Baked Pineapple Dessert

The week before Easter, while browsing Pinterest I ran across a recipe for Gratineed Pineapple.  The recipe originates with Noble Pig, but I found the pin from Wives with Knives.

Noble Pig came up with this fabulous taste of Hawaii.  Coconut, ginger snaps and macadamias drenched in rum spiked sweetened condensed milk top half a pineapple.  Amazing to look at and eat.

Wives with Knives altered the serving of the recipe, showing how to make it in the pineapple but cut it before baking for easier serving.

I took the original, doubled it and made it in a 9×13 pan in order to make the serving even easier.  You know me – not as concerned with making it look great as making it easy.  I also wanted to be able to use the whole can of sweetened condensed milk instead of just part of the can.  And I was disinclined to acquiesce to buying a bottle of rum (a tiny nod to Pirates of the Caribbean), so I used rum extract instead.

I must say, it looks more impressive baked in the pineapple than in the pan.  But this was much easier to serve.  And a double recipe makes a lot!  So only make two pineapples worth if you’ve got a crowd.

I added a scoop of vanilla ice cream to ours too.  Every dessert gets better with a scoop of ice cream.

Here’s what you’ll need to make this taste of Hawaii:   [Read more…]

Tropical Salad

This salad was perfect with the Hawaiian Grilled Chicken.  It’s full of pineapple, green onions, macadamia nuts, bacon…Yum!  I found the recipe on Bethany’s blog, For the Love of Grub.  I made the salad on Saturday, so we could eat it Sunday after church.  I mixed the dressing up, but did not add it until right before serving. [Read more…]

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