Sausage, Ham and Cheese Quiche

I have to admit, I used to think pie shells were only meant for dessert. I went for years refusing to eat Chicken Pot Pie, Quiche or any savory dish with a pie crust. Finally, when desperately trying to come up with something different for dinner one night (and use ingredients I had on hand) I made a quiche and realized what I had been missing! I also thought that quiche could only be a fluffy, non-filling dish and boy was I wrong. This recipe is loaded with meat, cheese, potatoes, and the best part, it’s so easy to make! Another huge bonus, my very picky 12 year old loved it.

Quiche w label EAHI have been all about “re-purposing” leftovers, and this dish is great for that. I used a leftover baked potato, and leftover chicken sausage. You could use whatever you have on hand as well. My children won’t eat peppers and onions, but they would be great additions too. This meal is hearty enough for dinner, but makes a great breakfast or brunch item.   [Read more...]

Caramel Apple Pie

Thanksgiving means pie.  This apple pie fits right in with the required pumpkin and pecan pies.  Using brown sugar instead of white makes the filling rich, dark and caramely.

The recipe comes from a small cookbook my Aunt Gerry put together years ago.  I bet if she’d had computers and internet, she would have had a food blog! [Read more...]

Chicken Pot Pie – A Guest Post

This is a guest post from Crystal from Crystal and Company.  If you are interested in guest posting on Eat at Home, contact me with your ideas.

Chicken Pot Pie is one of those recipes that is so comforting to the soul and perfect for a fall or winter
dinner, but people might avoid making it because it must take a lot of work for something to taste that
amazing, right?


Super simple. [Read more...]

Peach and Blackberry Pie

peach and blackberry pie slice

Last week my neighbor gave me some fresh blackberries.  There weren’t quite enough for a cobbler or pie, but I had a few peaches too.  I was not sure if this combination would taste good, so I asked for opinions on the Eat at Home Facebook page.  A few thought it was worth trying and a few people voted no on the idea.

Curiosity got the best of me and I decided to try it.  The verdict?  Yum!  You can’t go wrong with fresh summer fruit sweetened and baked into a pie.

[Read more...]

Judy’s Strawberry Pie


My mother-in-law makes the best strawberry pie (and peach using the same recipe).  The crust reminds me of sugar cookies and the glaze enhances the flavor of the strawberries and makes the pie look as good as it tastes. 

[Read more...]

Swiss and Bacon Quiche


The smoky taste of bacon and swiss cheese makes this quiche perfect for dinner or breakfast.  It also heats up well in the microwave, so grab a leftover slice for lunch.  I adapted the recipe from an old Southern Living recipe I found.  I added a few shortcuts to make it faster.

[Read more...]

Jam Pie Squares


Sunday nights at our house never involve me actually cooking dinner.  My rule is “If you can find it, you can eat it”.  We do help the younger ones get their dinner – I’m not cruel!  Last Sunday night we were making French Toast and I remembered the pie crusts I had bought to try Homemade Pop Tarts.  I decided to put the Pop Tarts on hold and try frying little jam squares on the griddle.  The result was delish!

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Chicken Pot Pie

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Comfort food at its best!

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Gather up:

cooked chicken
can of chicken broth
can of cream of chicken soup (or celery soup)
bag of frozen stew vegetables
pre-made pie crust (one day I’ll give the recipe for my homemade crust, but I was too lazy to do it this time)

Pour the frozen vegetables over the top of the chicken that you’ve placed in the bottom of the casserole dish. No need to thaw the veggies. You can also use canned mixed veggies, but I prefer the frozen kind. I’m a sucker for those little pearl onions.

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Mix the broth and cream of chicken soup. Add pepper. I like a generous sprinkle of pepper. Pour this mixture over the top of the veggies and chicken.

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Unfold the crust and spread it out over the casserole dish. I know a round crust doesn’t fit a rectangle dish, but it’s ok. I just trimmed up the edges and placed them in the corners, so as not to leave them naked. I always have an urge to express myself on pie crust. You have to vent it, right? Get out your knife and draw a design in the dough (I chose leafless trees) or you can be boring and just cut in a few slits.

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Bake it uncovered at 350 degrees for about an hour. Enjoy!

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