Ingredient Spotlight: Cranberries

It’s cranberry season!  I love these little gems.  Not only do they taste wonderful, they also look so pretty in holiday desserts.

Here are a few of my favorite recipes with cranberries:  [Read more…]

Recipes for Christmas – Breakfast, Brunch, Dinner, Sweets and Gifts to Share

If you’re still looking for recipes to make this season, this post is for you.  I’ve gathered Holiday recipes from this past year so you can quickly find inspiration.

If you want more Christmas recipes, see the 2009 Big List of Holiday Food.

Breakfast and Brunch

Dinner Side Dishes [Read more…]

Oatmeal White Chocolate Chip and Cranberry Cookies

Last year, I saw recipes for cookies like this floating around the internet.  A friend brought some to my house and they were so good.  How can you go wrong with white chocolate chips and cranberries?

I decided to make them yesterday, but didn’t want to look up the recipe.  Googling is so hard, you know?

So I tweaked the Oatmeal Chocolate Chip recipe from the back of the Walmart brand oat box.  As soon as I finished making them, I noticed the recipe on the back of the Craisin package.  Oh well.  My tweaked recipe tasted buttery, with the sweet-tart flavors of the white chips and cranberries.  And the recipe made a lot.  Enough to munch and freeze some for later.

Here’s what you’ll need: [Read more…]

Low Carb Cranberry Sauce

This is a guest post from Dawn Farias.  She is going to be sharing her favorite low carb dishes with us in a new monthly series.

Cranberry sauce is a staple around the holidays and is a snap to convert to a more low-carb version.  You simply find a recipe you like and substitute your artificial sweetener of choice.  The trick is not adding too much because doing so can make your final product fairly bitter.  But in the final analysis, I suppose it’s all a matter of ‘taste’.  (Yes, I went there!)

At any rate, here’s what you’ll need: [Read more…]

Dark Chocolate Cranbery Walnut Clusters

This is a guest post from Christine at Random Hangers.  If you’re interested in guest posting on Eat at Home, contact me.

Dark chocolate, dried cranberries and walnuts all contain antioxidants, which have been known to reduce blood pressure and bad cholesterol. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a tasty treat out there that contained all three? Read on! [Read more…]

Merry Christmas!

nativity scene

Merry Christmas to all of you!

How will you be celebrating?

We’ll be going to Christmas Eve service at church.  Afterward, we’ll have a Mexican type dinner at home.  This meal has been a tradition since the kids were very little.  We’ll let the kids open a present, play a game together and then get ready for bed.

Jim and I always wrap the doorway to the living room after the kids are in bed so the next morning they bust through the paper to get into the Christmas tree and presents.  This is fun for them, but serves two practical purposes.  It buys us some time to get a cup of coffee (I think we’ll have to fix one for our oldest daughter this year too).  And it lets me line all the kids up for a picture before the unwrapping starts.

Breakfast is simple – an egg and sausage casserole, Pillsbury Grands cinnamon rolls (the kids won’t let me change this and it’s easy, which is a bonus) and Frozen Fruit Cups.

I’m trying a new Rachel Ray recipe for our dinner.  It’s just a nice sandwich and salad.  I like to keep it simple and easy so I can play with the kids and lay around in my pj’s.  We’ll celebrate with extended family over the weekend.

What about you?  What are your traditions?  What are you cooking for the holiday?

I pray you all have a wonderful Christmas with family and friends.

photo credit: jeffweese

Homemade Peppermint Marshmallows

peppermint marshmallows done

I found this recipe on Little Birdie Secrets and knew I had to make it.  They were fun and easy to make.  I gave my boys the job of crushing the candy canes with a hammer, which made them happy.  The recipe makes a huge pile of marshmallows – perfect for giving some away and still having enough for your own hot cocoa. [Read more…]

Cranberry French Toast with Cranberry Syrup

cranberry french toast done

Still looking for a Christmas breakfast idea?  You might want to make this french toast.  The prep is all done the day before, so that in the morning all you need to do is slice the bread and fry it.

It’s really a cranberry bread pudding that is then sliced and dipped in eggs and half&half and then fried.  The recipe is adapted from the Country Living Country Morning cookbook. [Read more…]

Butter Toffee Cookies

toffee chip cookies done

This is another recipe from Recipe Girl’s cookie list.  Hers are Sparkling Butter Toffee Cookies.  Mine didn’t come out sparkly, but they are good.  I thought these would be a soft cookie, which is what I prefer, but they are a bit crisp.  They would be a great choice if you need to mail them.

I did double the recipe and added the whole bag of toffee chips, rather than just 1 cup.

[Read more…]

Rolo Turtles

rolo turtles done

Please forgive all the sweets this week.  I’m trying to post plenty of holiday treat recipes in case you’re still looking for baking inspiration.  Tomorrow, I’ll post an appetizer but then it will be back to a few more sweet treats.

You can’t go wrong with sweet-salty candy.  I found these on Mommy’s Kitchen.  Tina always has such yummy things on her blog.  These candies are easy to make, and taste great.  Tina also made some with pecan halves pressed in the top, which sounds great to me, but I decided to go with M&Ms to make the kids happy. [Read more…]