3 Things that Work in the Kitchen This Week – April 17

1.  Turkey in the Pressure Cooker – for sandwiches instead of the freezer

The other day on Facebook Live, I showed how to make a turkey breast (or boneless turkey breast roast, in this case) in the Instant Pot.  My intention was to put the meat in the freezer to use for recipes.  We ended up using it for sandwiches and things though.  Mia and I got home late from a soccer game the night I made the turkey.  It was waiting for us, since I’d left it on “keep warm” all day.

We sliced and chopped some of the meat and served it over quick quinoa and brown rice (more on that below), topped with shredded cheddar, salsa, lettuce and sour cream.  Yum!  The rest of the turkey got sliced and put in the fridge.  It made for great sandwiches over the next few days.

2. Quick Quinoa and Brown Rice combo

I know I shared this a few weeks ago, but I’m sharing again because these packets are so good and versatile.  This isn’t sponsored in any way, I’m just sharing a product I love.

I will say that for a family meal, this is not the way to go.  But for 1-2 people that need a quick, nutritious meal these packets are great.  They only have 2 servings in each packet and they cost $2.something  at the grocery.  I picked up a 6-pack at Costco the other day for $10 something. Cheaper but still kind of pricey.

But a 90 second spin through the microwave to have a great base for leftover meat, veggies, eggs, cheese etc – you can’t beat that.

3.  Money Saving Mom is hosting an Eat at Home Challenge

I’m so excited to partner with Crystal from Money Saving Mom for an Eat at Home Challenge.  Crystal will be on Facebook Live every morning this week, cooking from the Eat at Home Slow Cooker Plan.  We’d love to have you join in!


New Eat at Home Challenge Starting Soon!


I’m very excited that we’re doing the Eat at Home Challenge again!  I’ve changed things up and made it even better for this time around.

The timing is perfect on this one – getting a good foundation of eating at home before the craziness of the holidays hits.

Click Here to Join!The challenge starts October 22 and runs through November 5. Our goal is to eat dinner at home six nights a week for two straight weeks.  We want to build that habit and carry it through once the challenge is over, but we’re starting with just a couple of weeks. It’s free to join and participants will get a week of each of the three types of Weekly Meal Plans – Traditional, Slow Cooker and Whole Food.  That means you won’t even have to plan or make a grocery list during the challenge!  But you can use any recipes you like during the challenge.  This is all about what works for you.

What You Get During the Challenge

When you sign up with your email address, you’ll receive helpful tips and resources from me, including:15min2

    • A week each of Traditional, Slow Cooker and Whole Food Weekly Meal Plans with grocery lists


  • Lots of printable recipes



  • My best meal planning tips



  • My favorite quick cooking tricks



  • The speed grocery shopping tactics I use when I hit the store



  • Encouragement to help you get in the swing of eating at home!




So what are you waiting for? Join us and let’s get our dinners back on track!

Click Here to Join!