Ingredient Spotlight: Ice Cream, Popsicles and Other Frozen Treats

I can’t wait to see all your delicious frozen treats!  These desserts might be my favorite part of summer.

I’ve linked to my homemade ice cream recipes many times, so this time I’m only going to link to two of them.  I’m finding it hard to refrain from sharing them all again though.

Here are a few of my frozen treat recipes:  [Read more…]

Make Your Own Buster Bars

Buster Bar copy cat recipe

When I was little, my Dad sometimes would drive down to the Dairy Queen on 9th street and come back with a bag of Buster Bars and Dilly Bars for us to eat on the front porch.  There still isn’t a better way to enjoy a summer evening.

I haven’t been to Dairy Queen in years (something that needs to change soon, I think).  The other day I was telling my kids about eating those Buster Bars on the front porch.  Mid-story, I gasped.  My eyes lit up as an idea popped into my mind.  My youngest son said, “I love it when she gets that look.  It means she’s about to make something really good!”  He knows me well.

The first thing I needed to figure out was how to do the chocolate dipping.  [Read more…]

Graeter’s Ice Cream Giveaway!

To quote my 12 year old son,

Now I know what God eats for dessert!

Oh my goodness.  I {heart} ice cream.  A lot.  And even though I’ve eaten all kinds of premium brands (I’m kind of an ice cream snob), I’ve never had any other ice cream that even compares to Graeter’s.

It’s rich and creamy.  Like, after you eat it, your lips feel slightly buttery.  That kind of creamy.

The flavors are pure and fresh and pronounced.  Vanilla tastes like real vanilla.

The strawberry has small pieces of fresh berries that taste as if they were picked in a plot near the field where the dairy cows graze.  They must run with a bucket of strawberries and pail of milk straight to the ice cream makers and start churning.

And the chocolate chunks…. love! They are so smooth, they just melt in your mouth.  Divine. [Read more…]

Raspberry Filled Brownies ala Mode

If you’re looking for a special dessert for Valentines Day, this is it.  Your sweetie will love you for making this!

The raspberry filling dresses up the brownies.  Chocolate and raspberry mingle so well together.   A scoop of vanilla ice cream with extra raspberry sauce adds decadence.

As a side note, I think I could use some food styling help.  I sprinkled cocoa powder on the white plate and set the brownie in the middle.  So far, so good.  A round scoop of vanilla bean ice cream on top of the brownie.  And then I warmed the raspberry sauce and spooned it over the top.  Instead of drizzling down the ice cream in rivulets, it melted the ice cream and slid off in an un-pretty way.

Oh well.  Once we dug our spoons in, it didn’t matter how pretty it looked.  It tasted divine!

Here’s what you’ll need to make them: [Read more…]

Hot Chocolate Ice Cream

Hot chocolate + homemade ice cream = bliss!

I love ice cream. This easy homemade version has just 3 ingredients.  It tastes like a creamy cup of hot chocolate, only it’s cold and you eat it with a spoon.  Yum!

The other night I was craving a bowl of ice cream, but didn’t want to brave the snow to go buy some.  (Am I the only person who likes ice cream in winter? I hope not!)  Jim suggested that I make homemade ice cream and the idea of adding hot cocoa mix to my basic recipe popped into my mind.

We have a counter top ice cream maker, similar to this one – Cuisinart ICE-21 Frozen Yogurt-Ice Cream & Sorbet Maker.  Actually, we have two, both gifts.  I keep the bowls in the freezer for whenever the ice cream mood hits.  It takes about 30 minutes to whip up a batch.

Here’s what you’ll need: [Read more…]

Tips for Making Homemade Ice Cream

coconut ice cream done bowl

Summer is in full swing and the 4th of July is coming up this weekend.  This is a perfect time to make homemade ice cream.  I’ve already shared several recipes with you (I’ll link them at the end of this post), but I wanted to share a few tips too.

There are two kinds of ice cream freezers – traditional, which can be hand crank or electric and counter-top models.  There are advantages and disadvantages to both styles.

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Dad’s Brownie Sundae from the 50s Prime Time Cafe Disney World

It’s Friday.  Time to have some fun.  The kids loved making these brownie sundae’s, inspired by the Dad’s Sundaes served at the 50s Prime Time Cafe in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  Grab the fixings from the store and sweeten up your Friday night.  Here’s what you’ll need: [Read more…]

Dole Whip Float


I’ve had Walt Disney World on my mind the last few days.  We’ve gotten to vacation there several times in August or September and I must feel that I should be getting ready to go again.  But it’s not to be this year.  Last night I wanted a little taste of the Magic Kingdom.  There is a place called Aloha Isle in Adventureland that has the best snack.  It’s called a Dole Whip Float.

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Peanut Butter Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwiches


I had a wild hair a few months ago to start another blog called Peanut Butter Sandwich 365.  That idea was 15 kinds of crazy though, so you’ll have to put up with a few peanut butter sandwiches here on Eat at Home.  I don’t think there will ever be 365 of them either.  And I have a bit broader definition of “sandwich” than is normal.

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Homemade Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream


Mint chocolate chip is such a classic flavor and it’s easy to make at home.  You’ll only need 4 ingredients and an ice cream freezer.  Like my other ice cream recipes, this one requires no cooking.

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