Back to School Dinner Solutions

I kind of hate to say it.

I’d much rather find my way back to my beach chair with a good book and the ocean breeze.

But the truth is…it’s that time of year again.

Back to school.

Time to get ready and get organized.

Tomorrow, I’ve got a solution I think you’re really going to love.  Hint: It will help you with meals, schedules, cleaning and more.

And today, I’ve got a list of dinner solutions for you.  I’ve pulled my best posts together for you in one place.  These are the posts that I go back to when I need a mealtime solution.

The Menus

All of the Print, Shop, Cook menus are a big time-saver for me.  Although, I sometimes shop without a list nothing beats printing the list and heading to the store.  No planning or thinking required.

Here are a few special menus that are a big help at back to school time:

Year 3, Week 28 – All Slow Cooker Edition

Year 1, Week 28 – Fill Your Freezer

Year 2, Week 17 – Fill Your Freezer

You can find more menus with at least 4 slow cooker recipes here.

You can browse all the menus here.

Slow Cook It

How do families survive without slow cookers?  There’s nothing more satisfying than knowing your dinner is fixed by 10am and you can check that off the daily to-do list.

Rock the Slow Cooker! – This post breaks down the recipes by 5-10 minute prep, all day cooking, and no sides required meals.

Summer Slow Cooker Meals – Soup weather is coming, but until then here’s a list of hot weather recipes.

Freeze It

Spending a little time stocking your freezer is a great way to prep for back to school.  Use one of the freezer menus above, or try some other recipes from the freezer category.

Tips for cooking a lot of meals in just a few hours.

Everything you ever wanted to know about storing foods in the freezer.

How do you get ready for back to school?

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