Drive. Play. Feed. Sports Season Suppers – Rock the Slow Cooker

Whoever invented the slow cooker should be held in high esteem, right up there with the inventor of the Ziploc bag.

You can make your slow cooker work even harder for you by choosing the perfect recipe to coordinate with your day.  What do I mean by that?

Well, some days you may only have 5 minutes to throw food into the slow cooker.

Some days, you need the recipe to cook all day long.  Not every meal will hold up to that.

And some days, not only will you not be home to cook dinner, but some members of the family will need to eat before you get home.  I’ve found on nights when Jim or the older kids are going to have to fix it themselves, it needs to be ready to go.  No veggies or rice or pasta to cook to go with it.  It’s got to be simple and done.

With all of that in mind, here’s a list of meals to fit each category.  If you want to check out all the slow cooker meals on my site, click the recipe box at the top of the page.

5-10 Minute Prep  [Read more…]

How to Use Your Oven as a Slow Cooker

Saturday was our first ever Virtual Freezer Cooking Day via Facebook.   I say first ever, because it was so much fun to cook with you all and it was so productive that I know I’ll want to do it again sometime.

I cooked 3 large pork roasts over night, plus an accidental ham.  (I thought it was something else, and by the time I figured out it was ham, it was too late.  It had to cook.)  There was no way all of that was going to fit in my slow cooker.

Oven to the rescue!  [Read more…]

Counter Top Cooking for the Freezer – A Guest Post

proverbs wife freezer food

This is a guest post from Saidah at  If you are interested in guest posting on Eat at Home, contact me with your ideas.

One of the biggest challenges I tend to face is making sure that I have a healthy meal on the dinner table each night. I do not know what it is about dinner time that seems to throw me for a loop.

Maybe it’s the fact that dinnertime,  just seems to be the busiest part of the day. And not to mention, it is the time of day when I feel drained. [Read more…]

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