Weekly Meal Plan Subscription

Hi! I’m really excited to roll out a new feature of the meal plans this month. Starting in July, the Traditional and Whole Food plans will include at least one 15 minute meal and at least one slow cooker meal each week. These will be noted next to the recipes with the icons you see below.
This will make it easy for you best know how to fit the meals into your week. The key to successfully following any meal plan is to make sure the timing works for your schedule. In addition to the 15 minute and slow cooker icons, there’s also a freezer icon, so you’ll have an idea of what can be made ahead of time.

We update this page by the first Monday of every month. You’ll be able to find the plans for each week of the month here. Download them all at once or come back as many times as you need during the month when you’re ready to print your grocery list and shop. Please note: we only keep one month of plans up at a time. You will need to download them and save to your computer.

Find this page again:

You can now find a link to this member page at the top of the blog in the navigation bar. Also all of the blog/recipe pages on the site have a link to this page at the bottom of the right hand side bar. Look for the green lettering that says “Weekly Meal Plans Page” and click that to come back here.

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And because a few of you have asked, here’s the link to the Eat at Home Youtube channel.

Weekly Meal Plan Subscription

  • Each week has 6 dinners and 1 dessert. Serving suggestions are included in curly brackets.
  • The plans are color-coded so you can easily see which meal the ingredients go with, or swap out an entire meal if needed.
  • You’ll need to add your own breakfast, lunch, and snack items to the list.
  • The meals can be cooked in any order. Look them over and fit them into your weekly schedule in the way that makes sense for your family.
  • Check over the list before heading to the store. Cross off any items you don’t need. Highlight items that you need from the “Items to Have in Pantry/Fridge” list.
  • If you don’t want to print all the recipes, set your printer to only print page 1 of the document.
  • Use the right size of slow cooker for the number of servings you are making. Recipes making 3-4 servings should cook in 4 quart slow cooker to avoid overcooking. Recipes serving 6-8 people should cook in a 5-6 quart slow cooker.”
If you’re on a mobile device and have trouble downloading the files, you may need to download a free app called Zip File Viewer. We also suggest saving the files to Dropbox or Evernote so that you can find and view them again easily on your device.

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