Fried Green Tomatoes (and many other Southern foods too!)

Our summer road trip from the kitchen series has taken us to New England and the Mid-Atlantic states.  Now we’re in the South!

I live in Kentucky, so I have lots of Southern food on EaH.  But somehow, I had not done a post on fried green tomatoes.  I don’t make them very often, but they are oh-so-good.  I like to eat them on a sandwich with a slice of ripe tomato and mayonnaise.  Some people like them with ketchup on a sandwich or just on a plate.

Any way you eat them, they are full of summery, Southern goodness!

You have to use an iron skillet to make them right.  They’ll use a lot more oil than you think they will. Or use Crisco, if you really want to do it right.  (That makes me think of the Crisco scene in the book/movie The Help.)  They also take longer to make than you would think, because you’re working in batches.  Even though it doesn’t take too long for each batch to brown, the whole process takes a while.

It’s all worth it though!  Pour yourself a glass of sweet tea and sip while you cook.

Here’s what you’ll need:  [Read more…]

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