Graeter’s Ice Cream Giveaway!

To quote my 12 year old son,

Now I know what God eats for dessert!

Oh my goodness.  I {heart} ice cream.  A lot.  And even though I’ve eaten all kinds of premium brands (I’m kind of an ice cream snob), I’ve never had any other ice cream that even compares to Graeter’s.

It’s rich and creamy.  Like, after you eat it, your lips feel slightly buttery.  That kind of creamy.

The flavors are pure and fresh and pronounced.  Vanilla tastes like real vanilla.

The strawberry has small pieces of fresh berries that taste as if they were picked in a plot near the field where the dairy cows graze.  They must run with a bucket of strawberries and pail of milk straight to the ice cream makers and start churning.

And the chocolate chunks…. love! They are so smooth, they just melt in your mouth.  Divine. [Read more…]

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