Weekly Menu, Grocery List, Recipes – Week 14

If you like printing these menus and grocery lists, check out the new Eat at Home Weekly Meal Plan service.  Subscribers get both the Traditional and All Slow Cooker versions emailed each week.  It’s the easiest way to eat at home!

weeklymenusDon’t you wish everything on your to-do list could be as easy as click-print-shop?

At least the menu planning and grocery list making are taken care of when you use my menu plans.  I also try to keep the cooking simple.  I believe that family dinners are important, but families have lots of other things going on during the week too.  Being able to put a delicious meal on the table quickly maximizes the time you can spend together.

The menu gives you 6 dinners and 1 dessert.  There are 2 slow cooker meals and you’ll double your effort one night by making 2 meatloaves – 1 for dinner and 1 for the freezer.

Serving suggestions are included on the recipes and in curly brackets {} on the grocery list.

Here’s the menu for this week:

To print the Menu/Grocery List/Recipes click here: [download id=”14″]

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This menu is part of Menu Plan Monday at orgjunkie.com.

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  1. Thank you so much for making these weekly menus, your recipes are so GREAT!

    I don’t think I can express it correctly how much I appreciate all the time and effort you have put into these. I have each one saved!

  2. Thought I’d leave this comment for other readers – that meatloaf is THE BEST MEATLOAF I have ever made or eaten! My kids ALL love it and ask for seconds!

  3. Just wanted to thank you for always making my week alittle easier.

  4. I have just started using your menus. I had really hit a wall with menu planning and shopping. I couldn’t have found this at a better time. I’ve done a week so far and the reactions are all positive. Thank you so much for doing this. I’m going to try one a week. I have my apple pot roast in my slow cooker right now. You’re the best!!

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