Weekend Links, couple of Wedding Pics, what C.S. Lewis ate, and more

Before I get the weekend links, I wanted to share a couple of wedding pictures.  Our daughter, Meredith got married last weekend.  It was such a special time to celebrate with friends and family.

We don’t have photos back from the photographer yet, but I managed to snap a few with my phone.



Instead of wedding cake, we served donuts from North Lime Coffee & Donuts.  When Meredith and Stephen first told me that’s what they wanted to do, I really wondered about it.  But it turned out to be a big hit with the guests!  

In fact, I’m pretty sure the photographer didn’t have a chance to take any photos of the donut table before our guest started diving in.  I ran over to take photos right after the ceremony, while the receiving line was forming.  They had to call me back to the line, because I got caught up in taking food photos 🙂

donut table


We had white iced, maple bacon, strawberry cheesecake, blueberry cheesecake, chocolate iced, lemon ice box and cherry limeade (my favorite!).

Instead of a cake cutting ceremony, Meredith and Stephen bit into the same donut.  I can’t wait to see the photos of that. I was on the other side of the room and missed getting a picture of that moment.

It was a wonderful day and we’re so thankful for all the help from family and friends.

What C.S. Lewis ate

Now for a few weekend links.  First up, one of the ministers that officiated at the wedding writes a blog.  Quite a while ago, he sent a thank you letter to C.S. Lewis (even though the author had passed away long ago).  You won’t believe the response he got back in the mail!  If you ever wondered what C.S. Lewis ate to make him the writing genius that he was, wonder no more.

You're Doing It Right Grocery Shopping (900)


I loved this post on grocery shopping from The Kitchn.

I’ve been diving into the Storyline Blog lately.  While digging around over there, I stumbled on a song by Ben Rector.  I’d never heard of Ben Rector, but I loved the song.  After pulling up iTunes, listening and loving the song samples and realizing I had unspent iTunes money from Christmas, I purchased his latest album.  Good stuff!


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  1. What a lovely wedding and I LOVE that you served donuts instead of cake. I love a good cherry limeade, so I’m guessing I would share your favorite!

  2. Gorgeous bride and handsome groom…how I love their ‘out of the box’ thinking with all those donuts! And it’s a ‘help yourself treat’….awesome!

  3. I love the doughnut idea!!

  4. Oh my goodness, what a stunning bride and handsome groom! Congrats to the couple! <3

    Also. I could totally get behind eating a lot of donuts. 😉 It's so interesting all the creative receptions coming up these days. We're going to one that's doing just an ice cream parlor type thing instead of cake and a meal. So different, but great for a hot summer day!

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