Book Giveaway – Your Choice

more-with-less-cookbookcake-mix-doctorsquare-foot-garden-bookTime for another giveaway!  There are several reasons that I want to do this giveaway.   I really appreciate everyone who reads this blog.  I love that you let me share with you what I’m cooking up for my own family.  And I love when you share your thoughts on the recipes or what you are cooking at home.


That leads me to confess my ulterior motive for this giveaway.  I want more people to comment more often.  Since moving my blog to its own domain, I have quite a few readers and subscribers; way more than the number of people commenting.  So, I want to encourage everyone to start commenting.  Your input will add value to the blog.  I often learn from readers about what worked (or in some cases, didn’t work) when they cooked my recipes.  Readers have given suggestions for alterations or substitutions to recipes.  I recommend that you read through the comments of any recipe you want to try, because someone my have shared a great idea about the recipe.  

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Country Bob’s Pickin’ Food and Winners!

A snack mix like this doesn’t last long around here. This mix is a little tangier than other chex mixes. That pleased my crew.

World’s Best Burger

In case you’re wondering, that burger really did taste as good as it looks.

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