Grilled Zucchini

grilled zucchini done

Two things I have been loving lately – our new grill and homemade seasoned salt.  I love the grill because it doesn’t burn everything like the old one did.  And I love the seasoned salt because it makes nearly everything taste better.

Even zucchini.

I like zucchini, but it’s not something that I would normally take a second helping of.  But grilled zucchini tasted so good, I wanted to keep eating it.  And it’s so simple to make.

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Lemon Pepper Tilapia with Veggies on the Grill

tilapia with veggies in foil done

I’ve done tilapia in a foil packet before, but this time I wanted to use the grill and more veggies.  Instead of making individual packets, I made a large one.  The fish and vegetables cooked perfectly in just 15-20 minutes.  Even though the foil was charred around the edges, the food didn’t burn at all.

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