No Recipe Required + Simple Side Dish(es) = Easy Dinner!

Sometimes you just want to cook without having to put a lot of thought into it.  Or any thought into it.

A while back I wrote a series on No Recipe Required ideas.  Simple things to do with chicken, fish, beef or ground beef.  I may add to this series in the future and cover smoked sausage, ham, pork chops, etc.  But for now, this seems like a good time to show off these posts again.  Sometimes the good stuff gets buried on the blog.

no-recipe-required chicken

 No Recipe Required – Chicken


 No Recipe Required – Beef


 No Recipe Required – Fish


 No Recipe Required – Ground Beef

And because side dishes can get monotonous sometimes, here are 32 simple ideas to pair with the easy meals above.

32 Simple Side Dish Ideas

 32 Simple Side Dish Ideas

What are your favorite no recipe required meals?

10 Ways to Cook Ground Beef – No Recipe Required

It’s been a while since I’ve added a post to this series.  In the past, we’ve covered:

Sometimes, you just don’t feel like dragging out a cookbook or even looking something up on the computer.  For those days, try one of these easy ideas.

I love to have ground beef browned out and stored in the freezer.  It makes it really easy to pull together a meal.  If you’d like to cook it in bulk, try using your crockpot to cook ground beef.

1. Hamburgers

There are a million ways to top a burger.  And you can choose to cook them on the outdoor grill, a George Foreman type grill or in a skillet.  Easy and classic.

2.  Tacos

Season the cooked ground beef with your favorite homemade or store-bought seasoning.  Stuff in your favorite shells.  Top with your favorite toppings.  Chances are, this meal is a staple in your house.

3.  Add to Spaghetti Sauce

This is a quick way to beef up your favorite spaghetti sauce.

4.  Meatloaf

Another classic with a million ways to fix it.  Try this method:

  • 1 egg per pound of meat
  • 1/2 cup tomato product (ketchup, BBQ sauce, chili sauce etc) per pound
  • 1/2 cup bread crumbs per pound
  • onions (and peppers and/or celery if you want), diced
  • salt and pepper

5.  BBQ Sandwiches

Stir your favorite barbecue sauce into a pound of cooked ground beef.  Serve it on buns.

6.  Quesadillas

Add cheese, tomatoes, salsa etc.  Fill soft tortillas and toast in a skillet.

7.  Gravy Topped Potatoes

Add a jar of beef gravy to one pound of browned hamburger.  Top baked potatoes for a hearty meal.

8.  Cheeseburger Baked Potatoes

Add your favorite grated cheese or Velveeta to a pound of cooked hamburger.  Top baked potatoes.  Add diced tomatoes and bacon bits too.

9.  Top a Pizza

I usually think of pepperoni or sausage for topping pizza, but ground beef is tasty too.

10.  Poor Man’s Steak

Add 1/2 cup bread or cracker crumbs, salt and pepper to a pound of raw hamburger.  Pat into patties and fry in skillet.  Pour 1 can cream of mushroom soup mixed with 1/3 can of water over the patties.  Heat and serve.

What’s your favorite way to use ground beef?

No Recipe Required – 10 Ways to Fix Chicken on the Fly

Does this ever happen to you?  You know dinner is going to be chicken because you’ve got a pack of boneless breasts/thighs/tenders or bone-in legs/breasts/thighs.  But you have no desire to think up a recipe to turn them into dinner.

You don’t need a recipe.  You just need some ideas.

Here are 10 ways (plus a few cooking methods) to get you started.   [Read more…]

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