Vacation Food – What We Ate and How We Packed It to Disney World

disney candy apples

Aren’t those the cutest candy apples?  We chose other things in this bakery, but I couldn’t resist taking a picture of these.

We were blessed to be able to take a family vacation to Disney World a few weeks ago.  The first part of our trip was spent with just the 6 of us in a rented townhouse.  For the second half, my parents and sister’s family joined us and we moved to an off-site pool home.  Renting the homes is one of the ways we keep the costs down.  (It also makes for a relaxing vacation.)

Another way we keep the budget under control is by taking our own food.

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5 Ways to Make Your Freezer Work for You

I have never done a marathon cooking session and then frozen multiple meals, but I still get my freezer working for me.  You do not have to own a large freezer to take advantage of these ideas.  Having a few of these items in your freezer can save you lots of time, without taking up much space.  Here are five ways to use your freezer to save time and money.

1.  Freeze cooked/prepped meats – I buy large packs of hamburger, but often only use about half or less of the pack when I brown it out.  By storing the rest of the browned meat in the freezer I have meat ready for Nachos, spaghetti sauce, tacos,  or Enchiladas all ready to go, saving me time later.  Some recipes call for browning an onion with the meat.  This can still be frozen, I just mark it that onion is included.

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