your freezer as much as I do.  It can be such a time saver.

And there’s the satisfaction of knowing you’ve got mealtime covered (or at least a head start).

I want to introduce you to 2 resources for freezer cooking from Once a Month Mom. (And there’s a limited number available at a discount! Keep reading for the code.)

Both books have plans, instructions, grocery lists and even labels.  Everything you need to get the freezer stocked is here (except the food, of course!) 

First up is Survive Before 5: Toddler Meals for Your Busy Days – The cool thing about this book is that even though the recipes are toddler friendly, it’s all real food.  Older kids and even adults will enjoy the recipes.  And I love the idea of being able to pull a healthy meal or snack from the freezer to feed a hungry, fussy little person.  Oh how that would have come in handy a few years ago!

You’ll find recipes for:

  • individual mac & cheese cups
  • fruity breakfast burritos
  • individual pizzas
  • peanut butter banana yogurt pops
  • and lots more ~~all for the freezer!

Once a Month Mom Holiday 2010 eCookbookOnce a Month Mom also offers Once a Month Mom Holiday 2010 eCookbook.  It won’t be long before we’ll be sitting down to eat Thanksgiving dinner, and Christmas is right behind.

This ebook has recipes for:

  • twice baked sweet potatoes
  • slow cooker stuffing
  • make ahead butterhorn rolls
  • caramel apple pie trifle
  • and lots more ~~~ all for your freezer!

Having the freezer stocked with everything you need for holiday dinners would mean getting to truly enjoy the time with family.  No stress!

You can buy Once a Month Mom Holiday 2010 eCookbook or Survive Before 5: Toddler Meals for Your Busy Days by clicking the links.

Discount code – Use the code EATHOME2OFF to save $2 on either book.  There are only 50 available discounts, so don’t wait!

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  1. I have to check out that holiday one! Thanks for sharing!

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