Homemade Banana Pudding Ice Cream – (No Cook)

Banana Pudding Ice Cream


Last summer, I went all gaga for Chick-Fil-A’s banana pudding milkshakes.  Oh my goodness!  They were so good.  As far as I know, they haven’t started selling them this summer.  I don’t know if they will or not.

No worries though, I made a “Skinnier” version of the milkshake last year that’s easy to make at home.  And now, we’ve got this ice cream recipe that’s super easy to make too.

I use the simple base recipe of half and half and sweetened condensed milk.  I love not having to cook the ice cream or worry about raw eggs.  This recipe comes together in about 2.5 minutes.  Of course, you do have to wait for it to churn in the ice cream freezer, but the wait is so worth it.

Here’s what you’ll need:   [Read more…]

Lemonade Cake – One of My Favorite Cakes Ever

Lemonade Cake


This cake doesn’t look like anything special.  But if you like lemon, you will love it.

It’s one of my very favorite desserts.  My mom has made it for years and I can’t believe I haven’t shared the recipe with you yet.

It starts with a lemon cake mix.  Add a package of lemon pudding mix.  And after it’s baked, drench it with lemonade.

The result is moist, sticky, lemon-packed scrumptiousness!

Here’s what you’ll need:   [Read more…]

Ingredient Spotlight: Pudding Mix

One of my favorite desserts when I was little was chocolate pudding.  My sister and I loved to come in from school and find dessert dishes of pudding waiting for us in the fridge.  Cold, creamy and unadorned.  I even liked the skin that formed on top.  Mmmm…

Pudding mix is a wonderful ingredient to keep on hand for making all kinds of desserts.  Here are a few of my favorites: [Read more…]

Vanilla Fruit Salad

This is another super, simple side dish.  Two ingredients and a couple of minutes are all you need.

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Double Chocolate Bundt Cake

double chocolate bundt cake done

This cake always makes me remember bringing my now 11 year old son home from the hospital after he was born.  My mom baked this cake and she brought me a big slice of it, probably offering to hold the little dumpling while I ate the cake.

Please tell me I’m not the only one to associate food with life events.

I would appologize for sharing two chocolate cakes in one week, but how can that be a bad thing?  I’ve seen many versions of the recipe.  This one comes from a 1998 copy of Quick Cooking. [Read more…]

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